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The Nature and Art of Motion, Edited by Gyorgy Kepes, New York: George Braziller, Inc., 1965; Essays by: James S. Ackerman, Donald Appleyard, Gillo Dorfles, Karl Gerstner, Robert Gessner, James J. Gibson, Stanley W. Hayter, Gerald Holton, Katharine Kuh, Hands Richter, George Rickey, Hans Wallach, Gordon B. Washburn



‘Saturday to Monday’ Illustrations by John Held Jr. - 1930.

This droll collection of light verse about a weekend house party evokes the old adage, staying with people consists in your not having your own way, and their not having theirs. Yet, good manners require that neither seem to be the case. Depending on the poem, the point of view shifts from host to guest. In one sequence, an invitation is given and accepted, but with dread and out of obligation by both inviter and invitee. In another, the gust must pretend to be amused by the host’s children. A drawing accompanies each poem, very much adding to the merriment.