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Okay, I have a bone to pick with the Pottermore website, both old and new.

Where the hell is Tom Riddle? Where is Lord Voldemort? Even when JK came out with that comprehensive timeline on Wizarding history’s most famous witches and wizards, Voldemort was not on there. Grindelwald was. Some of the older Dark Lords were. No Voldemort though. No Tom Riddle. Even the Slytherin House page has no indication that Tom ever existed, and for someone who is widely considered to be the most dangerous Dark Lord of all time (I believe this was in the books if I remember correctly), you would think there would be some indication that he was there.

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate his character, he was one of the biggest players in the series and to see him be completely neglected is awful. I don’t know if JK has a book about him or something in the works or she’s just being biased, but even Harry got more backstory, and he’s the main character. We lived in his head for 7 years. We only got a glimpse of Voldemort’s life in Half Blood Prince and barely a tease in Chamber of Secrets, and it’s almost sloppy to go through all that time making him out to be a mortal just to ignore him on the official website.

Come on.

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Hi! Okay, let me first start off by saying that I really don't mean to be rude. Sorry if it comes off that way. I just wanted to point out that since the show is based on cc's books, shouldn't get opinion matter? Like I understand that she has been spiteful toward the show, but it's based on her series so if she doesn't like it, then shouldn't that matter? I'm curious to see someone else's opinion in this

hello! so you might have heard about the plagiaristic accusations that claim cc has stolen most of the concepts in her books? as far as i know these do not concern her characters. they are entirely of her creation. and even though my dislike for her is evident to everybody who’s not new to my blog, i have to hand it to her: these characters represent a great deal of minorities and their mere existence means a lot to me and to thousands of other people…


CREATING these characters in itself has put a huge responsibility on her shoulders. she included people of color and people of the lgbt+ community in her books but she did not take good care of them. you see? creating these characters is one thing but actually taking care of them and letting the respective audience who can relate to these characters know that they are worth having everything that the privileged communities do, is a completely other thing, which she, unfortunately, failed.

perhaps I am wrong in accusing her. perhaps she did not mean to fuck up so many things (which quite frankly still wouldn’t make her a good person, seeing all the other problematic shit she constantly pulls off). but as a reasonable adult author who has willingly taken the responsibility of representing minorities in her books, she should have been more careful and less ignorant.

this all leads us to my issue of her being involved in season 2 of the show. i don’t trust her anymore. the show has basically taken the amazing characters she succeeded in creating but failed in taking care of, and the show has fixed this issue by actually treating these characters the way they deserve to he treated. i don’t want and i don’t need her fucking this up for me. she’s had her chance and she blew it. let the show have its own development without her intervening.

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Hi Cassandra! I've been in love with your shadowhunter flowers series and I was wondering: what resource(s) do you use to find flower meanings? I've never been able to find a comprehensive list and even the book I own on it doesn't have a lot of the flowers and meanings you've used.

I prefer to use books! (Though for lazy-sake I use the internet sometimes too but you never know what their resources are)

My favorite Language of Flower books are:

★ “The Language and Sentiment of Flowers” by James D. McCabe

“Tussie-Mussies The Language of Flowers” by Geraldine Laufer

“Folklore and Symbolism of Flowers, Plants and Trees” by Ernst Lehner

“A Victorian Flower Dictionary” by Mandy Kirby

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So as an asexual, I find it really hard to get into popular media these days because there always tends to be a romance or sex shoehorned in and it just...well, makes me really uncomfortable. As a result I haven't really been able to find a movie or book I enjoy that doesn't have romance, or at least has a well developed one/one with no sex. Do you guys happen to have any recommendations for books or movies that star asexual characters or doesn't feature sex as a main point? Thanks so much!


I strongly recommend the Old Kingdom series, by Garth Nix. There is a dabble of romance and the most realistic talk about sex I have ever seen on the printed page in Sabriel, but Lirael and Abhorsen are pretty much completely free of romance and sex. Also, lots and lots of amazing women being awesome. These books have the most gender equality and disregard for gender roles I’ve ever seen in a book series. I have read these books well over 20 times in the past 10 years and I get something new out of them every single time. The prequel Clariel (which just came out recently), but the protagonist is aro ace and she is awesome so you should totally read these four books. I’d also recommend The Seventh Tower series, also by Garth Nix - it’s been a while since I read them, but I recall zero sex and zero romance. 

Another great series is the Bartimaeus Trilogy, by Jonathan Stroud - zero romance, zero sex. The primary protagonist is only 12 in the first book, and the other protagonist is a djinni so… all magic and fun, no icky romance or sex. 

I unfortunately can’t think of any good movies off the top of my head… if you have Netflix, though, I’d get into the TV show Leverage. It’s 5 seasons, and it’s been cancelled (sob), but one of the main characters can easily be interpreted as asexual and, depending on how you interpret her actions, demiromantic. Romance and sex are players in some episodes, but not all of them. The show is about five criminals who work together to help innocent people get leverage against the powerful people who have done bad things to them.

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I'm working on a book series, and right now the 1st book just introduces the characters(there's a lot). The plot doesn't really start until the 2nd book. Do you think anyone will want to read one big introduction book? Should I not bother?

I definitely don’t think you should just give up! If you’re worried about it not sounding enticing enough, I suggest adding plot build up for your second book in there. That way, the characters have a world and a story to live in, as opposed to just a world. Give your readers something they can follow along with instead of information they have to remember for the next book.


EDIT: read some of the replies on this post they also have some great advice.