book 3 finale


“…She was willing to give up your life to protect our lives. We can not repay all that she did. But we can follow the example of service and sacrifice. While she recovers … The Nation of Air will recover their nomadic roots and cross the Earth. But unlike our ancestors, we serve people of all nations, working where there is corruption and discord, to restore balance and p e a c e.”


i will show this video to anyone who says i’m watching a kids’ show


Something that made the finale better: Mai with Team Avatar.

What Mai is doing here is more than just accompanying Zuko, we all know she could have simply said No. But now, her ego does not control what she feels for Zuko because she knows that it’s worth it.

 Mai is not sulking around, denying anyone. She is next to Katara, calmly playing with Suki.  And it feels nice, and it gives it a nice warm touch, to see that it is never a bad time to start over because once you deeply fall in love with someone, you do extraordinary things.