book 3 change

“According to the air nomads, a third eye exists between the eyebrows and is supposed to be the seat of latent wisdom. People spend their entire lives trying to open that third eye, but you already have yours open, AND I THINK THAT’S BEAUTIFUL.”

Guys, I have a new ship! ♥___♥
LOL so I read this post and got really inspired to draw fluffy and cute Zaheer/P'Li, and my headcanon is that whenever these two have a quiet moment they’d get all mushy and stuff, totally giving no f*cks about poor Ghazan and Ming-Hua XD

While I don’t consider myself to be a hardcore shipper (I usually end up liking one pairing for each fandom) and I’m not really into LOK as I used to be in the past - it feels weird how I care so much about this ragtag group of villains rather than the main cast *shrugs*