book 3


What’s happening tomorrow? Ohhhh, I don’t know, maybe you’re getting the title for Rebel Belle 3?

And then, like, I don’t know, maybe the release date and a pre-order link?

Aaaaaaaaaand maybe then a little somethin’-somethin’ RE: What Actually Happens In The Book?

Aaaaaand then also…THE COVER METHINKS??

When we talked about how to do LE COVER REVEAL, the thing that kept coming up again and again was how great the Rebel Belle Fanbase has been, and how we really wanted to give it to y’all FIRST as a REWARD AND GIFT AND SUCH, so it struck both me and Team Penguin that the BEST way of doing that would be to bring it directly to Y’ALL here on TUMBLR (and also my Instagram and Twitter) so that you could put it in your faces IMMEDIATELY. 

And tomorrow? THAT IS HAPPENING. 


MD: The wealth disparity between the rich and the poor in Ba Sing Se has become much worse since Aang first visited the city. Episodes like this one are very taxing for the entire design team, as there are many different locations and so many background characters that need to be fleshed out to make Ba Sing Se feel like a real, lived-in city. 

BK: Seeing all of these Lower Ring character designs imbued with so much personality makes me wish that every one of them somehow could have a spotlight moment on-screen. You can tell by these designs the middle Ring denizens are privileged to have more fortunate, less back-breaking lives than those in the severely oppressed Lower Ring. Finally, we have the elite Upper Ring citizens, people descended from families that have been wealthy for so long very few of them know what it means to actually do a day’s worth of honest work. 

Lower Ring residents by Christie Tseng. Middle and Upper Ring residents by Angela Song Mueller. Cleanup by Evon Freeman. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.