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I just really love books. The smell, the look, the words inside. The way it can you into another world when yours isn’t going all so great. The way you meet new people and new perspectives all into something compact. The way I can read from a actual book to a tablet to even my phone, but nothing beats the feeling of a physical book. Even if I’ve read one in a month or five in a month, I just love books so much.

One of the reasons why the 2016 adaptation of Dirk Gently works so well is that, like the books, Dirk isn’t actually the main character. He’s the titular character and one of the major protagonists and an overall driving force, but hell. I’m rereading the first book on my Kindle and Dirk isn’t mentioned until 16% of the way in, and doesn’t appear until 34% of the way in. That’s huge.

I love the psychic bean dearly but as far as I’m concerned, season one is the story of Farah Black’s quest to save Lydia, assisted by two weirdos with nice jackets and a distinct lack of boundaries. She’s introduced to the audience in a position of complete hopelessness, caught up in a situation she had no hand in creating, with glaring personal flaws that she needs to come to terms with and a “sin” that she feels that she needs to atone for (Patrick’s death and Lydia’s kidnapping).

The story ends with her killing the villain, being personally validated and financially rewarded by the person she saved, and (importantly!) being left with A New Quest™ for season two (working with two chronically ill siblings and a smol anarchist vampire while coordinating Operation Save The Psychic Murder Children).

Can we all just take a minute

And appreciate the majestic beauty that is Maria Posada:

The Book of Life was a masterpiece in and of itself, but Maria was definitely something special.

First of all, she was a beauty and she knew it.

She had a pet pig

Not to mention that she regularly challenged the stereotype of what women should be like in the time the story takes place

Plus she was not only a total bad-a

But she also inspired the people around her to be confident in themselves as well

And she also made sure that the men around her (who were obviously attracted to her) knew that she was not a prize, but a person who should be respected.

And although she had plans to marry for love, upon the death of Manolo she knew her responsibilities to the town were a top priority.  It was only then that she decided to marry Joaquin.

And finally, I don’t think I need to remind  you all that she is, as far as I can recall, the first wonderfully portrayed animated Latina woman in modern media.  She’s fairly tanned, she has huge and long dark curls, gorgeous brown eyes, and for the first time in a long time I’m beginning to see those features as beautiful again.

This whole movie was beautiful, but I could never describe exactly how happy seeing Maria portrayed the way she was made me.

This post was late in coming, but seeing all these different people finally get representation, I’m happy I have a part in media somewhere.

I am Latina, and I’m slowly beginning to appreciate my features again.

Images aren’t mine

So I got a text from a wrong number the other day and I decided to mess with them because I'm a terrible person...

I figured that they’d eventually text cancel, but they never did

Then I decided to change things up a bit

I don’t even know who this girl is, but she apparently thinks Cap’s birthday is kool

I figured, why not add another Avenger to the mix?

Then I said, what the heck, I’ll just send stuff about all of them

At that point, I knew this person was great (and I’m guessing she probably has a tumblr) but I wasn’t expecting them to respond at all, let alone in those amazing one word responses. 

can we just talk about the fact nic rouleau has played elder price for over FIVE years??? and can we also discuss the fact he has played the role not only on broadway but also the west end and for the tour!!! lets just take a moment to appreciate that lil bean because he has been so dedicated to this role for so long and tbh the day he announces he is leaving the show i will probably cry my eyes out because he is such an awesome kevin and i’ll miss him a lot okay im done

Yes hello appreciation post for my wonderful girlfriend. She’s the most amazing human being I’ve ever known. We give each other cheesy presents and go out and explore the world. Thank you for supporting me everyday. I love you endlessly 💛


An Honest God

Hi again! Man I should avoid homework more often! Don’t worry,  I’m a bit ahead right now so I can take a break.

For those who haven’t notice or don’t own the Art of the Book of Life, Xibalba’s mouth changes depending on his emotions.

For example: when Xibalba is being sneaky or evil, he has pointed teeth:

When he is honest or nervous, he has square teeth:

And when he is charming, which is actually most of the time, he has no teeth/ slick mouth

I picked the best shots didn’t I? especially the last one! For this analysis, I will be looking at Xibalba’s and La Muerte’s conversation before making the wager.

When we first hear them talking up close, Xibalba complains about ruling a wasteland while La Muerte rules an endless fiesta, finding it not fair, being honest with himself.

He later begs her honestly to trade lands.

While he angrily admits that he hates the Land of the Forgotten, he is also being honest.

Here, he is reacting to La Muerte’s accusation of cheating first he is honest, feeling guilty then tries to turn on the charm:

When Xibalba comes up with the wager, he first acts nervous and a bit desperate but then comes up the idea of another wager he puts on the charming face:

However, at the end we can see some of the square teeth, showing that he is not all that confident in this plan.

So while Xibalba is sneaky with a snake up his sleeve, he is also an honest god when you look hard enough.

Also the animators deserve a large round of applause for animating this big guy so fluidly especially his mouth.

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the foxhole court has literally changed my life who was i before this 


MD: Seeing all these concepts of Asami’s outfit together really reminds me how important a character’s costume is and how it helps illustrate his or her personality and role in the story. I love the final version, which is a nice balance of formal business attire and fashion-forward elegance. Asami concepts and designs by Lauren Montgomery, Christie Tseng, and Bryan Konietzko. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf and Bryan Konietzko. [x]

Dostoevsky Moodboard Challenge ( 2 / infinite ) : Crime and Punishment

“And what if I am wrong,” he cried suddenly after a moment’s thought. “What if man is not really a scoundrel, man in general, I mean, the whole race of mankind—then all the rest is prejudice, simply artificial terrors and there are no barriers and it’s all as it should be." 

“In my opinion, if, as the result of certain combinations, Kepler’s or Newton’s discoveries could become known to people in no other way than by sacrificing the lives of one, or ten, or a hundred or more people who were hindering the discovery, or standing as an obstacle in its path, then Newton would have the right, and it would even be his duty… to remove those ten or a hundred people, in order to make his discoveries known to mankind. It by no means follows from this, incidentally, that Newton should have the right to kill anyone he pleases, whomever happens along, or to steal from the market every day. Further, I recall developing in my article the idea that all… well, let’s say, the lawgivers and founders of mankind, starting from the most ancient and going on to the Lycurguses, the Solons, the Muhammads, the Napoleons, and so forth, that all of them to a man were criminals, from the fact alone that in giving a new law, they thereby violated the old one, held sacred by society and passed down from their fathers, and they certainly did not stop at shedding blood either, if it happened that blood (sometimes quite innocent and shed valiantly for the ancient law) could help them.”

Firefly Appreciation Post!

As a browncoat of over a decade I wanted to just put together a few gifs that remind me of the beauty that is the Firefly world.

Browncoat for life.

Re-blog and add some of your favorites, keep Serenity flyin…

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This is an appreciation post dedicated to three of the most wonderful people in the universe. They’ve made this year bearable and they accept me for everything I am and everything I’m not. I’m so thankful for them 💛💛

i love moms ok

i love parental figures, blood or not, legal guardian or not, and I really love moms (mine is like perf tbh) (and also apologies to anyone who this triggers)


so first off, she’s a mom and that’s physically, mentally, and emotionally superhuman. plus she’s a big sister and from our POV there’s no deep antagonism between her and Abby so you know that there’s something solid and so loving there

rachel is also a spy, so you know that when Cam was still of Able-to-Be-Carried-Anywhere size she’d scope out a room the minute she entered it and think ‘grab Cammie, solar plexus kick to that guy, right hook on that one, and the window’s clear’ or whatever. Matt never really factored into those equations because she knew he’d handle whatever was left 

(i also have this sub-headcanon that she was able to get back to work like, ridiculously fast after giving birth but chose not to because MOMMY TIME, and abby was like ‘wtf sis how are you the size of Xena again, you just had a kid’ and rachel was like ‘I know, isn’t Cam perfect’ and then matt did that thing that will smith did to jada pinkett smith on the red carpet like ‘YES look at her perfection’)

she’s also married to another spy (twice, but we’ll get to that) and could flatten him at any time basically but was also OVER THE FUCKING MOON for the guy and you know there were the kick-ass-ing-est couple this side of Black Widow and Hawkeye and more loving and smitten than Gomez and Morticia Adams

then she LOST that man and there wasn’t even a case of ‘oh no i need this man to function’ it was a massive case of lost love and, while we don’t know what she did during that mission Cam said she went on after the funeral, we know that ‘sometimes a spy doesn’t need a cover. Sometimes she needs a shield’ and the body count was HIGH AF for that mission, wherever and whatever it was. 

then Gallagher Academy happened and her official title became Headmistress Rachel Morgan and first of all, A+ on strong-sounding names, and second of all, she was the queen of Women Who Are Not to Be Messed With. I think of all the times she was ever mad in the books, which weren’t often because she’s probably a very hard woman to vex in the first place, and I was reminded of my own mom–she wouldn’t ever hurt you physically but you’d wish she had. 

oh yeah, and then Joe came back and I still wish we got to see a bit of awkward adorable fumbling from her because SHE FELL IN LOVE AND GOT MARRIED AGAIN WITHOUT INVALIDATING THE FIRST MARRIAGE OR HER KID IT’S SO WONDERFUL

remember how Cammie disappeared? And how everyone spent several months trying to find her? well not only was Rachel at the forefront of the search, but she was most likely directly involved with all of it. Any mom would do anything to keep their kids safe, but because of her skills, Rachel fucking Morgan is one of the only people who can actually own up to that and FUCK SHIT UP because no one takes her little girl from her and lives to talk about it

and it took most of the 6th book, but no one, in fact, lived to talk about it. 

in short I love Rachel Morgan-Solomon and you all should too


George Harrison and tea appreciation post

Photos: Harry Benson, The Beatles Book, Keystone-France, David Hurn, New York Daily News Archive, Alamy, Bill Zygmant, Don McCullin; screen caps from The Beatles Antholog, Living in the Material World

Q) Do you like tea?
A) “Of course! Doesn’t everybody?” - George Teen Screen Magazine, 1964 [x]

“I don’t think I can make it unless I have a cup of tea.” - George Harrison during the “Paperback Writer” recording session, KRLA Beat, 16 July 1966 [x]

“Well they give you lukewarm water and a crummy looking tea bag. And you know, you’ve got to try to make that into a cup of tea.” - George Harrison in response to a reporter asking how he drinks his tea, Boston, 12 September 1964 [x]

“When we were on the houseboat in Kashmir [in 1966], owned by a little old guy with a white beard called Mr Butt, it was really cold in the night because it was on a lake right up in the Himalayas. Mr Butt would wake us up early in the morning and give us tea and biscuits and I’d sit in bed with my scarf and pullover on, listening to Ravi, who would be in the next room doing his sitar practice - that was such a privileged position to be in.” - George Harrison, Raga Mala [x]

“I remember one time, at an airport, I was starting to worry whether we would get to the gate on time but George just smiled and said he wanted a cup of tea.
‘OK,’ I fretted, ‘but I don’t think we have time.’
'There’s always time for a cup of tea,’ he said.” - Sir Jackie Stewart, Winning Is Not Enough [x]

“[George] came to Hamburg to see a concert [Tom Petty in 1992] and he wanted to take me there but I couldn’t because I had the flu. So he came to my house and made me some tea. We just had a long talk and then he had to go.” - Astrid Kirchherr in an interview with Ken Sharp [x]

“I have one [a guitar] where it has a cupboard in the back with my sandwiches and tea.” - George Harrison joking in a Japanese interview, 1991 [x]

“To wake up at Friar Park to a cup of tea and a slice of lemon cake, to play with George, was magic.” - Jim Keltner, Mojo, November 2014 [x]

“[Ronnie Lobo] remembered the time when George Harrison, the lead guitarist of The Beatles, asked for a pot of tea and Shalimar biscuits. Lobo sent his staff all over Khan Market looking for Shalimar biscuits, but they couldn’t find the brand. With much anxiety, Lobo called up Harrison and asked where he had seen the biscuits, and he was informed that the ex-Beatle had seen it on a neon sign atop the ‘mosque on the sea’ (Haji Ali) in Mumbai. Harrison had no option but to have other biscuits with his tea.” - Indian Restaurant Spy, 27 April 2015 [x]

”[George] Harrison maintained the smallest staff of the three [McCartney, Ono and Harrison], centering his business interests around a handful of trusted aides. ‘He’s charming to the people who work for him,’ one revealed. 'He’ll bring you a cup of tea, and talk to you rather than shout at you.’" - You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles by Peter Doggett [x]

“All senses were satisfied as incense blew in the morning breeze, mingling with the steam from hot cups of tea.” - Olivia Harrison, “A Few Words About George,” Harrison [x]

“Show me that I’m everywhere, and get me home for tea.” - “It’s All Too Much” (Harrison)