Where My Wild Things Are by Serene Ng

Inspired by Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are - one of my all time favourite stories. The persona here is Bunnyman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and indeterminacy. It will go wherever floats its boat.


Today the Department of Beguiling Book Art is delighted to share the marvelous creations of Latvian artist Aniko Kolesnikova, aka Mandarin Duck, who uses polymer clay to sculpt fantastic journal covers featuring bird, animal, fantasy and nature-based themes. Each one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted cover is highly detailed with vibrant paint, as well as metal, crystal and resin accents.

Kolesnikova also enjoys teaching others how to make their own decorative book covers, so she started a YouTube channel where she shares video tutorials.

“On my Youtube channel I really try to teach people how to make their own beautiful things, so that they don’t spend a lot of money, develop their skills, gain new abilities and discover new hobbies and materials. I honestly think that a handmade gift is worth a million since it contains that precious energy of love of a person that made it. So basically I teach people to gift love to other people and I think it’s great!”

In addition to her beautiful book covers, Kolesnikova also makes jewelry, small cases, decorative sculptures, and vases. Visit the My Mandarin Ducky Etsy shop to check out more of her exquisite creations. She also takes custom orders via her website.

[via Beautiful/Decay and Bored Panda]