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Hi beautiful! u are my first fanfics writter, i love ur work. Now back to business, Can u write a YUTA fanfic, where he meets his childhood friend who he had a crush on since 4th grade, but at that time she moved so he couldn't confess to her but after all that time, and after NCT127 debuted, he meets her again as a professional dancer, and a choreographer for her latest comeback, and as we all know memories unite these two together in beautiful melty kiss while they were dancing ALONE.*hot plz*

Don’t forget me

Another friend requesting, let me just say, writing this brought so many different emotions <3



Genre: Hot with hints of angst and fluff

Word count: 2 697

Summary: After twelve years you finally meet him again….

12 years ago

The box I had been carrying that day was extremely heavy, filled to the brim with my father’s book collection. The sun had been gassing and I remember the box slowly slipping from my hands because of the sweat coating them. I would have dropped it, angering my father in that process, if not my best friend at the time had saved me, or rather the books, from dying. Nakamoto Yuta had been playing some football with his friends in the garden next to ours when he saw me struggle and, like the gentleman he was, he ran over to relieve me of the trouble.

“Hey, you have to be careful, what would we do if you hurt yourself carrying this.” I smiled at his concern while walking to the van with him taking care of the box for me. It was not until he placed the box in the van that he realised that something was happening. He turned to me, giving me a questioning look. “Why are you moving boxes?”

“Haven’t I told you? We’re moving to Hong Kong.” His face dropped within a matter of seconds. His twelve year old mind didn’t want to believe it and in all honesty, I wasn’t too thrilled about it either. “My mother got a job offer or something, I’m not sure, but in any case we have to move because of it.” Talking about it back then had made me tear up which had caused Yuta’s own tears to make an appearance and it didn’t take long before we stood in each other’s arms, crying our eyes out, sobbing.

“I don’t want you to move.” He choked out, refusing to let me go, not that I wanted to. “You can live with me, my family likes you, they won’t mind.” Even though I was tempted to actually ask I already knew that it wasn’t possible, I had to go with my own family, no matter how much it hurt. The voice of my father was what caused us to break apart.

“Yuta! You’re here to say goodbye? Don’t worry children, you can still keep in touch.” I wiped away the dried tears on my cheeks while Yuta tried not showing my dad that he had been crying, I was the only one allowed to see him cry. “Now that you’re here Yuta, do you mind helping us with the last boxes?” Yuta, happy to now have something to do, nodded and followed my father into the house. During the hour that followed the three of us moved all the other boxes from their place in the house to their place in the van, we also had to reorganize in the van in order for all the boxes to fit. The time flew by too fast for my liking and I was back in Yuta’s arms in no time, saying my goodbye. The tears were once again streaming down my cheeks as I squeezed the life out of my best friend. I heard him sniff and it caused me to cry even harder.

“Don’t forget about me, okay.” I shook my head as an answer, promising to never let him fall into oblivion. A hand was placed on my shoulder, informing me of our need to depart at that moment. Hesitantly, I pulled myself out of his embrace, wiping away the last trace of my tears and sniffed some more. I turned around, noticing that it was my mother who had pulled me out of my current sorrow. She gave me a comforting smile, silently telling me that everything will be okay, I would get through this. Then I turned towards Yuta again who looked awful because of our emotional hug.

“You’re my best friend.” I told him. “You will always be my best friend, don’t forget that.” The tears were threatening to show themselves again but I fought them of.

“Dito.” Was all I got in response which made me laugh. In all this seriousness he still knew how to be funny. “Who am I going to dance with when you’re not around?” He asked in a teasing manner as we exchanged another, much shorter hug before I jumped into the backseat of the van and closing the door. My father pressed his foot down on the gas pedal and the vehicle started moving. I waved to Yuta, who had started running beside the van, he ran and waved until he couldn’t keep up anymore, that’s when he disappeared from my sight.

I would not forget him.

We will keep in touch.

Present time

We didn’t.

That was the last day I saw Nakamoto Yuta, for twelve years. But who were we kidding, we were ten, ten year olds don’t understand the significance of friendship so they don’t make the effort, at least we didn’t.

I was now standing outside the SM Entertainment building, scared out of my mind. I’m here as a choreographer and I’m supposed to create the dance for the groups NCT’s new comeback. Never have I been interested in the newer groups within kpop which is why I had to look NCT up after accepting the job offer. Let me just say that I regretted it as soon as I did it. He may have changed a lot but it was no question; Yuta was in the group I was working with. That is the reason as to why I’m freaking out right now. I haven’t seen this kid for twelve years, will he even recognise me and if he did, will it be awkward?

After taking a deep breath to calm my nerves I entered the building and, walking up to the center desk, kept an eye out for Yuta. The worker at the desk directed me to the dance rooms on the third floor, she also handed me a USB drive which contained NCT 127’s new song Cherry Bomb, I had heard parts from it before in order to prepare at least a bit before coming here. The inside of the building was like a maze let me tell you, it took me ten minutes to find the room I was supposed to be working in. Once in there I plugged in the USB and started completing the dance. The door was opened after thirty minutes by a man whom I recognised to be NCT’s manager. I stopped the music and gave him my full attention.

“Y/N, good to see that your trip here went well.” The sound of people talking was heard from behind him. I said nothing but gave him a smile and bowed low, greeting him while doing so. “I expect you have enough figured out so that you can go through some steps.” I gave another nod. “Perfect, guys come on, behave now, okay.” I had to suppress the giggle that risked getting out.

The first one to enter was, if I recall correctly, Lee Taeyong, the leader and even though his hair now was light pink he was not difficult to recognise. Being the professional leader he is politely greeted me while trying to keep his members as calm as possible. Some of them didn’t have much problem with that, them being Taeil, Doyoung and Sicheng, while others, Donghyuk, Johnny and Mark, didn’t even know what calm meant. Taeyong sent me an apologizing look before marching over to them. The last one to enter, instantly walking in after Johnny, took my breath away as he closed the door and took in his surroundings.

Yuta had grown incredibly over the years, last time I saw him I was taller than him but it seems like the tables has turned. He also developed one hell of a jawline and a very intense dark eye colour.  I realised how much I was staring when we met eyes and immediately turned away towards the mirrors behind me which didn’t really help. The reflection of the mirror enabled us to still have eye contact and even though he kept looking at me I did not see any trace of recognition in his eyes. Eventually I ripped my gaze away and turned to the other instead.

“Okay everybody!” The clearness of my voice gained me everyone’s attention. “I’m Y/N L/N and I’m the choreographer for this song.” The group gathered and organized themselves before doing their signature greeting. “I have looked through your previous songs and dances in order to get the kind of feel you usually go for and I have been able to create something out of it. So, shall we get started?” Without waiting for a response I started playing the music. My plan was for everyone to learn the general dance before putting them into any kind of formation.

They were learning surprisingly quickly, which I did not expect considering the level of difficulty this dance had. Taeyong and Yuta were especially fast and soon they were both helping other members with steps they were struggling with. It made me smile, Yuta had found people he could call his family. Even though I was happy for him and his success I could not help but feel like I had been replaced in some kind of way. Pushing that thought to the back of my mind I stopped the music and told everyone to take a break. Walking over to my own water bottle and taking some sips someone decided to keep me company.

“I’m sorry for all of them, they run on a lot of energy.” I smiled at Jaehyun as he sat down beside me, water bottle in hand. “Especially Mark and Donghyuk, Donghyuk has a thing for teasing his hyung a lot. “ I laughed at that.

“That’s fine, I like the energy, it keeps things interesting.” He acknowledged my statement by nodding and then drinking some water. “Some of surprised me with your level of dancing, especially Yuta and….”

“Oh, someone has a thing for Yuta, I see.” Without my control, my cheeks heated up and I looked at him like he was crazy. He looked at me with a smirk. “It’s fine, some people just have an easy time settling for biases.” His smirk grew. I tried defending myself but he only winked at me, stood up and walked away. What was that about. I noted that Jaehyun walked over to Yuta, who then laughed at what he said. Why did I have a feeling they were talking about me?

After about ten minutes I gathered everyone again in order to continue the dance and showing them some of the other dance steps. We continued practice until eleven pm, at that time it was evident that everyone was tired and I was not about to overwork these boys so I sent them on their way. We bid our goodbyes and I told them that I’d see them tomorrow. Then I packed up my stuff and headed to the nearby hotel at which I was staying.

The following morning I arrived at the dance room one and a half hour before the boys were supposed to be there with the solemn intention of getting some new moves together for the dance. However, it didn’t take long before someone else entered the room in the middle of my dancing. Surprised, I turned around to be met by the familiar face of Yuta.

“Hi. I didn’t think you’d be here this early.” He said as he put down his training bag.

“I could say the same to you. What are you doing here?”

“I thought I should get some extra practice so I could impress the new choreographer.” I raised my eyebrows at his flirty comment and he just smirked at me, again. “I got a little worried when Jaehyun approached you yesterday but I realised that it probably was fine, you always liked the sporty kind anyways.” The smirk grew, if possible, even bigger at my shocked expression. So he did remember me after all. “How have you been Pumpkin.” I laughed at the old nickname he had for me and when he opened his arms as an invitation and threw myself at him, happy to have my best friend back.  We stood there for a while, just relishing in each other’s presence.

“I didn’t think you remembered me.” I said when we pulled away, my face hurting because of my big smile.

“Of course I remembered you, we promised not to forget each other, remember.” He ruffled my hair making me smack his hand away. He, being the overly dramatic person he is, grabbed his hand as if I amputated it.

“Ah, still so sensitive about your hair.” I poked my tongue out at him making him laugh at me.

“Anyways, I’m here to do my job, so if you’ll excuse me Mr Yuta, I’ll continue with choreo.” I turned around towards the stereo and crouched down beside it, about to turn on the music once again. Yuta’s presence behind me was what stopped me, his breath on my ear what was stopped my breathing. He leaned forwards and plugged out the USB, replacing it with his own phone.

“How about…” He whispered in my ear, his lips slightly brushing it. “…. we dance, just like old times?” He put on a song and grabbed my hand. I let him pull me to the middle of the dance floor where he then started guiding me around the room, following the slow beat of the song.

“I was really surprised to see you made it in the korean music industry.” I said, trying to catch up with him a bit.

“What, you thought I wasn’t talented enough?” He dipped me down while teasing me. I rolled my eyes at him, but let him continue dancing with me nonetheless. “What have you been up to though? I see you’ve come a far way within dancing.” He spinned me.

“Oh I’ve been a bit everywhere, some places in Europe, America and Asia, just making a career for myself.” Yuta was visibly impressed. Then the smirk was back.

“Now I see what everyone was talking about when we were kids.” He noticed my confused expression and continued. “Of course everyone wanted us to be together, we’d be a power couple.” I looked at him as he said this, almost in trance thanks to his features. He noticed my stare and locked eyes with me, observing me quietly, just like I did with him.

We had slowed to a stop in front of the mirrors, either of us being able to tear our gazes apart. Eventually, his gaze trailed down to my lips where they stayed for a couple of seconds before he finally made up his mind and carefully pressed his lips against mine and then they were gone, lingering in front of my own. He was waiting, ready to pull away in case I didn’t want to. Finally, I got enough of his waiting so I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in once again, pressing my lips against his in a rougher kiss than before. Our lips moved in sync, almost like they were made for each other. As the kiss got more intense he pushed against the cold surface of the mirrors before patting me on my thighs, signalling that I should jump which I did. My legs wrapped around his waist as his hands found my butt, giving it a light squeeze, which I giggled at. My giggle caused our lips to break apart but the little shit instantly trapped my lower lip in between his teeth making my breath hitch. We stared at each other for a bit, communicating through our eyes. I leaned towards him again, slowly placing my lips back on his more softly. He put me down and rubbed my sides in a soothing manner and soon enough we came to a stop and for a while we said nothing.

“You know the people shipping us when we were kids?” I nodded. “They were right.” The he pressed another kiss on my lips before the door burst open and the rest of the boys entered.

Mom has been a real champ for my mental health this year. Taking me to therapy, helping me with my meds, really listening and understanding my trauma’s.

It’s her birthday next month, and I’m gonna get her a really nice present (she adores poetry and leonard cohen, so I’m getting her his book of collected works),

and also a bouquet of flowers, if I can find a way to have them delivered.

It’s gonna be expensive, but fuck it.

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hey tray im trying to read more this summer and i rlly value ur opinion on like literally everything so i was wondering what ur fav books/poetry collections are?? thank u and love u !!!!

i love u! my opinion is irrelevant as fuck tho lmfao omg ily

top fav books: gone girl, tuesdays w morrie, journey to the center of the earth, you too could have a body like mine, the first bad man, a corner of the universe, the great gatsby

the only poetry book i loved thru and thru 100% was by euo aka alma blood and it what have we done to each other

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My lord didn't the Emperor have a privet collection of books from before the age of strife? Not even a harddrive full of information on all of human history?

Looks at the Imperial Archives of Terra, spanning most of the content of Merica.

Looks at the question, his silence telling volumes.  

Wonder Woman artwork for a poster Im doing for my job. Really happy with the way this turned out! 

We are doing Martha’s Vineyards first ever Free Comic book Day in July! I’m donating over 200 comic books from my personal collection for the goal of doing some good in my community on MV. If anyone actually wanted to donate comic books to help us out in our cause to giving 2 free comics to everyone who walks in our doors, I would so appreciate it! PM me for details. 

Now I just gotta draw either Thor or Captain America!


Oscar Wilde inspired Look Book for Alexander McQueen - Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear Collection - designer: Sarah Burton - photographer: Ethan James Green - stylist: Alister Mackie - art direction: M/M Paris - hair: Matt Mulhall - makeup: Miranda Joyce - casting director: Jess Hallett - models: Filip Roseen, Kalam Horlick, Myles Dominique, Safari & Tsubasa - location: London

“It’s Oscar Wilde, it’s military, it’s dandy, it’s aristocratic, it’s romantic,”

Challenge Your Shelf: 6. Personal Library
These are my babies which I sadly don’t get to see often because they are back at home and I’m at uni (with my other bookshelf- of course I have one here too, I don’t possess any self-control) most of the year. When I do get to see them though, I’m sure to stare at them for an unhealthy amount of time 📚👀📚

“What if the moon is in love with the sun? What if the sun is also in love with the moon? But it’s a forbidden love. Between them, love is not as powerful as it is between two people– What if that’s the reason why we have night and day because they keep on chasing each other, every second, every minute– Isn’t it sad to think that if they’re really in love, it’s sad to see and to think that they’re really not meant to be together.” She said while looking in the beautiful twilight.
He looked at her watching the soft glowing light from the sun and said, “Well, it’s not that sad. You see, they found a way to meet twice a day. The Sun And Moon make love in the dawn and dusk– and I think that’s beautiful.”
—  L., Moon Chasing The Sun