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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ by Andrew Swainson

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JDS: Mako and Bolin’s bachelor pad was a really small room to stage scenes in, so to help out the board crew, we built a 3-D version to assist in getting those tough-to-visualize angles.

BK: After living in the attic of the Pro-bending arena and bumming around Asami’s mansion and Air Temple Island for a while, Mako and Bolin finally have their first legitimate apartment.

Book Two: Spirits
The Art of Legend of Korra

mirktuna  asked:

when i preordered the got7 album yesasia i only paid 47 (GOT7 - 7 for 7 (A + B Version) + Special Postcard Book (A + B Version) + 2 Posters in Tube (A + B Version) so if you can afford it I'd do it.

Hello lovely,

We already pre-ordered + we broke as heckity.
I wish I could blindly buy 50 albums, I really would. 💕

Thank you for in the information anyway, I hope someone reading this finds it useful!!


The Legend of Korra Poster Collection posters

All 20 posters that comprise the Korra poster collection have been revealed.

Here is a breakdown:

  • Book 1: 7 posters (5 promo, 2 background)
  • Book 2: 6 posters (3 promo, 2 background, 1 portrait)
  • Book 3: 4 posters (1 promo, 3 background)
  • Book 4: 2 posters (1 background, 1 portrait)
  • Other: 1 poster (1 promo)

Total: 10 promo, 8 background, 2 portrait

The poster collection is 12x16 inches and available on Amazon here. It comes out October 11th.