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  • Other authors: *Give you the story with occasional clues of some secrets and possible plot turns to maintain mysteriousness*
  • Brandon Sanderson: *Gives you a shitton of clues sprinkling them like a drunken Santa - in the chapters, epigraphs, flashbacks, interviews - and still blows your mind up to pieces with EVERY finale of EVERY book*

brandon we’re gonna have to start taking pickup trucks to the bookstore if you keep making these books longer!! please!! i can only lift so much!!

Best book openings by Brandon Sanderson
  • Elantris: Prince Raoden of Arelon awoke early that morning, completely unaware that he had been damned for all eternity.
  • Warbreaker: It's funny, Vasher thought, how many things begin with my getting thrown into prison
  • Mitosis: The day had finally arrived, a day I’d been awaiting for ten years. A glorious day, a momentous day, a day of import and distinction.
  • It was time to buy a hot dog.
  • Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians: So, there I was, tied to an altar made from outdated encyclopedias, about to get sacrificed to the dark powers by a cult of evil Librarians.
  • Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia: So there I was, hanging upside down underneath a gigantic glass bird, speeding along at a hundred miles an hour above the ocean, in no danger whatsoever.
  • Alcatraz Versus the Shattered Lens: So there I was, holding a pink teddy bear in my hand. It had a red bow and an inviting, cute, bearlike smile. Also, it was ticking.
  • Legion: My name is Stephen Leeds, and I am perfectly sane. My hallucinations, however, are all quite mad.
  • The Way of Kings: Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king.
  • Words of Radiance: Jasnah Kholin pretended to enjoy the party, giving no indication that she intended to have one of the guests killed.
A Secret Jew, the New World, a Lost Book: Mystery Solved
An octogenarian cracks the case of a missing prized manuscript by Luis de Carvajal the Younger that surfaced on sale for a fraction of its value.
By Joseph Berger

Until 1932, the 180-page booklet by de Carvajal, a secret Jew who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in Spain’s colony of Mexico, resided in that country’s National Archives.

Then it vanished. The theft transformed the manuscript into an object of obsession, a kind of Maltese Falcon, for a coterie of Inquisition scholars and rare-book collectors. Almost nothing was heard about the document for more than 80 years — until it showed up 13 months ago at a London auction house. The manuscript was on sale for $1,500, because the house had little sense of its value.

One thing I do love about Brandon Sanderson’s work, is that you’ll get stuff, like:
“Somehow we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be”
And then, you’ll find these gems:
“‘She assumes,’ Wax said, 'that out detective style isn’t normally the punchy-punchy, stabby-stabby type,’
'To be fair,’ Wayne said, 'it’s usually a more shooty-shooty, whacky-whacky type,’”

FAVOURITE BOOK SERIES (1/?): Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

Life before death, Strength before weakness, Journey before destination.

“There are two kinds of people in this world, son. Those who save lives, and those who take lives.“
“And what of those who protect and defend? Those who save lives by taking lives?”
“That’s like trying to stop a storm by blowing harder. Ridiculous. You can’t protect by killing.