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Way of Kings

I finished the Way of Kings today, there were definitely things I had missed the first time or just simply forgot. For example: (*****SPOILERS  FOR STORMLIGHT****)
Those people at the Purelake were searching for Hoid.
Wit giving the name Hoid to Dalinar. 
Towards the beginning Shallan was thinking to herself and that foreshadowed the Shardblade.
I forgot that Sigzil was Hoid’s apprentice, which is really cool and could explain why he wants to test Kaladin’s abilities so bad
I also forgot why Jasnah decided to keep Shallan (Shallan is totally totally bi, oh my god it was so much fun to read her reactions to Jasnah)
I completely forgot that Dalinar fucking destroyed Elhokar and it was fucking hilarious, it’s been 2 years since I first read the book, why did I forget so much??? It’s so good
Also I noticed some of the headers Ch12-28 (that weren’t quoted from people on their deathbeds) were connected and I jotted them down.
It was really fucking funny to see Sadeas lie through his fucking teeth with all his soldiers unharmed and clean after ‘retreating from battle’ 

And I think that’s all I’ve got? It was really nice rereading this, I took my time with it and now I’m gonna start Words of Radiance 

The Problem with Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Universe

Friend: “Do you have any book suggestions?”

Me: “You absoulutely need to read The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, it’s my favourite series in existence.”

Friend: “Oh, okay, thank you! I’ll check it out!”

Me: “Well, actually, you should read the Mistborn Trilogy before the WoK just so you get an introduction to Sanderson’s writing and trust him enough as an author to get through the massive exposition in WoK (which is soooooo worth it), not to mention the two series are set in the same universe of different worlds… On that note you should actually read Elantris too because it’s also in that universe on a differnt world, but it’s the first book he wrote in that universe and it’s amazing. And before you read WoR you need to read Warbreaker because some characters from that show up in the last half of WoR and it’s really great. Oh yeah! There’s this one character that shows up in every single book that’s set in that universe, which is called the Cosmere by the way, so look out for him. Alrighty, so you need to read Elantris, Warbreaker, Mistborn Trilogy (possibly all three trilogies), and the Stormlight Archive, which is going to be ten books long but only two are out right now oh it’s going to be so fun.”

Friend: “…”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

Image: Copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, on sale in an Arlington, Va., bookstore in 2000. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Can you remember a time before anyone on this side of the Atlantic had heard of muggles, horcruxes or pensieves? Well today, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter series, we’re giving you a chance to revisit that world.  Here’s the first story NPR ever aired about Harry Potter — a wonderful piece by the late Margot Adler. 


brandon we’re gonna have to start taking pickup trucks to the bookstore if you keep making these books longer!! please!! i can only lift so much!!
Color & Light: Archive

Hi everyone ! 
Because you are almost 50 000 following this blog I wanted to remind for the new ones that I don’t use to reblog things twice and this blog contains (for now) around 2800 paintings so here is a link to see the archive of 2015 ! Hope you will like it :)

And here is a detail of the painting “In a Garden, Corfu” by John Singer Sargent painted in 1909 

Have a beautiful day and keep sharing art around you !


Flora Rustica

These beautiful illustrations of common flowers come from Volume IV (1794) of Flora Rustica, a four-volume series about “such plants as are either useful or injurious in husbandry.” The plates were drawn and engraved by Frederick P. Nodder. The books’ text was written by botanist Thomas Martyn of Cambridge.

Illustration and information for the Chrysanthemum (we’ll never forget how to spell that, thanks to Anne Shirley), showing how the pages are laid out.

Detail of the Hedysarum

Gorgeous detail from the Achillea

Detail of the Echium