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WEIRD BOOK WEDNESDAY: Morbid Curiosities by Paul Gambino, which is featured on the Cult of Weird fall reading list, is out now. The photos are beautiful, the collectors are fascinating, and the collections are extraordinary.



Llull, Ramon, 1232?-1316. (Author).  Arbor scientiae : [1 leaf]. Posa, Pedro, active 15th century, printer.  

Information about this leaf: Printed in double columns in black ink, this leaf has woodcut notes written in brown ink in the margins. It also has a woodcut initial letter.
Information about this book: The book bears the colophon of Peter Posa which reads “Barcelona, August 22, 1505

From the Pages from the Past Collection.

anonymous asked:

So with the Vertigo sale, what collections should one get to experience the complete Morrison Doom Patrol? I know there are new omnibuses being collected but I don't know how far they've come yet.

There are two omnibuses (omnibii?) that came out this year.  

Book One collects #19-34 (the start of Morrison’s run) and has introductions by Morrison and editor Tom Peyer.

Book Two collects #35-50 and has a forward and sketchbook section from Morrison.

To complete the whole Morrison run, you’ll want to also pick up vol. 5 (#51-57) and vol. 6 (#58-63, plus a special) of the earlier collections.