book brooch

headcanon about plagg's behavior when he saw The Book

as we all know, plagg reacted quite differently when he saw the book, as opposed to tikki who was all, “OMFG GET THE BOOK, MARINETTE”. he reacted quite typically: “duuude, i’m hungry, let’s goooo”.

but, it’s still strange. for what it’s worth, when he listed the things inside the safe, he didn’t mention the peacock brooch thing (r.i.p. my french, please correct me if i’m wrong).

imagine these though.

imagine plagg’s blood running cold when he saw The Book and The Brooch. imagine him freezing up for a split second when he saw “Tibet”. imagine him picking up the pieces together when he saw mama agreste’s picture.

imagine him asking the world what his charge, the poor boy, ever did in his previous life that adrien deserved this.

of course, adrien is close to his heart, considering that the cinnamon roll only wanted one thing in his life which was love. imagine plagg in that one or maybe two, three seconds he was in the safe alone running through all adrien’s possible reactions when he finds out that his father is the papillon. one thing was for sure–it would definitely crush adrien’s heart.

plagg cannot bear it if one of his kittens get hurt.

that’s why he tried getting him away from The Vile Book. that’s why he didn’t mention The Brooch. that’s why he acted like his old silly self.

all so that adrien wouldn’t get the wrong (BUT ACTUALLY RIGHT) assumption.

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Hi there!

So, January has almost come to a close and it’s been quite the ride for me. I’ve been figuring a lot of things out about myself and my work. Some things hard, some bad, some wonderful and some very confusing, but it’s all good, it’s all for a reason, it’s all new things I need to learn so that I can keep going forward.

There have been a lot of wonderful things that have been in the works for you guys, as well. Im taking on two very new, very exciting but also very terrifying projects. These include:

1. Co-creating a comic book with one of my favorite writers and favorite humans, Adam Stutsman (amstutsman) …more updates will be happening with this soon. We’re both so excited to be taking on this project.

2. Starting up an Etsy shop where I can sell my artwork (Hey! Like those little clay brooches up there in that cute picture!) and some other things like paintings, prints, posters, stickers, and so on.

I will make sure to keep you in the know about how things are going, whenever I can. As for today, thanks for being here, and for being you, I don’t know a better you than exactly who you are.

I’ll see you guys around,