book deconstruction

F \ I \ N \  . \ . \ .

Finished today (13\5):
the prototype of a booklet
that is part of Z\W\A\R\T magazine Nr. 12.

This issue is completely constructed
from sound and visual and text material
of the first soundrecordings and original ‘zwart’
- made in 1981-1982.


The Scone of Stone, from The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett!

Yes, I am making a thing that is always described as an inedible consequence of dwarf tradition. Always:

Vimes stared at the misshapen thing on its dusty display stand. It was vaguely scone-like, but only if someone pointed this out to you beforehand. Otherwise, the term ’ a lump of rock’ was pretty accurate. It was about the size, and shape, of a well sat-on cushion. There were a few fossilized currants visible.

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KA Applegate is why I’m so disappointed with current YA Lit.

The Great Animorphs re-read commenced and holy shit these books are dark. I forgot that. This is a 54 book long deconstruction of every single child superhero story to ever exist and my god, Applegate went all the way with it. She takes the story of a war, it’s possible real life consequences, lack of easy answers and ends the series the only way it can end: In Tragedy.

I was disappointed with Harry Potter because they all ended up alive and married with kids and apparently normal. I was disappointed in the Hunger Games because the ending didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I was disappointed in the Heroes of Olympus because of all the build up with little to no-payoff on the main casts’ tragic circumstances.

But Animorphs… Man, Animorphs taught me that war has consequences. And there hasn’t been a YA author yet that can match Applegate’s huge balls when it comes to writing war fiction and all the trauma that comes along with it.

Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco, Tobias and Ax. 6 kids that had no idea what they were getting into and paid for it in spades. They didn’t get to come home and have happy endings because life is more complicated than that.

I wanted Animorphs to end happily, but looking back? I’m really glad it didn’t.