Book Design for Paloma Wool by  Querida Studio

“1st year book Anniversary for Paloma Wool, a fashion brand from Barcelona.”

Querida is a design studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They develop projects in design and art direction for institutions, brands and individuals, and are proud to have worked with significant clients such as Inditex, Barcelona City Council, Estrella Damm, NiceThings, Fundació MACBA, Story:Weproduce or IDEP University, among others.


Quote(s) of the week by Face.

“Hardcover book designed for Taio Cruz, a British singer, songwriter and producer. The project aims to be a piece of art, a collector’s object that will lead the viewer into an incredible voyeuristic journey.”

Face is a supermodernist design studio specialised in developing honest branding projects across the world. Their work is intended to brave the test of time. Their craft is the result of constant effort, talent and commitment to quality of the highest international caliber. Face believes the assignment contains the solution. This is why they strive to have a deep understanding of their projects and their client’s needs through their fool-proof creative method. 


GHOSTLY - Audrey Niffenegger

Ghostly, the eclectic collection of short stories featuring haunted houses, spectral chills and the odd cat. The book is edited, illustrated and introduced by Audrey Niffenegger. Ghostly is published by Vintage Classics.