book 2 was shit for the both of them

The 100 Hellatus Survival Kit

Since I know all of us will be in various stages of mourning and death over the next 9ish months, here’s some fandoms to fling yourselves into to cope! (WARNING: There’s a lot of books..)

* = (post) apocalypse / dystopia setting
** = relationship dynamic reminiscent of bellarke
*** = both


**The Expanse

Want to fantasize about the delinquents in space? This is basically the S5 au you need.

  • kick ass space opera
  • diverse af cast
  • Nolden = Space Blarke (not kidding, this is what would’ve happened if she went to space)

**The X-Files

I know I never shut up about this show, but it’s for a good reason. Are you sad about Bellarke and need a long ass show to invest yourself in? With a slow burn couple, built on trust and respect and support? LOOK NO FURTHER!

  • government conspiracies
  • sad space parents
  • the longest slow burn that will renew your faith in blarke (its literally 7 years)
  • 10 seasons worth of content so you won’t run dry


Looking for another “diverse group of misfits that create their own family” to cry over?

  • 8 people share a psychic link
  • the bad government want to experiment on them
  • the most diverse cast i stg (gay ships! trans characters! poc!)
  • ships that will make you cry for 17 days 
  • so many people sleep on this so and i not qu(white) understand

***The Walking Dead

How about another power couple leading a rag tag group of peeps through the apocalypse? (Yeah I’m talking about Richonne)

  • zombie apocalypse
  • i don’t think i really need to explain this
  • but ana would literally kill me if i didn’t include them on this list
  • richonne = bellarke material


You can thank Mik and April for this one. In case you’re wondering what’s in store for blarke next season, or if you’re wanting to imagine that reunion.

  • bunch a strangers plane crash on a magic island
  • it’ll melt your brains (I’ve watched it twice and I’m still not sure i completely understand everything)
  • but seriously ask mik about desmond x penny because she’ll make you cry about s5 blarke


Just want a cute feel good show with just enough angst and a ship that will cause you only minor pain?

  • girl with a made up brain condition “stitches” into the minds of dead people to solve murders
  • camsten gives me butterflies
  • its just really cute

Honorable Mentions: *Attack on Titan, *Psycho Pass, The OA, ***Battlestar Galactica (I’m still crying about lee and starbuck ok?) *Firefly, Teen Wolf, Glitch, Agents of SHIELD, Roswell, *3%, *Falling Skies, American Gods (SUPPORT RICKY)


***Pacific Rim

Stay with me here. How about a visually stunning movie about the people fighting monsters in giant robots? But with important character backstories, diversity, and Idris Elba?

  • giant godzilla like monsters crawl out of the ocean and terrorize the world
  • special pilots operate huge transformer like robots to fight them
  • watch and just imagine blarke isn’t drift compatible (can’t relate)
  • a sequel starring John Boyega

*Goodbye World

Still feeling that apocalypse vibe?

  • group of old college friends try to ride out the apocalypse in a cabin
  • its simple but dramatic

*Tomorrow, When the War Began (also a tv show and book series)

How about some Australian teenagers fighting back against a country on the brink of war and chillin’ in the outback?

  • its basically Red Dawn in Australia
  • its v dramatic 
  • based on the book series by John Marsden

*The Stand

I mean technically it was a mini series, but whatever. Down for the film version of Stephen King’s greatest work about the battle between good an evil across a pandemic ridden America?

  • a virus kills almost everyone in literally a couple days
  • survivors are called from all over to join either the good guys or the bad guys
  • its much cooler than it sounds
  • I’d recommend the book but its 1200 pages and I know y'all don’t have that motivation

*How I Live Now

Have a need for even more teenagers at the end of the world? 

  • political / nuclear apocalypse
  • group of kids try to survive in the english hills or whatever
  • ft. baby tom holland and a weird cousin relationship that i don’t get
  • its still good though

Honorable Mentions: Ginger Snaps, *Resident Evil (but just the first one), Electrick Children, *The Matrix, 28 Days Later, Children of Men

Books (this is gonna be a long one)

lets get the obvious ones out of the way…

**Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

If y'all haven’t heard of this yet between me, Ana, and Delaney in the past month where have you been?

  • ragtag (diverse) group of criminals misfits band together to pull of the ultimate heist
  • lgbtq+ characters! characters oaf color! disabled characters!
  • the ships will literally tear your actual heart out (*whispers* kanej)

A Darker Shade of Magic (and sequels) by VE Schwab

pretend to be shocked for a minute… are you in the market for a soul crushing series, with morally grey, but entirely lovable characters, and relationships (romantic and platonic) that make you cry?

  • parallel londons, blood magic, pirates, and princes
  • lila bard
  • bisexual prince and his pirate privateer lover
  • lila bard
  • otp thats meets when person a robs person b and leaves them bleeding in an alley 
  • seriously if you take one recommendation from this list make it this one

ok on to the ones i haven’t spent the last month yelling about

Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

book hangover after you’ve finished the first 2 books? well here comes the perfect combo of both!

  • fantasy dystopia? basically a fantasy world if the dark lord had won
  • alchemy magic!
  • group of misfits come together to perform a heist

***The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

Does the absence of blarke have you longing for an angsty, enemies to friends to lovers ship?

  • dystopia where some people have super powers
  • girl who can kill people by touching them (she’s basically Rogue)
  • aaron warner <3
  • the angstiest shit i stg
  • its a romance hiding behind a dystopian storyline
  • i think warner has elements of S1 bellamy so I’m considering a similar dynamic, deal with it

*This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

I couldn’t not include more from my queen. Looking for a book about monsters, and music, and the end of the world?

  • a future where  every violent act a human commits manifests an actual living breathing monster
  • the city of verity is controlled by 2 warring families, (August’s and Kate’s)
  • Kate and August come together to battle the big bad that’s threatening their town
  • the writing is so. fucking. poetic.
  • also no romance!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

do you love witches? and kickass female friendship? and love interests that stab each other in the heart?

  • witch best friends (aka threadsisters) on the run
  • a complex af magic system (truthwitch-sense lies, windwitch-control wind/air, you get the idea)
  • seriously the female friendship tho
  • angsty ships that try to kill each other!!!
  • ongoing, but book 2 just came out

*On the Beach by Nevil Shute

Can’t get enough of people dealing with the impending end of the world?

  • last survivors of a nuclear apocalypse sit on an australian beach and wait for their death basically
  • how people handle knowing they’re about to be wiped out
  • be prepared to cry

***The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

More. Space. Stuff???

  • fairytale retellings in space??
  • cinder(ella) with a cyborg arm
  • + red riding hood, rapunzel, snow white
  • its been 84 years since i read, but i think cinder/kai reminded me vaguely of blarke so I’m counting it

*The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

I actually haven’t read this one so I don’t know if there’s a Blarke-esque relationship, but are you on the market for a book about gays and aliens in space??

  • space opera
  • introspective look at humanity and alien shit
  • some AI drama
  • f/f relationship (party!)

The Wrath and the Dawn (and sequel) by Renee Ahdieh

How do I open this one? Maybe you’re down for a retelling of 1001 Arabian nights?

  • such poetic writing
  • as i mentioned, retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights where this dude takes a new wife every night and kills her every morning
  • but then our salty heroin marries him and because she’s amazing she tricks him into keeping her alive through stories
  • and the romance is so angsty
  • i just started this so idk much else

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Looking to find a book basically about all of our lives?

  • fan fiction writer goes to college 
  • social anxiety is a bitch
  • theres a cute boy
  • its so fluffy it’ll make you smile

**Saga by Brian K. Vaugh and Fiona Stable

how about a few comic books? maybe one about a man and a woman from 2 warring intergalactic species on the run from their people?

  • forbidden romance between a bad ass black woman with wings and her kick ass asian husband with horns
  • running from both their governments that want their “abomination” baby dead (not a spoiler the first panel is literally her giving birth)
  • theres people with robot heads and alien orgies
  • its so fucking good
  • i feel like this is how 30 yo blarke would handle this situation

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns

On the look out for a superhero comic? Maybe, oh, ANOTHER ragtag group of misfits?

  • I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite iteration, but it’s mine and I love beast boy and raven so deal with it
  • robin, beast boy, raven, cyborg, etc.
  • just read it

Honorable Mentions: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Steivfater, Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (listen, she’s trash, but Jem is my son and I love him), An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, ***Red Rising by Pierce Brown,

I hope this helps everyone out! I tried to think of as many similarities as I could and then threw in some that are worth the interest! Happy Hellatus lovelies!


getting emo about pynch soo here’s a list of Legendary™ pynch moments from the books…fair warning my memory sucks ass so please add on to this!!

-that time where they both respectively lost their shit after holding each other’s hands for .2 y’all ronan literally just grabbed adam’s hand and hauled him up and we get ‘the ocean burned’ and ‘the heat of ronan’s pulse against his’ and shit like that…they’re so freaking Extra my God. adam was /still/ thinking about that moment like 20 minutes after it happened what a guy

-okay i forget the context for this one but like it’s the cabeswater one in trk?? where like cabeswater is making the kids happy by giving them what they want?? gansey has his fish and adam is thinking about what he wants to make cabeswater do and he’s literally like ‘yo cabeswater make me happy’ and cabeswater’s like ‘i got u fam’ and then proceeds to play RONAN’S MUSIC!!! WHICH MAKES RONAN SMILE??? A RARE SMILE??? kill me it’s canon that adam’s happiness is mAKING RONAN HAPPY!! this was even b4 they got 2gether!!! wtf!!!

-that part where adam gets possessed by the demon and starts to choke ronan and ronan’s first thought is literally ‘adam babe wassup’ like if /my/ boyfriend came up and put his hands around my neck my first thought would not be ‘babee not in front of squad’ like…wyd ronan?? i See u 

-that line. that one line about downtown henrietta or whatever. y’all know the one

-WITH A DREAMER. actually kill me that is MY FAVORITE MOMENT BETWEEN THEM!!! just 2 boys flirting at their lockers during school and immensely enjoying each other’s company!!! it’s so sweet and so them and I Love It. 

-that part where adam is so used to ronan’s music that he can fall asleep to it??? i actually don’t know if i read that in a fic or in canon but..does it really matter…like it’s probs canon anyways 

-ronan breaking into adam’s car to put hand lotion in it??? like ok yes manibus is a sweet moment for them but please just picture ronan spending like. 20 minutes trying to break into adam’s car. ronan’s stressing bc it’s taking way longer than expected and what if adam comes out and sees him and chainsaw shut the fUCK UP ADAM WILL HEAR YOU

-adam’s soliloquy about how poetic ronan is when he swears. and this was before he even /liked/ ronan as a friend. adam never had a chance 

-adam driving ronan’s bmw at the end of trk!!! wtf!!! like that’s actually so important to me bc like…it doesn’t even matter if ronan was the one who offered or if adam was the one who asked. it’s an amazing symbol of trust b/t the 2 of them?? ronan trusting adam with something of his dad’s, something that his dad loved and ronan loves. adam, who’s pride and independence are literally the only things that kept him going at times, driving that car with absolutely no self-hatred?? none of him lamenting how he’s dirt and will never be like ronan and gansey and how they pity he’s just like ‘look i have a boyf who loves me he let me drive his car unsupervised’ 

-the fact that they had like. regular sleepovers. on school nights. wtf did they even do??? did ronan just like. play w a bouncy ball while adam did hw?? omfg them getting ready for bed together…brushing their teeth side by side in the mirror. both of them waiting for other to leave the bathroom bc they have to pee but don’t want the other to see..byE

-they’re such boys together?? they push each other in shopping carts in empty parking lots and are so sarcastic to each other but really come to value their friendship??

-ronan never ever wanting adam to stay for him!! and adam never resenting ronan for hating school?? both of them respecting each other’s choices and their individuality!!! 

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: In what fucking order are the characters supposed to die, and when is it going to start? Book 2? Book 3? And how are we supposed to prevent these things from ? In the catalyst idols they seem pretty… unpreventable?? And what if we don’t collect all the idols, will there be a diamond choice again to buy the rest with gazillion diamonds ??? And what if we don’t? Will the characters die from some radiation or some shit because they don’t have the idols to protect them ? And is the finding of the idols in random order? In Michelle’s both Craig and Aleister are dead, In Sean’s…. he dies but are Craig and Aleister still alive ? But in Diego’s Aleister was killed by IRIS, so why did Michelle blame herself? And is Craig dead I’m Diego’s?? WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON DJSNFNSNFNSNNJS

Thoughts on GoT episode 3

Okay, the Starks are in need of a history lesson.

Jon, your uncle Brandon was not burnt alive by the Mad King. He strangled himself trying to save his Grandfather who was burnt alive. Sansa, Cersei did not kill your father. Joffrey did. She did not kill Rob and your mother. Tywin did.

Anyways, I find the initial disbelief that there are Walkers disconcerting because Dany, you have seen some magical and unbelievable shit yourself. Yes, I know that Dragons are more believable than Walkers because Dragons dying was a relatively recent thing while Walkers have not been seen for thousands of years. The issue, however, is that Dany has fought a wizard or illusionist in season 2 so Walkers can’t be too crazy. 

Jon Snow’s and Dany’s stories are the only ones that I feel D&D pulled off with some level of faithfulness to their interpretations to the book so it can’t be hard to screw them up as hard as they both tried. I mean Dany was statutorily raped in the book. The show Dany was raped in a way that portrayed Khal Drogo as this unthinking and unfeeling brown savage(but given that these are the same minds that are behind Confederacy). Jon’s death at the Night’s Watch was due to very practical and not quite right decision on his part to him outright breaking his vows. He was a traitor to the cause. While show Jon has made every right decision and it was through pettiness and simple-mindedness of others that got him killed.

I can’t look at Tyrion with a straight face anymore because this Tyrion is broken interpretation of his characterization in the book. His characterization has been reduced to “women are better than I am” and is treated as less. Both Tyrion and Littlefinger suffer this poor attempt at writing. Dany is more justified because she and Tyrion have different minds, she wants to be a conqueror and revolutionary, while Tyrion wants to serve a Queen. 

Sansa and Petyr, however, bothers me because I do not get where Sansa gained this wealth of knowledge and political insight as if she was taught at the Citadel. For example she says that she knows more about Cersei than anyone at the wall, but Petyr has served King’s Landing since Jon Arryn was Hand. He regularly held Council alongside the Queen for nearly a decade and used his guile and manipulation to have Cersei herself give him Harrenhal while plotting to kill her son that she has no idea that he was involved. Yet, Sansa treating Petyr as useless when Littlefinger is probably the largest schemer in Westeros. Him taking Sansa’s shit is out of character. “Because he loves her?” That did not stop him from manipulating Cat’s sister and starting a war knowing damn well that his beloved would probably be harmed. I’m sorry, but Little Finger’s ambition to be King trumps his infatuation with Sansa, and I presume that he would betray Winterfell and fight for the Queen because he knows Dany would be a problem to any designs he has to rule. Unless he allied with her to which, Littlefinger would have ran down to Dragon Stone before Jon.

The death of the Show!Sand Snakes was merciful to me because the debacle of the writing towards Dorne has been erased. Ellaria was a minor character who outgrew the revenge that took her lover away in the book. The show portrayed this woman as a thoughtless psychopath. There was no reason why they could not keep the Dorne plot as it was because that was arguably the best art in AFFC. Cersei’s POV made her seem incompetent and destroyed the perception that she was this cunning mastermind. Aegon was a little asshole. Look, A Feast For Crows was the cooling down period after the Holy shit that was A Storm of Swords.

Jaime…good fucking God. They betrayed everything about Jaime;s character. Everything. Jaime was presented as a conflict of the idea of being of knighthood as opposed to what a knight actually was. He is honorable whose one grievance that he despised rape. He witnessed the Mad King rape his wife with him at the door at guard. He despised how his father used him as a way to rape Tyrion’s wife. Jaime never got over the fact that he turned Cersei into a victim when CERSEI IS NO FUCKING RAPE VICTIM! Jaime’s reason of being redeeming was destroyed with that scene, and it has gone down hill since. Jaime knows that Cersei has been unfaithful and instead of being upset, he just turns a blind eye. Jaime feels his greatest feat was killing the Mad King when he threatened to burn Kings Landing down. He is honorable yet he made no connections that Cersei is just as bad as the Mad King? He is not privy to the irony? 

And then we have the issue that bothers me the most.

You expect me to believe that Euron sailed past Dany and Dragonstone unnoticed while delivering the capture of her closest allies. Also I doubt Olenna marched past King’s Landing to get back to High Garden so she sailed all the way around Dorne and gave the Citadel the finger, took the Mander River to Higharden? And Casterly Rock? Grey Worm took a few months Journey. The cycle of events in this war does not make sense. And I also question Tyrion’s tactics because he already has a position of advantage by seizing Dragonstone alone. His goal should have been cutting off fool supplies from the Westerlands(he did not need to take Casterly Rock) if he simply marched past Eyrie and set up a blockade around King’s Landing. His plan was convoluted and messy. 

And for those who need to keep tabs, Cersei controls King’s Landing(but not really because Dany is literally across the bay), part of Highgarden due to Sam’s dad, Riverrun(until she finds out that the Freys are dead), the Iron Islands. Jon and Petyr have the North, part of the Eyrie, and the Vale. Dany still has Dornish armies in spite of the Sand Snakes. Cersei is fucked if Petyr and Jon decide to join Dany. I am sure the Tully’s are looking for a quite of bit of revenge as well and if they band together as rulers of their lands, and if Dany hops on Drogon and decides to retake Highgarden, game over.

Edit: Corrected myself on the Stark lore. I assumed that Brandon would be the one to fight and challenge because he already challenged Rhaegar to defend his sister’s honor. Mixed up two different things.

anonymous asked:

Hey. You know, my faith is Destiel/bi!Dean actually going canon has always been something that to me was a hope, but never thought of becoming reality. However, your meta and analysis of the show has fueled me with more confidence about it. Destiel/bi!dean aside it's also helped me think like a more critical reader and TV show-watcher and it's added to my enjoyment of the SPN and other shows/movies/books. You're awesome for putting so much time and effort into this and (To be continued)

and you should be appreciated more. FYI, I wholeheartedly appreciate you and your blog and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’re my favorite SPN/destiel/bi!dean meta blogger. I’m really sorry you have such a rude person sending you asks that’s both insulting you, and has obviously never taken the time to read your amazing shit. Don’t let them discourage you, ‘cause the rest of us love you and your work and would hate to lose such a great person. :) 2/2


Nothing will discourage me apart from the SHOWRUNNER / WRITERS not writing it as endgame canon tbh and they’ve not let me down so far since I’ve come on board 😍

anonymous asked:

honestly i'm not into shipping these days (used to be when i was younger so i can see the appeal and excitement over the most random things) but despite this i have to admit that jikook has caught my attention. whereas random ships are usually all fun and games, to me it seems that jikook is beyond that. like, there is definitely *something* going on. their relationship seems too consistent and full of tiny easy-to-miss-details that all add up for it to be manufactured or just for show.

yeah, no same. like i’ve said, i’ve legit shipped 2 other real life couples before jikook. they both turned out to be actually dating, as well. so that’s wild. but like, i only ever shipped characters in books, tv shows, movies, etc. but then i got into kpop, and liek all kpop idols do this act of being gay as hell and shit, and i’ts like woo. but wtih jikook there was omething there that legit made me question everything. i was like “damn that’s kinda… gay” and it’s just crazy. because i’ve only felt this way about a ship two times before? and i wasn’t like this into them.  i don’t know, it’s crazy.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Let me first of all say, I enjoy your blog a lot. Reading your analyses gets me through the long and lonely nights when I'm working on stuff. Second of all, is there a timeline that highlights all of Korra and Asami's moments? Like lists them by episode and/or a timeline. Forgive me for overlooking it if you've made one already. But if you know of one, I would really appreciate it if you could link to it, as it would help me greatly on a project I'm working on. Thanks in advance!

I haven’t seen one, so let’s see what I can do from memory!

Book 1

  • 1x04: Korrasami meet, Korra’s antagonistic and Asami is all “Mako’s told me so much about you”
  • 1x05: Asami presents new uniforms to the Fire Ferrets and grosses Korra (plus all of us) out with her Masami PDA. Korra ends up thanking Asami for bankrolling the team later
  • 1x07: Asami invites Korra to come hang out at her mansion, hits on her the entire episode. Korra learns Hiroshi is an Equalist, Asami initially says that’s crazy, but ends up attacking her dad in the end to protect Team Avatar
  • 1x08: Asami comes to stay at Air Temple island, Ikki tells her Korra likes Mako (Asami doesn’t seem too fussed). Later Korra’s crying about being the worst Avtar, Asami tells her she’s “amazing,” offers to be the driver for Team Avatar, gets arrested for the cause.
  • 1x10: Asami and Mako fight about his feelings for Korra and she’s says “I like Korra,” which spawned 1000 fanfics. Asami actually has one little passive-aggressive swipe at Korra this episode, but most of it centers on Asami feeling like she’s being treated like shit.
  • 1x12: Asami travels down to the South Pole with everyone else when Korra lost her earth/fire/water bending and is shown looking visibly concerned for her well-being/upset with Bolin for his insensitive remarks.

Book 2:

  • 2x04: Asami offers to help free Tonraq when Korra asks Mako for help, goes with them, flies a plane onto the boat holding Tonraq, and helps free everyone
  • 2x05: Korra bumps into Asami, both go to talk to Varrick, Korra saves Asami from getting shot by an arrow, Varrick proposes an idea for both girls, Korra seems happy Future Industries will support the SWT
  • 2x06: When Mako says they need more manpower for their sting, Asami says “What about Korra? No better muscle than the Avatar,” and 1000 fics were spawned. She also looks interested at the news that Makorra ended, but that can be interpreted in different ways
  • 2x11, Korra gets back to Republic City, Asami looks really happy and immediately offers to help her in whatever way she can, then has to witness the Makorra kiss, which might upset her on a couple of levels.
  • 2x12: Asami plans and leads the aerial attack to get Team Avatar closer to the spirit portal. Later Korra asks her to take the wounded Tonraq back to the compound
  • 2x14: Jinora wakes up after the big fight and Asami asks her “what about Korra and the others?”

Book 3:

  • 3x01: Asami cheers Korra up after press conference. The two exchange a look with the awkward Mako. They have their driving lesson and make fun of him, as well as talk about how nice it is that they’re friends. 
  • 3x02: Asami decides to take a vacation from her company and fly a luxury airship around the Earth Kingdom for Korra. When she first shows up with the airship there’s some major posing. Korra later toys with Mako in an airbending twister for Asami’s amusement
  • 3x03: Asami and Korra go to collect taxes for the Earth Queen together and end up kicking everyone’s ass
  • 3x04: Asami and Korra spar to let Korra take out her frustration
  • 3x05: they’re like, around each other but they’re just getting introduced to Zaofu. Not really a moment
  • 3x06: They’re sitting next to each other at breakfast when Varrick uses his magnets?
  • 3x08: Again, sitting next to each other at breakfast when Varrick shows them his airbender tester. The rest is Team Avatar trying to figure out if Aiwei is guilty and then taking off at the end of the episode.
  • 3x09: The Stakeout. When Mako/Bolin go into town, Asami asks Korra if she’s okay, the two search for clues about Aiwei. Later Asami escapes from Ming-Hua and Ghazan with Korra’s body on the back of Naga. They get captured and Korra asks if she’s okay.
  • 3x10: Long Live the Earth Queen. It’s the airship episode. They flirt/eye-fuck the entire episode and at the end Korra brags about Asami to Tonraq.
  • 3x11: Asami offers to watch over Korra’s body as she meditates
  • 3x12: Korra says she’s going to turn herself in to Zaheer, Asami says there’s that Korra “can’t expect us to sit by and let Zaheer take you.” They hug and tell each other to be careful.
  • 3x13: Korra almost dies, Asami looks shattered. Then we get the scene at the end with Asami saying she’s there for Korra, taking care of her, checking on how Korra’s reacting to everyone, and standing with Korra and her family on the opposite side of the stage as Korra’s friends for Jinora’s ceremony.

Book 4:

  • 4x01: Asami is grossed out by Wu, and we learn that she spent the past 3 years rebuilding the infrastructure to marry spirits and the physical world (plus Korra’s statue). Asami also expresses excitement abut seeing Korra again
  • 4x02: We learn that Asami offered to go with Korra to the SWT. She also writes to Korra and is the only one to ask how Korra’s doing. Korra later reciprocates by only writing to Asami and conveying her concerns, asking Asami to not tell Bolin and Mako, because she doesn’t think they’d understand.
  • 4x05: Asami’s upset about her dad so she goes to work out her problems in Avatar Park near the statue of Korra.
  • 4x07: The Reunion. We get overt flirting, a lover’s spat, and then the two of them fighting in perfect synchronization while a bemused Mako is dragged along for the ride.
  • 4x08: Asami brings Korra tea and comforts her
  • 4x10: Korra defends Asami’s decision not to build a bomb.
  • 4x11: Team Avatar goes to hunt down Kuvira. Not really anything explicitly Korrasami, but they’re around each other.
  • 4x12: It’s part 1 of the finale, where Asami is working to get her hummingbird suits up. Korra places all stock in Asami’s technology, saying it’s their only chance, fights in synchronization with Asami again to bring Mega Maid to the water and freeze it in place for Asami, looks horrified for Asami’s sake when Hiroshi is killed, then looks angry as fuck at Kuvira at the very end
  • 4x13: final episode. Asami is the one to notice Korra come back from the Spirit World, the first to touch her after Kuvira’s arrest, and it looks like she places her head on Korra’s shoulder for the group hug in a zoomed in screencap. Then they essentially elope together.

So there you have it. I used “list of episodes” as a reference, so I’m not completely off the deep end, at least. Just mostly.

Hey if anyone is curious to learn about the geology of the San Francisco Bay and Northern California these 2 books are a very good place to start.

(The left one has more info and more places, the one on the right has very good pictures and diagrams)

Source: I just did my dissertation on this so I know my shit

Note: both of these books are geared towards people that don’t necessarily have a degree in geology so anyone can read them. Very good explanations


T-Pain needs to go sit his ass down somewhere

This fool had the nerve to say people over hype Aaliyah because she passed away and that she would be compared to Beyonce if she was still alive.

Aaliyah is not “over hyped” She is a legend. She’s a legend because she influenced a WHOLE generation of singers with the three albums she put out. 

Then someone had the nerve to say “Well he’s right because look at her record sales before and after and she died.” You mean her debut album that sold a million records when she was only 15?

Or do you mean One In A Million that sold over 2 million records when she was 17?

22 Years Old, over 25 Million records sold, block buster moves, she was supposed to be in Sparkle, she was supposed to be in Honey, she was going to be in the matrix, all of this shit was BOOKED before she passed away but she’s over hyped?

I’m tired of people saying she wasn’t that big of a deal because she didn’t do wildly outrageous numbers,

It’s not always about numbers.Look at Brandy & Mariah Carey. Both of them had DIAMOND selling albums out in the 90′s but are they doing those kind of numbers now? Are they selling out the same Arena’s now? No but that doesn’t mean they’re not Icon’s in their own right.

 Aaliyah has a legacy and she influenced a lot singers that are out now whether they want to admit it and give her the credit or not. When you see artist like Ciara, Rihanna, Sevyn, Tinashe, they’re products of Aaliyah’s legacy. 

I need for people to know their facts and stop trying to play down Aaliyah’s accomplishments and her legacy just because she’s gone. Most of these bitches out now ratchet carbon copies of her and wouldn’t be relevant period if she didn’t do what she did in music.

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polyfrogs but chowder is ace and nursey is a pretty sexual guy, which chowder is 100% fine with just doing/witnessing the act himself makes him uncomfortable so when the times comes and things are getting heated between them, chower kind of kisses them both and grabs book or movie or something and heads to the living room and they feel shitty about it every time but he tells them not to be but when they're done they come down and shower him in kisses and they do chow's fav things that night

(2/3) BUT ALSO ransom being the one to drive chowder to the haus after he gets his braces off and ransom is just ‘holy shit, kid’ then bitty almost drops his pie when he sees chow without his braces and chowder just can’t stop smiling and he keeps like licking his lips and running his tongue over his teeth and bitty totally skypes shitty like, ‘LOOK AT OUR CHILD’ and shitty is just, 'looking sweet man’ then when his boys get home from class, dex actually does drop what he was holding and nursey just

(3/3) has this happy glint in his eye and chowder smiles wider and everyone in that rooms heart grows a bit when they see it. when bitty skypes jack that night, he calls chowder in and jack goes all dad mode on him and like takes off his glasses to lean into the screen to get a closer look at his 'pearly whites’, and holster celebrates by bringing home this gift basket of caramel and popcorn, a few apples for good measure, then a load of candy and that kid never stops smiling after that

oOH BOY DO I HAVE A LOT 2 SAY ABT CHOWDER GETTING HIS BRACES OFF?? IMAGINE HOW SMILEY HE WLD BE OK I LOVE HIM and he’d look older too & none of the upperclassmen on the team would know how to handle it bc ???? sweet sunshine child?? but also this is great and i love everything about it thank you so much for sending this to me it is wonderful thank you

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thank you!! 

  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: Connor. He’s so excited about everything, I can see Troye being the biggest sleepyhead. 
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast: Connor but Troye occasionally.
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: Again Connor.
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work: I could see both doing this but T R O Y E.
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day: Troye
  • Who chooses the movies: They have such similar taste they don’t usually argue about it but I’m leaning toward Connor.
  • Who initiates kissing during the movie, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: This is so Troye. Connor is trying to pay attention and Troye finds it so cute (and also his chance to be annoying) that he has to distract him.
  • Who orders lunch: Connor. He’s generally the more responsible one, so yeah.
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: Definitely Troye. (Just a sec but can we imagine Connor catching Troye with a mouthful of food he didn’t order and Troye going, “Whaaaat?” in the cutest voice.)
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: Troye
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: Troye would be the one talking and hanging around Connor so he couldn’t get any work done (not that Connor would really mind…).
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old: Tbh this is both of them but I think Connor is more the ice cream person.
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: *chanting* Connor, Connor, Connor!
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face: At first I was thinking Troye but I think Connor hides just how sexual he actually is so I think they’ve both done this honestly.
  • Who cooks dinner: Connor (what have we learned today? In Kyra’s narrative mind, Troye can’t cook shit)
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards: I think this would be a joint effort. While Connor tends to be a very neat and tidy person, Troye helping would be a really nice gesture and I can see them getting all cute with it.
  • Who stays up until 2 reading: Troye generally stays up later BUT I can picture Connor getting lost in a book and just having to finish it and then being sleepy all day.
  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: Both. I imagine Connor falling asleep first and Troye trying to get work done on his computer but instead being distracted by the beautiful boy sleeping beside him. Then when Troye sleeps in the morning, Connor stays in bed for a while and gently plays with his curls.
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep: Again, both. They’re friends but they’re also touchy and affectionate af and I can clearly see them giving each other kisses without the other even knowing it. (Or, better yet, earning a smile in their sleep.)

send me a ship and i’ll fill this out about the ship!


He asked if I was from around Cornwall and I said I was from Amsterdam and he said “holy shit”
Then I let him sign my Fili and Kili page in my Hobbit book and he asked “where did you get Deano?” And then he signed my book twice, on both Kili photos. Then I asked for a photo (sometimes he’a not allowed b/c of the costume) and this crew guy took it and Aidan was like “I’m on your phone look at that, hahah!” and the guy took 2 photos of us. (I have this Kili+walnut iphone case from @alythekitten) and I really love those photos in front of a setting sun. I’ll post them when I get home next week. Thank you all for your lovely messages, it gave me the strength to go back to set. At last he said to me: “thanks for coming and thanks for waiting and watching”

Things that deeply satisfied me in these 3 chapters:

  • Tenzin being excited about the new Air Nomads (even though they don’t want to be Air Nomads but eh who cares)
  • The ‘nyeh’ airbender guy who was all like 'whatever’ and Korra was all like 'you are coming with ME!’
  • Korrasami
  • Grey DeLisle, the princess has returned
  • Ikki and Meelo being cuties
  • potential Jinora and Kai cute little teenage romance I SHIP IT
  • Korrasami
  • Bolin can talk about something else then Nuktuk
  • Korra helping people and Raiko doesn’t like it but he’s a jerk so who cares
  • Asami having Future Industries back on top like she wanted
  • ZUKOOOOOO! HONOR! oh you’re still an awkward teenage boy
  • Dai Li and Ba Sing Se still having issues (and I like this because the original storyline with Long Feng and Lake Laogai was genius)
  • Korrasami
  • awesome new villains with some crazy bending powers
  • chibis on a map
  • Korra using her glider
  • Kyoshi bridge? I like that
  • family reunion!! i know it got super sad in like 2 seconds but still
  • Korrasami
  • you know what, it’s not even shipping them as a couple a simple awesome lady friendship is enough for now. For the past two books they were involved in this stupid love triangle and never really had the chance to be together as girlfriends, they were sort just friends because Asami dated Mako. But now they laugh at it and fight together and get shit done in minutes. I told ya it would work.

Things that I am still waiting for:

  • Zuko meeting Katara. Srsly, we have both of them alive, and they don’t even get to meet? How awesome would it be if Zuko went to the South Pole and went like “Hello, Zuko here” and Katara would hug him because he’s still awkward. And not even Zutara or anything, just show the surviving members of the Gaang, remembering the good old days. It would probably make me sad but I don’t even care anymore.
  • Yue. She’s a spirit and now every spirit can come visit and you should’ve brought her back last season goddammit!
  • More friendship and character development and I better not see the awful love triangle again
  • Zuko’s daughter, maybe? Yes, thank you.
  • And maybe more of Kya’s past, like what was she up to why Bumi was at the United Forces and Tenzin was at RC. I’d love to know more about her.
  • And what Bumi said, Katara’s reaction to him airbending. Aw she will be so proud, my queen.
  • Aand maybe she could waterbend. You know, being the best in the world and all.

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barduil barduilBaRDUIL


okay, I’m gonna go vague modern AU here

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

  • falls asleep on the couch Bard.  Thranduil’s all done up in a silk robe with his hair tied back and his facial masque and ready for bed, but when he goes looking for bard, he finds him on the couch, still in his work clothes, passed out and snoring with the TV still on and a pillow on his face
  • makes friends with the neighbors  Bard knows all of their neighbours by name and has their birthdays and anniversaries on his calendar and is constantly doing them favours like shoveling their driveways when it snows, while Thranduil will literally jump behind a bush to avoid getting stuck talking to one of them
  • is the adventurous eater  Depends on how you classify this.  Bard will eat the trashiest of junk food, binge on doritos and hostess cakes and lives by the five-second rule, and Thranduil will eat caviar and escargot and brussel sprouts while Bard makes faces at him and turns an unhealthy shade of green across the table.  Luckily they can both agree on wine
  • hogs the covers at night  Thranduil.  Bard is used to sharing blankets with his three kids, but Legolas has been too old to sleep with his ada for so many years, and Thranduil is unused to sharing a bed, so he ends up taking up 4/5ths of the bed and approximately all of the covers and Bard ends up with a face full of blonde hair, half falling off the bed
  • forgets to do the dishes  
  • tries to surprise their partner more often  Bard loves surprising Thranduil.  He’s a hopeless romantic, and will randomly buy him (live) flowers and show up unannounced while Thranduil’s working to take him out to lunch and smooch on him
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor  Bard’s bad about this.  He gets home from work dirty and tired, and leaves a trail of sweaty work clothes from the door to the sofa.  Sigrid ends up having to clean up after him more times than not, and then he feels really bad.  Thranduil just sort of stares at the mess like if he focuses on it hard enough and passive-aggressively enough, it’ll clean itself.
  • stays up til 2 AM reading  Thranduil.  He’s very well-read and always has a new book on houseplants or wine-making or like the kama sutra or something
  • sings in the shower  Both of them.  But while Thranduil sings very soft, pretty Enya-esque shit, Bard just sort of belts classic rock and folk songs and Thranduil fucking loves it so they usually end up fucking in the shower and it takes Bard forever to get clean
  • takes the selfies  Thranduil.  And he never tells Bard before he takes one of them, so Bard looks ridiculously caught off guard and is making unflattering faces in all of them and Thranduil has a whole instagram account just for these photos.
  • plans date night  They alternate.  but regardless of who plans it, they usually end up walking in the woods or having a picnic with champagne after Bard takes them out on the lake.  They do the expensive, fancy restaurant type dates every once in a while, but they both prefer cheap nature dates that end with sex in a canoe or star-gazing or archery.