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At dinner Victoria sat between Leopold and Ernst, Albert next to the Duchess, and Melbourne with Emma Portman. “How strange it is to see you and Prince Albert both wearing the Windsor uniform,” said Emma. 
“Are you trying to say that you think it looks better on the Prince?” said Melbourne laughing. “Don’t worry, Emma, I know my limitations. The Princes look like demigods and I am a mere mortal.”
“I meant no such thing, William, and false modesty does not become you at all. No one looks more splendid than you do in the uniform. I believe Prince Albert agrees with me; he keeps looking at you.” 
“Not with admiration, I think.” 

“No. I think his look has something of the green-eyed monster.”
“I think, Emma, that as a lover of intrigue you are trying to create a drama where there is none.” 
“Perhaps, but there he is looking at you again.” Melbourne looked over to the other end of the table and saw that Albert’s eyes were indeed upon him.

everyone talks about “did you put your name in the goblet of fire” being the worst book to movie dialogue fail but lets be real the worst is where hermione answers a question in class and snape calls her an “insufferable know-it-all” and in the book ron is furious and he goes OFF and says “you asked a question and she knows the answer! why ask if you don’t want to be told?” but in the movies they just make him say “he’s got a point, you know” and i’m still mad about it

As much as I love the HP movies, I often find myself disappointed by how many things were left out of the books - especially the extra-long books like “Goblet” and “Order” - in order to condense them to movie-length. I sometimes wonder if a “Game of Thrones”-style multi-season series would have been a better adaptation. That said, I wouldn’t change anything about the cast.


LGBT+ books: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

“I think everyone’s a bit bored with boy-girl romances anyway,” he said. “I think the world’s had enough of those, to be honest.”


vfd boys + character posters

“When we drive away in secret, you’ll be a volunteer; so don’t scream when we take you: the world is quiet here.”


Who doesn’t enjoy Stargayzing and “Astrology”, right?

Finally getting into the Queer Girl Literature, and finding great things!

One of the Highlights was for sure @sieramaley. Taking Flight is such an AMAZING CUTE BOOK and I love Cammie and Lauren SO MUUUCH! <3 If you have a chance you should totally read it, specially if you’re thirsty for adorably sweet and good teen rom-com stuff. 

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I don’t get why Eragon doesn’t have a bigger fanbase.
Like the leader of the largest and most EPIC rebellion against Mr. Fucktwat Galbatorix is literally a woman of color and ISNT USED AS A ROMANTIC INTEREST FOR THE MAIN CHARACTER. OR ANY CHARACTER. I mean that whole thing with Murtagh happened but it didn’t really go anywhere and it wasn’t the main focus soo. Plus, we got this KICKASS FEMALE ELF NAMED ARYA WHO. KICKS. ASS. ERAGON TRIES TO GO AFTER THAT BOOTY BUT SHES LIKE NAAAAW SON and he still has those romantic feelings but HE RESPECTS THAT SHE DOESNT FEEL THE SAME SO HE PUSHES HIS DICK FEELINGS ASIDE. Another great example of kickass females is the litERAL MAIN CHARACTER well one of the two main characters SAPHIRA WHO IS A FUCKN DRAGON WHO IS SO SELF CONFIDENT AND KICKS. FUCKING. ASS. BECAUSE SHE IS A L I T E R A L D R A G O N AND ALSO THE LAST FEMALE DRAGON IN EXISTENCE. Then the motherfuckin queen of ELVES - elves, who are like 10 times stronger than humans and are immortal and SHE KICKS ASS AS QUEEN WITH A MOTHA FUCKIN ALBINO RAVEN. Then we got Bridget who ain’t having none of Roran’s shit. Katrina’s a bit of a damsel-type, but not to the point of total helplessness - she’s still rad af. And tbh, it’s okay to have a few damsel types - just look at our boy Eragon in the beginning of the series. Total damsel. Murtagh is also in serious need of rescuing. He’s like the Bucky in this series. And don’t even get me started on Orrin…. And let’s not forget the fact that one of the two original bad guys that got our main characters involved in everything is actually female. Like seriously - I had no idea that the Ra'zac weren’t both male until Brisingr. Also, the leader of Du Vrangr Gata - Trianna - is a kickass girl and a SORCERESS. And that kickass leader of the Varden actually becomes motherfucking QUEEN
ALSO that dumbfuck Eragon fucks up when using magic to bless a kid so that kid ends up being able to feel EVERYONE’S PAIN so she grows up real quick and IS FORCED TO FEEL EVERYONE’S DISCOMFORT BECAUSE SOMEBODY FUCKED UP but then it gets sorted out and she’s bitter af because after all that suffering of an ENTIRE WAR she kinda has a right to be a lil upset. But then she ends up helping out n stuff even tho she is LITERALLY a child. And I don’t even know what Angela is, but she’s like my favorite character aND SO FUKCIN RAD N KICKASS so honestly I think you should just read these books like right now because of all the KICKASS FEMALES but stay tf away from the movie.
Also, in case I didn’t mention,

I don’t like this idea that if a girl doesn’t like Ginny, or any other female character, it’s because she’s jealous of her. That is such a misogynistic way to think. You ever think that if a girl doesn’t like another girl it could be for a genuine reason? In Ginny’s case a lot of the hate is because of how bad “movie Ginny” is compared to “book Ginny”. They didn’t do a great job portraying her character in the movies.

17-yo Yuzuru’s thought about figure skating and jumps

This is so precious as he also thought about Pyeongchang laready. Wow, I can never get enough of how deep a thinker Yuzu is. This is excerpt from an interview he did in January 2012 when he just turned 17 (from Aoi Hono 1)

“Quad era, I have thought about how far it’s going to. From Gachinski, there are many young skaters that can do quads, I wonder how high level would the quad era become by the time of Pyeongchang Olympics. Other than quad toe-loop, I think it’s really cool to see Brandon Mroz (USA) jump quad lutz in competition. In Japan, because Honda Takeshi succeeded jumping the lutz in practice, so I do feel like catching up with them. I also have pride as an athlete, so I do want to show things like “ I can jump this well”. But in competition… I don’t think we  need to jump that many types of quad at this point yet. Of course, if we can have a program with a quad lutz in the beginning, a quad toe in the second half, putting in 2 triple axels…, if we can do that, then we would get many points. But right now, is it necessary to have so many jumps? Though it is true that it is an era where having quad is normal, rather than doing many different types of quads, it’s mostly about toe-loop and salchow now. Actually, having just toe loop is fine if you jump properly, and the skating and the whole program is perfect. Because after all, jumps aren’t everything, that’s figure skating.”

Wow, how much I love this paragraph!!! I love how he has always tried to deliver a complete program as much as he can since young age and his mindset about figure skating. 

And wow, since he mentioned a powerful program in 2012 with “with a quad lutz in the beginning, a quad toe in the second half, putting in 2 triple axels”, he’s doing it for real next season I guess.

For anyone who wants to read it in Japanese: (and I really recommend buying the 2 autobiographies, it’s worth it, even if you’re learning Japanese I swear!!!)

Our love isn’t the kind they make movies about or write about in books. It isn’t the red hot burning desire and passion that society tells us is what love looks like. Our love isn’t like that because our love is real. They don’t write stories about love like ours because love like ours isn’t always pretty; it isn’t perfect; it isn’t the kind of love that people search for their whole lives. 

Our love is binge watching Lost until it’s so late we can barely keep our eyes open,
And our love is falling asleep in the middle of an episode with my head in your lap.
Our love is crying on the phone at two in the morning because I’m afraid you’ll forget me after being apart for so long,
And our love is you telling me you could never forget me.
Our love is going to the gym together, constantly competing to see who can run the farthest on the treadmill,
And our love is not letting it become a competition and always encouraging and pushing one another to do our best.
Our love is being jealous of your ex because I think she’s prettier, and I’m afraid she’ll steal you away from me,
And our love is you reminding me that I’m yours now, and you only love me.
Our love is talking about life over an ice cream sundae that you bought for us in the middle of the night,
And our love is you always offering me the last bite even though I’ll say you can have it, but you’ll politely decline, and I’ll end up eating it anyway.
Our love is throwing up all over you and crying because I’m so embarrassed about it,
And our love is you telling me it’s okay and still being able to smile at me when my lunch is all over your chest.
Our love is getting high in the woods and then trying to hide our glassy eyes and far off gazes from your roommates,
And our love is making out on your bed and having to pause every now and then because I can’t contain my giggling.
Our love is accidentally knocking over the plants that you worked so hard on and trying to get the dirt out of the carpet before you come back,
And our love is you forgiving me because you know it was an accident and putting them back in the pots anyway.
Our love is squeezing to fit with you on the twin size bed in your dorm room and falling asleep to the sound of your heartbeat,
And our love is waking up the next morning sore and restless, but happy because the first thing I get to see is your face.
Our love is breaking up with me and begging me to say something, anything, but I can’t because all I can think about is how empty my life will be without you,
And our love is saying you’re sorry and that you love me the next day and crying as you tell me that you’ll never leave me again.
Our love is crying in my car over a pizza with my ex because I’m afraid I’ve lost you,
And our love is telling me you’re still mine and I could never lose you.
Our love is getting the wrong lid for my coffee on our first date and desperately trying in vain to fit it on my cup without you noticing, but you saw and were trying to hide a smile,
And love is driving downtown back to the little coffee shop where it all happened and reliving it over and over again.
Our love is misunderstanding one another and arguing over a problem that doesn’t even exist,
And our love is being able to say ‘I’m sorry’ because we refuse to let something so insignificant come between us.
Our love is arguing over who gets to control the aux cord because you like rap, and I like pop punk,
And our love is memorizing your favorite songs so I can surprise you the next time it comes on by singing along to it with you.
Our love is being unsure if we can overcome our differences and stay together,
And our love is realizing that our differences shouldn’t drive us apart, but that we should learn and grow from them. 
Our love is blowing up your phone constantly looking for reassurance that you still want to be with me,
And our love is you putting up with me anyway and telling me that I don’t need to worry and that you love me.
Our love is making love in the middle of the day with the shades closed and you constantly shushing me because you’re roommates might hear,
And our love is lying in bed afterwards, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Our love is the good and the bad,
the beautiful times we share and the heartache when we’re apart,
the nights of passionate love and the nights of passionate screaming and crying,
the moments when it feels like we’ll be together forever, and the moments when it feels like everything is falling apart,
the times we tell each other “I love you” and the times we’re too proud to say it, even though we both know it’s still true.

Our love is far from perfect, but it’s ours, and I wouldn’t trade those sleepless nights and tear-soaked pillow cases for anything else in the world because I’d rather be crying over you than forcing a smile for someone else.

—  the words written on my heart // where-words-fail