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Ok, I know that Kaitlyn is currently one of the least favourite characters on The Freshman, and I get why, she has changed completely, she’s always mad, thinks only of herself…

I was going to restart the book to dump her, but then I thought: “This isn’t Kaitlyn, this is the Close-With-Natasha Kaitlyn, the Kaitlyn I know would never be like this.”

I have faith in Kaitlyn, and I think that the Kaitlyn we all know and love will come out sometime. So don’t be so hard on her, give her time.

Besides, we all know that at the end of the book we’ll be happy on a dance in a random location. 

Maybe, I just ask for too much.
Maybe, I give too much expecting the same in return.
Maybe, I should stop being disappointed when I’m alone again.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// Maybe…

Brett x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Oh, my God. You’re in love with him!” Hayden gasped when she spotted the picture of Brett you’d doodled in your notebook.

“What no.” you giggled as she finished tying her shoes and hugged you goodbye.

When you went up to you room and dumped your books on your bed you realised someone had pushed your window open, jumping when Brett scowled at you.

“Who are you in love with?” He huffed.

“Brett you’re soaking and dripping all over my stuff!” you complained, pulling the window shut to stop the icy water streaking in.

“You belong to me and you need to accept it.” He grumbled, his eyes flashing at you as you rolled your eyes.

“Yea, yea, ok, grumpy.” You teased as you grabbed your pyjamas from the bed, heading into the bathroom to change into said clothes.

“Seriously, who were you and Hayden talking about… not that I was listening?” He asked as you came back with a towel and helped him dry off.

“Are you coming to bed?” You giggled as he nodded, smiling when you lent up to kiss his cheek.

You fell asleep with your head resting on his arm which spread under your pillow, finding your doodle book, flipping through it curiously. He smiled to himself when he found the pictures of him.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! + matching icons for you and Bae!

Okay so I was writing my book and it was going so wonderfully until I got writers block and I go so frustrated I sinned for Christmas. I swear they were just little sketches at first and then….and then… I can’t stop.

Oh, I’d also like to thank my followers for those wonderful asks! I just read them all and wow I’m so happy knowing how sweet and helpful you guys are! Thank you and I hope you have a Drarry Christmas :)

xoxo Malfoykink

Trying to get Rowan out of my head has turned into a dangerous game and now I cant stop - here’s a few quick sketches from this evening’s session! I went for the whole Assassin’s Creed vibe ….

I think the top left is getting close to how I picture him! 

Sometimes I think about when I worked in a bookshop and some mansplaining American guy demanded I find him a book with ‘prespective’ in the title and would NOT accept that he was mispronouncing perspective even after I showed him the title on the database - even after I marched my little hobbit arse downstairs to fetch the fucking book and dumped it on the counter in front of him. Do you know what he said? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID? “Well that must be the British spelling.” I died. I’m dead now. I’m a ghost. An ex-bookselling ghost. Where are you now, prespective guy? I hope you’re well. 

anonymous asked:

Hi. Was it you who recommended captive prince? If yes then I LOVED IT OMG!! Do you have any other book recommendations?

YES IT WAS ME, AND YES I DO! I love to read original m/m romance, and I’ve gathered quite a collection over the years :p Here are a few of my personal favs; those I truly believe are worth the read (cus I’ve also read lots of awful stuff, too – but I’ll not rec you that, don’t worry XD)

OK let’s go

(these are all links to the Goodreads summaries of the books)

it’s a series of 9 books, two FBI agents who hate each other’s guts (at first…most of the time…not always!!); one of them is batshit crazy but SO LOVABLE, and the other one is all I find sexy in a man tbh. This series is MY MOST ABSOLUTE FAV it ranks right next to Captive Prince!

ok it’s a lot of porn. But I just love the trope of the sexy bisexual man who always fucks with no strings attached UNTIL THE MOMENT HE MEETS HIS SOULMATE aka mr straight barman :D At first I didn’t like this book cus I thought it’d be porn only but SURPRISE: it has lots (and I say LOTS) of angst too; and so much love. I recommend this series 200/10!

after all the porn, a little bit of gay man (well, early twenties is “man”, right?) in a small town shenanigans. This series (ONLY THE 1ST TWO BOOKS, last one was a let down tbh) is absolutely UNIQUE and it’s so funny, and angsty, and cute, and fluffy, and moving; it’ll make you laugh and cry and thank JESUS this book exists XD Obviously, it’s a must read at any time of day since it’s got little to nothing too sexy in it.

imo this is the BEST gay bdsm series EVER (up until book 3 or 4, anyway; after that it’s…. well, you’ll see). I’ve given lots of other series/stand-alones a try but nothing has ever been able to beat this. TRULY my most favorite D/s couple, and everything about the bdsm world sounds wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more believable and respectful of every party than, say…. 50sog *gag*

this book is gonna be a series, but the other books aren’t published yet PLUS they won’t be about the same characters, so I don’t wanna call it a series exactly (all the previous ones are always about the same couples/people). THIS BOOK IS THE EXACT PERFECT MIX BETWEEN HILARIOUS AND SEXY AF. I LIVE FOR THESE TYPES OF BOOKS.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so how about a novella about a guy who owns a robot. And um.. somehow discovers he can… um….. ask him……stuff…. of the intimate sort. I’M NOT KINKY, THE BOOK IS!

So, this book is like that one AO3 fic that’s got all the most dreadful warnings like non-con/rape, gore, etc etc. Yes, it has all these things. Honestly, be careful, there are some scenes I could NEVER re-read. Whenever I read this book all over again I literally skip those parts cus I just…. can’t. OK SO BASICALLY it’s a fantasy book about an ogre (CALM DOWN HE’S NOT SHREK, he’s a half-ogre half-human so I guess it makes the sexing ok lmao), and about some kind of wildling who gets captured by the ogre’s tribe and is sold to SHREK (jk jk, he’s not Shrek omg) as a sex slave. SEE WHY I READ THAT ONE. SEX SLAVES. HUZZAH. o// It’s a truly epic/gripping/hot-as-all-fucks/kinky/gory/oh-god-why-DO-I-LOVE-THIS-SO-MUCH story. Be careful, though. It’s not for the sensitive souls.

As the title suggests, it’s a love story happening in the army. It’s absolutely the most amazing book about gay soldiers I’ve read so far! You’ll love every single one of the characters, especially BIG DADDY GRABOWSKI *cackles*

[tons of GREAT books about gay soldiers spill out of my bookcase]

[tries to convince you I’ve never seen these books before in my entire life, but wow, they do look good, huh?]

AGE GAP. ADORABLE. HOT HOT HOT. ITALIAN MOB. AND CUTE TEACHER. NEED I SAY MORE. I have a special shelf on GR for this type of books actually, and it’s titled: adorable-self-deprecating-babies.

from the same author as the previous book, and again it’s on my #adorable self deprecating babies 5ever. It’s got a bit of the “beauty and the beast” feel to it. AKA, one thinks he is useless & dumb,especially compared to the other man who is successful & smart.

SO ADORABLE SELF DEPRECATING BEEFCAKE I love this book so much omg. Also, another beauty & the beast story. Idk I just love those :’D

If you manage to go through this and need more, don’t hesitate to ask! I could actually leave you my Goodreads profile so you can browse my bookshelves.

Voilà <3