book duvet cover

Things I would buy if 1dhq paid me to blog about Larry

1. Hair dye - grey hair caused by stress
2. Indigestion tablets coz I swear I’m getting a stomach ulcer
3. Batteries (should be self explanatory ;))
4. Tissues - wiping away tears from laughing at their lame ass stunts
5. Twitter follows so I could bring down some accounts
6. Glitter
7. Unicorns to shove up…no that’s not fair on the unicorn
8. Pay for the salary of someone who can lip read and read sign language

Anything else? A lie detector kit? Magnifying glass?

Things I would defo not buy:

1. Online Sun subscription
2. Anything with Ben Winston’s name on
3. Merch - specifically annuals, books, duvet covers, scooters, trainers, makeup, biscuits, cake baking sets (!), lampshades,