book desing

Hi, everyone!
I’m taking part in competition of concept arts for famous russian fairy tail “Ruslan and Ludmila”. I am going to create 10 concepts of people and creatures. 
This is the concept of mermaid.

Русалка на ветвях сидит.🐚

The intention of this book is to examine major recurrent themes in mans’ many analogue predictions & prophecies of the future - from inspired fantasy to factually based notions, their cultural & scientific impact, the brilliance [or otherwise] of those ideas, and how they are now faring at the apparent dawning of our electronic future. — T.R. Hinchcliffe, 1967

  • Little: Daddy I gettin seepy now *rubs eyes*
  • Daddy: Ready for nap time then sweetie. What story would you like today?
  • Little: *hugs little space book case* Alla DESE!!!! ... um pease :)
  • Daddy: Okay sweetie, how about we choose just one okay
  • Little: ... *shakes head*
  • Daddy: *gives little HUUGE huggle and tackles with kisses*
  • Little: I lovies you Daddy!
  • Daddy: I love you too sweetie.

The Soldier, drawn in @procreateapp, inked with @kyletwebster’s Flourish brush, mostly in my coffee/lunch breaks while comic writing. Apparently Kyle’s got some more brushes on the way for Procreate, which I’m pretty stoked about.


I kinda love this page… Weeee!!!! I thought about writing ‘moist’ or 'plinth’ or some really weird word… Or a word like 'hope’ and then writing it in different languages… Then I kept coming across the word 'lump’ and it’s just such a fun and silly word I couldn’t resist! PLUS she’s one of my fav characters from adventure time so major bonus there! Ilys LSP!


“And sometimes in class I might pause the intellectual-sounding flow to ask, ‘Yo! Why dese books neva be about my peoples?’ Yes, I have decided to treat all three of my languages as equals because I’m ‘articulate.’”

Jamila Lyiscott responds to the pseudo-compliment that she is “articulate” in her powerful spoken-word essay “Broken English” from a recent TEDSalon in New York City.