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Yesterday I had a friend tell me how one of her close friends has a whole bunch of succulents, and she has given each one the name of her close friends. She nurses them, takes care of them, talks to them, and if one ever starts to get sick or not grow well, she talks to the friend in question and something is almost always bothering them.

And if that isn’t one of the cutest examples of subtle green witchcraft I don’t know what is.


In old recipes and spells, strange ingredients are often called for such as “Eye of Dog” or “Bone of a Dead man.” Through research (of Cunnigham and my Grandma) I found out what’s REALLY being requested.😊 .


Eyes: Eyebright or Daisy
Blood: Sap
Fingers: Cinquefoil
Hair: Maidenhair Fern
Skin of a Man: Fern
Piss: Dandelion
Bloody Fingers: Foxglove
Unicorn Horn: Unicorn Root

So when these animals are asked for, use this herb instead:

Sheep: Dandelion
Dog: Couchgrass
Lamb: Lamb’s Lettuce
Cat: Catnip
Rat: Valerian
Weasel: Rue
Nightingale: Hop
Cuckoo: Plantain
Hawk: Hawkweed
Linnets: Eyebright
Woodpeckers: Peony
Snake: Fennel or Bistort
Frog: Cinquefoil
Toad: Sage
Lizard: Calamint.

FUN FACT: When a sacrifice is called for, it means you should bury an egg, NEVER does it mean to kill any living thing!!!

The part called for in a recipe means the part of the herb to be used, as follows;

Head: the flower
Paw, foot, leg, scale: leaf
Tooth: leaf, seed pod
Guts: root or stalk
Tail: stem
Tongue: petal
Privates: seeds
Hair: the dried version of the herb
Eye: the inner blossom
The heart: the bud or a big seed.

A lot of plants like Crowfoot or Cat’s Tail are usually found in old recipes, do not mistake them for actual animal parts! Practice safely and have a Blessed Evening! 🌛🌝🌜

My DIY Book of Shadows~

Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you how I made my most recent BOS. My first one was totally handcrafted - big, daunting, parchment paper-y and majestic. It was beautiful and it was everything I thought a BOS should be, but honestly it was so much of a book that I didn’t even want to write in it! So this time I’ve created something smaller, whimsical, and more fun. It’s something I can actually use and grow with. It was also super simple to make, cost almost nothing and I love how it turned out! 

>A cheap journal
>Mod Podge and paper towels
>Scrapbook paper
>A craft brush
>Decorations! Stickers, beads, etc.
>The usual craft stuff: scissors, a pencil and a ruler

Happy crafting!

1. Assemble those materials!

Can we just talk about this succulent scrapbook paper for a minute?! It’s fabulous. I want to Mod Podge EVERYTHING with this paper! Speaking of Mod Podge… this is something every witchy or crafty person should have on hand. You can Mod Podge your altar furniture, your plant containers, your tarot box.. anything! All of these pieces of paper are standard letter size, 8.5 x 11. This journal was less than $5 and sat on my bookshelf unused. Grab any notebook or journal you may have! Finally, I’ll be using an old makeup brush to apply the Mod Podge because, you know, resourcefulness.

2. Measure and cut your paper

You don’t want to have too much excess paper when you’re applying the Mod Podge so just eyeball it (or measure if you’re a perfectionist!) and cut all but about ½ inch. We’ll be folding that ½ inch in to glue on the inside of the cover. Do this around all sides of the book and cut! Use this piece you’ve cut to trace on another piece of scrapbook paper and cut that to the same size. Now you’ve got two pieces of paper - one piece to cover the front of the book and one to cover the back. I left the spine of my journal alone but you could definitely cover it if you wanted to! :)


A little goes a long way with Mod Podge. Just apply a thin layer on the cover of the book and it will be enough, I promise! Press the first piece of paper that you cut on to the front. Fold the excess down and glue on the inside as well. We’ll be covering the inside as well so it doesn’t have to be perfect! Repeat on the back of the book. Press down firmly to get the wrinkles out and let the outside pieces dry. Have paper towels handy to wipe away any Mod Podge that seeps out!

4. Cover the inside!

This 8.5x11 paper fit almost perfectly in the inside of this journal, but I did have to trim it a bit. I recommend pre-folding this paper with the shape of the journal to ensure a snug fit. After you’ve trimmed and folded, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge and press it all down! Let this dry and make sure the Mod Podge doesn’t seep out too much and stick your pages together. Repeat on the inside front of the book and the inside back of the book. This is the paper I chose for the inside of the back:

5. (Optional) Cover the first page

Okay so… I had an extra piece of paper and I really wanted a pretty front page to put a dedication/book blessing on. Just use the same trimming, folding, and gluing method as you did with the inside cover piece! Let everything dry overnight. Tip: Save your brush with warm, soapy water :)

6. The fun part - Decorating! 

Use stickers, markers, paint, whatever you want to make the book uniquely yours! This is your BOS and it should reflect your personality. Make it pretty, witchy, weird, artsy, simple, whatever! If your book came with a ribbon bookmark like mine, you could put beads or charms on it. Have fun!

I LOVE how this turned out and I can’t wait to start using it! Craft away witches~


My Book of Shadows progress🍃

The original book was a blank, bright yellow sketchbook I found for $5.
I painted it black, glazed it, painted on the sigils, glazed it again (I intend to charge the sigils according to which one best suits my needs when writing). I sculpted the centre piece out of air dry clay around a glass cabochon, which was painted on the back with nail polish. Super glued everything, painted again, glazed again! I even added a bookmark using handmade polymer clay beads and a piece of cord, pulled through the spine and knotted on both ends. It also has a loop to attach charms with sigils, bottles with herbal spells, etc!✨

You don’t need a lot of money to have a pretty Book of Shadows/Grimoire! Additionally, if you find crafting relaxing then putting that positive energy into your book can only help.🌙

Steps for Successful Spellcasting

Whenever you cast a spell, remember to use a few tries-and-true measures. These precautions can help you avoid complications, mix-ups, delays, or disappointments:

  1.  Remove all distractions
  2. Collect the ingredients and tools you’ll use in your spell and cleanse them
  3. Purify and sanctify your space
  4. Quiet your mind
  5. Cast a circle around the area where you’ll do your spellworking
  6. Perform the spell
  7. If you’ve called upon deities or spirits to assist you, thank and release them
  8. Open the circle
  9. Store your tools in a safe place until you need them next

- “The Modern Witchcraft Spell Book: Your Complete Guide to Crafting & Casting Spells,” by Skye Alexander

To Remove a Troublesome Spirit or Poltergeist

You will Need:

  • A white candle
  • A dish of salt
  • A bowl of water with five drops pf lemon juice added
  • A silver-coated letter opener


Sunday morning, early

 The Spell:

Light the candle in the room where the paranormal presence is most active, saying: “By this bright flame, go now into the light, no longer linger here, by day or by night.”

Drop three pinches of salt into the water, and with the letter opener make a cross three times on the surface of the water, mixing it nine times counterclockwise. Say: “By Water and by Earth no longer linger here. Go to those waiting to whom you are dear.”

Carry the water to the front door, making a rail of water drops.

Open the door and throw out the water, saying: “Go now to the light.”

Carry the candle to the front door, step outside with it, and extinguish it, saying: “Go now to those who wait.”

Shut the front door.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose, by Cassandra Eason.”

Witching on a budget: 5 Items for a beginner witch.

When you start out in witchcraft you don’t need to have a a large amount of items, but it can be handy to have a few items to get you started, They wont necessarily make you feel ‘witchy’ but they might help a little. 

I have already written a post about my most recommended crystals.

Ok so lets get started…

1) A Journal/Book of Shadows: this does not have to be fancy, nor does it have to be organised. It could be a beautiful leather bound book or a lined notebook or even a 3 ring binder with note paper slotted inside, it really don’t matter this book just has to work for you. It is a place to document your journey, write your knowledge,beliefs, spells (if you want to) and notes. Having a book like this will really help you grow as a person and as a pagan or witch. 

2) A clear quartz crystal: If you are going to have just one crystal I recommend this one. This is the most versatile crystal, clear quartz can charged for almost anything and can also be used to stand in for any other crystal. 

3) Salt: Salt is amazing, it can be used to cleanse spaces, keeping entity’s at bay, creating a circle. It is amazingly versatile and can be used as a solid or diluted into water (you could add herbs too) which makes salt even more versatile. 

4) Candles: Candles come in all shapes, sizes and colours. I personally have so many especially in white (as it can be used for everything). Some things candles can be used for…other than light…are, Candle magic, Helping with spells, Rituals, Divination, Meditation and relaxation. 

5) Incense: Ok so this isn’t essential but it can be fun, and differently makes me feel more like a witch, You can get so many different scents too. That being said there are a few practical uses for incense; Helping with meditation, relaxation, creating atmosphere for spells and rituals. 

So there are my opinions for things that could help you get started as a beginner witch, best bit they are all budget friendly too. 


Cufflinks for the styled Bibliophile

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Metal book stack by Brooklyn Yards

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Old Book Pile by H M Pisces

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Finally had some free time to work on the plot for his manga.