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Do you think Kuvira's a proper fascist, or more of a straight up nationalist?

The latter seems more likely to me, though I’ve got to admit I’m not sure I have a good handle on what “fascist” even means beyond “authoritarian that I dislike.”

From what Bryke have said, she’s Zaofu’s values gone too far, particularly Zaofu’s love of modernization and progress.  She’s got a strong desire to fix things; given her actions thus far, it seems like she expects to fix both the nation and individuals by force.  She’s big on order and security, which makes sense given that she started as a guard in a city that sealed itself in at night.

The real question, I think, is what she sees as a “productive member of society."  If she retains Zaofu’s philosophy insofar as she believes people are meant to reach their highest potential as individuals, I don’t think it would make sense to call her a fascist.  Varrick likes her enough that I can’t imagine she’s interfered with capitalism in any significant way, since he seems like the type to balk at any state attempt to control his business.  She seems to use the more humanitarian-seeming aspects of her work to draw people into her military rather than spread militaristic values.

I guess what it comes down to is this – what can she justify to herself as a valid reason to exert power and control over others?  I don’t think we can assume she’s opposed to individualism and self-expression on principle solely based on the way she treats the people who she considers to be "bad guys.”

Here’s something I haven’t seen mentioned before – look at Korra’s eyes.

No, really look at them.  The differences are honestly pretty subtle.  But, if you look closely at Book 2 and Book 4 Korra side by side, you’ll probably start to notice that there’s something different about them in the newest promotional image.

It took me a while to figure out what the difference was, but once I figured it out, it became a lot more obvious.  The proportions of Korra’s face are different.  Her eyes are set wider apart, and they’re smaller and a bit colder.  She looks hardened and less childlike; her face looks narrower and less rounded, too.

Bryke mentioned, back when they introduced Korra’s Book 2 outfit, that it was designed to look a bit “meaner” than her normal clothes.  I suspect that has a lot to do with why it’s back.  Her posture seems a bit less heroic, too – instead of her usual open confidence, she’s tense and guarded, looking ready to pounce without mercy.

I wonder whether the Korra we see in Book 4 might be lose some of the restraint she showed in Book 3 as she tries to differentiate herself from the (peaceful and diplomatic) Air Nation.  If the Air Nation is there to preserve stability, than maybe the purpose of the Avatar ought to be the disruption of unbalanced systems to foster controlled change.  Of course, that would require a pretty ruthless Avatar!

In all honesty, I don’t think the Kuvira we saw in Book 3 had any intentions of ruling the Earth Kingdom.

I’m guessing she began to argue with Suyin more and more, trying to encourage Suyin to take over the Earth Kingdom as queen. But Suyin stood by her principles and refused to take charge or control (Aiwei’s betrayal shook her confidence in her own leadership). As the Earth Kingdom began to fall into a more chaotic state, Kuvira’s frustration increased. Zaofu had the technology and the power to unite the kingdom and stop the fighting, they could keep order and maintain balance.

And eventually Kuvira decided that enough was enough, and she took control herself. She won supporters, gathered followers, and raised her banner. 

Maybe she won an election against Suyin. Maybe she staged a coup. Maybe she fought her for leadership and won. 

I’m guessing it was a coup–she went all Julius Caesar and marched her troops into the palace to take command. Now her goal is probably going to be taking control of Ba Sing Se, and maybe even Republic City. But I don’t think–and I hope–that she was “planning this all along”; I like the idea of her being yet another well-intentioned extremist. She would echo Sozin, the original villain of this saga, and would help to bring everything full circle: “We are in control of the greatest city in the world. It’s time we expanded it." 

Korra gets her injuries from the earth bending brawl, so we can guess she goes to the swamp afterwards since she has the same injuries in those scenes from the trailer. We also know from Bryke’s IGN interview that next episode is focused on Korra and what she’s been up to in the 3 years.This scene, where the air bbys are in the swamp, probably happens near the end of the next episode after we get all caught up with Korra’s story (and after the Avatar State!Korra and Toph scenes perhaps). Reunion with the childrennnn yay! Maybe this is where they take Korra home to Republic City- at the very end of the episode.

After this finale, I think I figured out what the thematic endgame of the series is – Korra’s going to teach the world to keep balance whether the Avatar is around or not.

As awful as Korra’s current situation is, I feel like it’s going to be something that she will end up learning from. And, if you consider her hallucinations – which suggest that obsolescence is her greatest fear – and the way those fears will inevitably interact with her extended convalescence (since she’ll have to watch as other people take over the job that should have been hers… or, worse, as a situation she could have handled with ease turns toxic without her around), it’s easy to see how the major takeaway could be that the Avatar can’t be the only force for balance anymore.

It’s easy to imagine that this will be Korra’s legend – she’ll be the Avatar who taught the world to take care of itself without an Avatar. And, considering what happened to the world due to Roku’s inaction and Aang’s hibernation, it’ll probably be the best legacy she could possibly leave.

Lin Dying: An Essay Because I Hate Myself

This week, we are getting the most wonderful episode. I have been waiting for this moment since 2012. The introduction of Su only increased my immense need for such an episode. Badass Beifong Family Reunion and Adventure. Christmas has come early and all my dreams are coming true but I suspect I will pay for my undying love of Lin and all Beifongs.

Lin is going to die. Then I will die.

Omg Delaney, Lin is not that important, why would they kill her what’s the point.

My friends, Lin has this unfortunate habit of sacrificing herself. She gave up her bending with the intent of giving up her life in Book 1. In Book 3, she was prepared to die for Su.

She would most definitely sacrifice herself to protect Su again, Opal, Toph, and even Bolin. Three strikes and you’re out right? I don’t think Lin will be lucky this time.

One would expect Toph to die. She’s old. She’s Toph.

Killing the prisoner? A bit much and also expected.

Killing Lin? Kuvira or her forces creating a Beifong martyr? Now that’s a story.

I am unprepared.

My "Dark Avatar Korra" Theory

Considering the revelations made by the last episode, it’s clear that Dark Avatar Korra isn’t just a hallucination.  Normal people might not be able to see it but it seems like spirits can, which heavily suggests that it’s at least partially spiritual in origin.

(Of course, there appear to be hallucinatory aspects to it as well – it’s unlikely that Dark Avatar Korra possessed the woman in the Earth Rumble fight, and Korra’s pool of “mercury” turned out to be mud)

There are other hints to its spiritual origin, too.  Its rapid, almost teleportation-like style of dodging and moving during its fight with Korra in the swamp called to mind the Owl-Faced Spirit from 2x01.  Even the name the crew gave it – “Dark Avatar Korra” – evokes the idea of a dark spirit equivalent to Korra.

So, let’s consider that option – “Dark Avatar Korra” is the dark form of the Avatar Spirit.

That shouldn’t be possible, of course.  The Avatar Spirit is Raava, and she’s comprised of near-pure light by her very nature.  Or… well… that was the case during Wan’s era, when Raava’s dark counterpart was kept trapped in a tree.  By spiritbending Vaatu, Korra effectively recombined Raava and Vaatu into the connected spiritual dyad they were always intended to be, with Raava dominant.

If Raava and Vaatu were recombined into a connected spiritual dyad, though, it seems plausible that, as a set, they’d be vulnerable to external shifts in energy in a way that they weren’t when they were separate.  Jinora was able to restore Raava by introducing a large amount of spiritual light into the immediate surroundings.  What would happen to Raava’s dominance if darkness were to be introduced into the Avatar Spirit?

I feel like it would be kind of cheating if Korra’s problems with Dark Avatar Korra were purely spiritual in origin.  However, that need not be the case, considering the way in which we’ve seen human emotions affect spirits in the past.  Korra’s trauma and the resulting fear awakened a massive amount of dark emotions in her, and it’s possible that those emotions could be poisoning the Avatar Spirit.

This would, I think, explain how Dark Avatar Korra acts.  It frightens Korra, but it doesn’t attack her until she demonstrates hostility of her own… at which point, it acts to bind and destroy her, the way the dark spirits of Book 2 did.

There are two ways we’ve seen of dealing with dark spirits that we’ve seen.  The first is spiritbending, which seems like a rather brute force solution.  If Dark Avatar Korra is a poisoned Avatar Spirit, using spiritbending seems… really risky.  The second is the version we saw only in A New Spiritual Age – she needs to use her own inner light to realize that the “dark spirit” really isn’t that scary after all.

That’s what I think is going to need to happen.  Korra needs to, once again, find the light in the dark and, by doing so, find healing.

Another Mako/Korra speculation thing could be that maybe Korra pulls Mako aside and tells him just before she goes off to fight Kuvira that she wants to talk to him after the battle is over and that it’s really important to her. She tells him to be safe, hugs him tightly before taking off on her glider. Mako is dumbfounded and maybe he even blushes assuming something??

nyenuma said: makes it even more ironic that zaheer, master airbender who didn’t believe in nations or fighting for something greater than yourself, was brought down by a bunch of novices who barely knew each other, but still understood the power of community!

Yeah–I can’t wait to see how the Air Nation as a whole is coming along in Book 4, especially the guys who seemed so unpromising at first, like Daw and Ryu. (That is, I hope we get more than the bits of Kai, Opal, and the airbabies that we saw in the trailer.) 

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I noticed something interesting about the placement of Korra and Kuvira on the NYCC 2014 poster. Unlike other posters for the series so far (maybe except for Book 2), Kuvira and Korra are side by side almost, instead of having Kuvira in the background like the other villains of previous books. Knowing that she is meant to be a foil to Korra, I wonder what the placement means in terms of Kuvira's character on the show, or if the placement means nothing at all.

Since we’re dealing with images, the best place to start is to collect all of the poster images (or, in A:tLA’s case, box set images) involving Avatar heroes and villains in one place:

(Note that I used this rather than the actual Comic Con posters because neither of those featured a villain — the SDCC one showed Korra alone, while the NYCC one showed Korra, Wan, and Raava)

In nearly every case, the figures in the background are intended to create a sense of looming menace. 

Zuko’s giant eyes and scar on the Book 1 boxset suggests his role in chasing Aang.  The giant Avatar State Aang and the even larger calendar wheel behind him suggest a more abstract threat — Aang’s need to learn to control the Avatar State and talk to the Earth King in time to plan an invasion.  Ozai’s giant eyes serve the same role on the Book 3 boxset as Zuko’s did on the Book 1 version.

As for the LoK posters, you’ve got a couple of incidences of giant creepy Amon masks, Unalaq lurking over Korra’s shoulder, and a giant Zaheer head looking very menacing next to the rest of the Red Lotus.

The general feeling given by these images, I think, is that there’s a major threat waiting in the wings, and it’s only a matter of time before it takes advantage of its position and strikes.  The design is meant to make the threat seem more frightening and overwhelming.

As for the Book 4 poster:

There’s a very different feel here, even if Kuvira’s still slightly behind Korra.  Outside of Unalaq, every villain was shown head-on, glaring directly into the camera, and even Unalaq was aligned towards Korra.  Here, Korra and Kuvira are each standing at opposite 45 degree angles from the camera, with each looking at the 45 that the other’s body is facing.  Kuvira might be looking at Korra whereas Korra, being slightly forward, can’t see Kuvira, but there’s no sense of looming menace the way there is in all of the other images.  Kuvira and Korra are at odds, but Kuvira isn’t a distant-yet-overwhelming threat.

It’s also interesting to note that the two light sources suggest light and darkness.  There’s a gold source (representing light) coming from the front on the right side of the image and a purple source (representing darkness) coming from the back on the left side of the image.  Korra’s facing left but looking right, at the gold light, whereas Kuvira’s facing right but looking left, at the purple “darkness.”

My guess is, the composition is meant to reflect that Kuvira and Korra are going in different directions but end up switching places – Korra starts in the dark and climbs towards the light, whereas Kuvira starts in the light but falls to the darkness.

Prayers and Predictions


I dearly hope Asami gets her own storyline in book 4. She barely appeared in book 2, relegated to silence and absence, and while I loved her presence in book 3 none of her actions are motivated by her own desires. She needs to step out of the role of support and become fully realised. I hope Hiroshi Sato’s involvement means we’ll get some chunky character development.

The Red Lotus

Who are they? What do they want? I have trust that this will unspool beautifully, revealing an underlying conspiracy linking all four books. I hope the leader is a woman, we’ve had plenty of male villains already, I want to see the woman in charge. Just generally, more female characters always.


There has been some amazing analysis done on Korra’s development as a heroine, and I have no doubt this will come to a head in book 4. The question of what the avatar is and what their role is in the modern world keeps coming up; after all, Korra is no longer the bridge and her fighting skills are increasingly irrelevant for solving large-scale global conflicts.

My wish for Korra is that whatever answer they give to those questions, it’s not a nihilistic one. Zaheer’s childish brand of libertarian anarchy is short-sighted and cruel, and Unalok’s desire for chaos was borne of greed and lust for power. Ryu, (the apathetic basement dwelling airbender) proposed the idea that Korra could simply give up doing her duty and leave behind her avatar mantle. I don’t want Korra to throw in the towel just because the world has changed, I think she needs to:

a) find a new sense of identity outside of being the avatar, but

b) also integrate into that identity a new way of being the avatar that means she is contributing to the world and taking an active role.*

While it would be interesting to explore the ideas Ryu proposed, I hope that’s not where it ends, because really? That’s a shitty message. We all need to be active participants in the world, whether we’re the chosen one or not.


I don’t think it’ll surprise any of my followers if I say I’m a ride or die Korrasami girl. I can’t get behind any other ship involving these two, sorry. I don’t actually expect it’ll happen, I don’t have faith that Nickelodeon would allow it or that Bryke even want it. My best case scenario is we end with Korra not romantically attached - I honestly think it would be such a step backwards if she ends up back with Mako. Let fanfiction do the rest. (Although if korrasami became actual canon I would did of happiness.)

As for the other ships, I like Bopal and Jinkai a lot, they’re both super cute. My secret OTP is also Lin/Kya. Chances of that happening? Slim.

*I have on and off been writing a fic that addresses this very concept for literally years and I’m both gutted and ecstatic that it’s going to be a part of the show.

So what about you? What are your hopes and prayers and predictions for Book 4?

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Do you think that Zhu Li is being smart and not actually betraying Varrick or do you think she actually meant all that she said? Just wondering what you think...

I am 90% sure that Zhu Li is using her own repressed resentment to be convincing in her fake betrayal.  ;)

Considering the context, the chances that Zhu Li’s betrayal is legitimate are very low.  She seemed to have romantic feelings for him earlier in the episode, she showed no signs of wanting to betray Varrick earlier in the scene, and she only chose to speak up after realizing that Varrick was going to be kept under guard rather than sent to the camp with her.  The most logical way to read the situation is that she faked her betrayal to stay close to him, even if he didn’t know what she was planning.

On the other hand, I do think that the points that she came up with were things that legitimately bothered her.  It’s hard to imagine she could come up with so much on the spur of the moment or seem so emotionally involved if she was making up a story on the fly.

And, if the things she said were legitimate, it’d offer Varrick the potential for character development once he realized that she actually was unhappy with the way he treated her.

Who Is Gonna Die

Someone (if not multiple people) is almost assuredly going to die before Korra is over and most likely, a death will occur this week. Here is my list in order of likelihood based on my personal evaluation of the narrative, characters, and all that good stuff.

1. Lin
2. Toph
3. Bolin
4. Su
5. Opal (obviously not super likely nor is this an accurate ranking but for the sake of her appearance and my need for odd numbers)

Now. Which death do I think would be best for the narrative? It’s a tie between Lin and Bolin.

Lin has sacrificed herself twice. Trouble comes in threes. It would also cement the arc that has been established for Lin, the reconciliation of family. I also cannot picture an end for Lin that does not involve sacrifice and kicking some ass.

Bolin’s death, after much reflection, would also cement in the attempt at an arc made this season. He has become more selfless and mature, beginning to see the big picture. Assuming he would die under his own direction in order to save the lives of others and isn’t just killed in battle or whatever, his death would finally give his character some development. He would see beyond his own wants and needs for the wants and needs of others. He’d be the hero he has always wanted to be. The character we’ve always wanted him to be, not only funny but brave and selfless.

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I think, with Nick's weird and abrupt taking Korra off air and making it all online, and the fact that book 4 is airing SO SOON after book 3, that there IS a possibility for Korrasami being canon. Hear me out, we all know it's a popular ship. Even Brkye do. And with Nick New's Coming Out special, which features gay/lesbian/bi youth, I think it's a possibility. The special comes out on the 7th. And Korra only just started airing the 4th season. Maybe to get people more comfortable with the idea?

Nick is having a Coming Out special? I had to look it up, it’s this right?

Wow that’s amazing. I thought about it before, prior to this news, but always thought Nickelodeon was too stiff a corporation to let it fly. I can see Bryke dropping hints on it throughout the series, but as far as making it canon… They technically already finished the series before this coming out special came out.

In terms of Legend of Korra exploring that possibility, I feel like Bryke plans their endgame far ahead of time (as they did with Kataang), but I understand they could put hints into anything anywhere. So it’s definitely a you-never-know scenario.