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Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics (2010) 

“Some of the most acclaimed books of the twenty-first century are autobiographical comics by women. Aline Kominsky-Crumb is a pioneer of the autobiographical form, showing women’s everyday lives, especially through the lens of the body. Phoebe Gloeckner places teenage sexuality at the center of her work, while Lynda Barry uses collage and the empty spaces between frames to capture the process of memory. Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis experiments with visual witness to frame her personal and historical narrative, and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home meticulously incorporates family documents by hand to re-present the author’s past.

These five cartoonists move the art of autobiography and graphic storytelling in new directions, particularly through the depiction of sex, gender, and lived experience. Hillary L. Chute explores their verbal and visual techniques, which have transformed autobiographical narrative and contemporary comics. Through the interplay of words and images, and the counterpoint of presence and absence, they express difficult, even traumatic stories while engaging with the workings of memory. Intertwining aesthetics and politics, these women both rewrite and redesign the parameters of acceptable discourse.”

by Hillary L. Chute

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May I ask why you have unsettled emotions about the Narnia films?



Decent enough. It annoyed me, though, how Peter was given this weird “I’m in charge and you must Listen to Me and I have to Protect you” and Susan was made into some sort of weird realist? Susan’s made MORE sense but it was frustrating

Ohhhhhhh my goooooooosh
the first thing they did when writing the script to this movie was to throw the book down the laundry chute.
- Caspian, that sweet kid from the book who wants to do the right thing and find the Old Narnians that he loves so much? Yeah he’s gone. Instead we get Broody Emo Prince
- Peter, following from the first movie screwing up his characterization, has this SO OOC power struggle with Caspian?????? No???? Wrong??? Peter LITERALLY SAYS “We didn’t come to take your place, you know, but to put you into it” and frankly someone needs to get punched for ruining that
- the attack on Miraz’s castle. Why did we feel the need for a weird out of place action sequence just why
- that weird scene where they summon the White Witch. Not??? Canon???? also??? why???? Jadis is dead let her be pls i beg
- THE FRICKEN FORCED ROMANCE FHSKLEMG DKAIEK. They LOOKED at each other like four times and then suddenly they’re in love?? Pls?? No??? don’t do this

Don’t. get. me. started. oh my gosh. This movie is. so bad. it deserves its own post i’m not even gonna try

Lovebirds’ Nest

Fluffy Romance

The sun beat down on the concrete that covered the streets of the city. It was not an unusually hot day; in fact it was more pleasant than the usual temperature. Thin clouds lined the sky and filtered some of the otherwise smothering rays. They also provided a pleasant sight to gaze upon as they floated gracefully across the sky, propelled by the gentle wind that reached all the way to the ground. Through these streets, a couple walked hand in hand happily as they admired the scenery and the sight of other couples doing the same. Angela gazed at a pair who walked past them on the other side of the street before pulling herself up against the arm of the man beside her. She was wearing a casual day dress and a wide brim hat, all part of a comfortably cool outfit for a sunny day. It was warm enough to block the wind and perhaps even the night chills should they stay until then. Even if it wasn’t, she knew that regardless of her insistence, the man beside her already managed to sneak her sweater into his backpack. As for Genji, he was wearing a thin t-shirt and some slacks to cover up his cybernetic body. While it was a strange concept, he simply wanted to limit the amount of his body that he revealed. Regardless of the city’s tolerance for omnics, making a scene would not be exactly ideal for their plans for the day.

They walked together comfortably in silence, with Angela’s body being inseparable from Genji’s arms except for hasty street crossings. While they were always keen on interacting and chatting with each other about numerous things of varying importance, just for today they wanted to simply enjoy each other’s presence. Even without exchanging a single word, the warmth that they shared through simply being so close to each other made them feel at ease and carefree of everything else around them. It was not an extravagant date by any mean; in fact it wasn’t technically supposed to be a date anyways. Angela had simply wanted to go outside to get some fresh air and to return some books to the library rather than having someone do it for her, and Genji simply decided to accompany her. Yet here they were, walking without a single regret in the world to concern them. Soon enough, they arrived at the city’s main library, a massive structure that stood as a proud landmark within the city. Angela eagerly led the way to the book return by pulling on his hand, bringing Genji along with a smile at her almost childish eagerness. It almost seemed as if in that moment, she was a child eagerly showing her loved ones her love for reading and the library. Dropping off the books into the return chute daintily, Angela turned around and gave him a sweet smile before heading inside, letting go of his hand for once. He knew that it was necessary considering their separate needs at that moment, yet he couldn’t help but feel somewhat sad without her hand in his.

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Quant à ton attitude envers moi - c'est une espèce de chute continuelle, une espèce d'appauvrissement précipité des sentiments, qui m'humilie d'autant plus douloureusement que grande était leur richesse dans le passé.
—  M. Aguéev (Roman avec cocaïne)