book cover illustrator

Someday, when I’m making hella dollars as a public school teacher (HA), I’m gonna commission so many people who need commissions rolling in……I’m gonna be swimming in drawings and the artists will make some bank….it’ll be Grand

Check out the sweet variant cover for Rick & Morty #27, available June 28th at fine comic book shops! Not too shabbo if I don’t say so myself!

It was a total honor to have the opportunity to do this cover. I had a blast working on it. Ask your local comic shop how you can get your hands on it! 

Yamamoto Takato 山本タカト

Watashi no saikuropusu 私のサイクロプス (My Cyclops) book cover - Author: Yamashiro Asako 山白 朝子 - KADOKAWA Shoten 角川書店 - Japan - 2016