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****Dramione, acts of love through books Pt. 2****
  • *a couple of hours later*
  • Draco: *laid out on the couch watching TV*
  • Hermione: *emerges from the library, follows the sound of the TV, finds Draco, and stands in the doorway*
  • Draco: *looks over, smiles, opens arms wide*
  • Hermione: *smiles back, walks over, curls up with Draco on the couch*
  • Draco: *kisses the top of her head under his chin* Are the characters in your book better now?
  • Hermione: Mhmmm
  • Draco: *pulls her closer* Good.

me: tries to draw kevin price completely unreferenced so i can figure out how i want to draw him without being influenced by the actors

me: draws kyle selig

  • Percy, Jason, Frank, and Leo often arm wrestled. Despite his years in constant sword fighting, Percy almost always got beat by Leo- who would cheat by setting his hands ablaze.

senfree  asked:

Okay. I don't know if you've been asked this before or not, but how do you think the Hiccups (book and movie) would react if they met each other. Toothless dragons as well.

I think the only time I’ve chatted about Hiccups and Toothlesses colliding was here in this post, but ever since I started reading Cressida’s series, I have thought about how such a meeting might happen. Once I did a really lame doodle of the Hiccups and Toothlesses meeting. Consequently I have HOARDS of headcanons about the meeting between book!Hiccup and DreamWorks!Hiccup. It’s actually one thing I adore thinking about when I’m out on walks or something like that.

I especially like to imagine Hiccup from the end of HTTYD 2 meeting with Hiccup from the end of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, where both of them know they’re Hiccup, and want to figure out what the other world is like. At this point in their lifetimes, they’re going to be full of surprises for each other.

Like talking about leadership positions…

BH: So, you’re chief, huh?
DWH: Yeah. It’s been tough. I didn’t think I’d have to lead so soon.
BH: Ugh. You’re telling me.
DWH: Wait, what do you mean?
BH: Uhhhhhh… *awkwardly* I’m King of the Wilderwest.

Or about the life status of certain individuals:

BH: So, how’s Dad doing?
DWH: *single tear falls down cheek* He’s… uh… in Valhalla.

DWH: I know Snotlout is a good person, but he annoys me so much sometimes.
BH: *fingers the black star necklace around his neck*

Or the general status of their world:

DWH: I’m really worried that Drago is going to come back. He almost wrecked Berk the last time he attacked with his Bewilderbeast.
BH: Be careful. *sigh* I miss Berk… a large dragon attacked my home, too… Berk’s in flames, now, and everyone’s evacuated.

DWH: I helped stop the war against humans and dragons.
BH: I uh… started it.
DWH: …
BH: I really hope we make it out of this alive…

Then, of course, there’s the matter that Toothless and Toothless are very different.

DWH: You can talk to dragons!
BH: Yeah. Dragonese isn’t too hard to learn.

BH: Uhhhh… your dragons don’t speak Dragonese???

BH: So, where’s Toothless.
DWH: That *IS* Toothless.
BH: You can fly on Toothless???
DWH: Yeah, he’s wonderful. He’s my best bud and I’d trust him with my life.
BH: You mean he doesn’t go on strike at the worst times?
DWH: What do you mean? Toothless and I get each other completely. We listen to each other, don’t we, Bud?
book!Toothless: ISSA NOT VERY NICE!

And even the little things:

BH: Is that a sword made of FIRE?!!
DWH: Yeah, I like to use it to connect with new dragons I find.
BH: It doesn’t look very good for fighting…
DWH: *shrug* I admit I don’t fight with it a lot.
BH: Are you kidding me? I’m always swordfighting!
DWH: Wait, does this mean you’re actually good at swordfighting?
BH: I beat my dad in a competition once.
DWH: *stunned silence, thinking about actually beating his dad at a fight*

As far as how book!Toothless interacts with dw!Toothless, I imagine it exactly like the scene where the Terrible Terror takes fish from Toothless in the first movie. Movie!Toothless would find book!Toothless first a curiosity, then a nuisance. Book!Toothless, meanwhile, would be the obnoxious, selfish dragon he is… and probably make quite a few obnoxious, badgering, rather rude comments the entire time. I can’t decide if book!Toothless would feel defensive about himself and try to prove he is the better dragon between the two, or if book!Toothless would smugly brag off without any lowered confidence about how he’s best. Either way, he’d be ridiculously misbehaved, and both the Hiccups would have to chase after him and get him settled.

@fiireriides Ramon is the only stable influence in his life and it’s been that way since the day they met, so Rainer kind of puts him on a pedestal which he’s fully aware is unhealthy but u kno what…. as long as Ramon doesn’t Know Rainer does that it doesn’t count right

I like to think that “Busted and Blue” was a result of 2D being stranded on that beach with the whale that ate him. Just imagine him sitting there with no foreseeable hope of rescue and no one to talk to aside from the whale’s carcass and having only the sound of the wildlife and ocean around him in the miserable span of time before he found out there actually were people nearby

Every time I listen to the track, I imagine him looking up at the stars and wondering where the others are and slowly it changes to Noodle floating onto the shore of the fishing village, Russel drifting in the water before being captured, Murdoc grumpily sitting beside a stoic Cyborg Noodle in the dim blue light of the ocean; each of them wondering about the others, thinking of all the times they felt sick of each other and regretting it for a moment.

New headcanon:

Varric wrote Anders dying at the end of ‘Tales of the Champion’ not because Hawke actually killed him, but because in order to be published in any Chantry controlled lands, books have to follow very strict standards when it comes to depicting apostate characters.

You can  write about sexy noble apostates, but they gotta be crazy and wrong and die at the end. Otherwise your audience might get the wrong message.

Brief review from K Return of Kings Setting Book

Saw some setting from the setting book from K Return of Kings I received a few days ago. Surely they would use these setting if the book had featured them and from what I see so far they did. 

Fushimi is really trying to dress like Niki. Let’s see if Fushimi gets a can kicking scene later.

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haikyuu!! doctor au: part 1

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ where we pretend some of these characters have book smarts

headcanons: [2] [3] [4] [5]

this is just a list of everyone’s age and where they’re at in their education. i’m pretty certain the length of the programs are correct, but let me know if something’s wrong. also, some of the positions they hold might not be completely realistic for their age and experience but w/e

(´∇ノ`*)ノ i’m open to suggestions!

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“Zhu Li, do the thing” was never written in the script the first time John Michael Higgins (Varrick) said it. He wasn’t focusing so he lost his place on the script and just decided to say “do the thing” instead of the actual line. They ended up liking it so much and decided that this was gonna be Varrick’s line to Zhu Li every time he wants her to do something.

i'm really intrigued by varrick's anti-north propaganda.........

what triggered varrick to pick that up?

well he’s from SWT…. maybe when he was a kid, he always dreamed of moving up to NWT, but he couldn’t because he came from a poor family. they didn’t have money for means of transportation.

so he said fuck that, worked hard enough and made it. but when he finally visited the NWT, things were not what he hoped it would be………. or he didn’t feel accepted no matter how much money in the world he had. or maybe his family was displaced by the NWT and wants revenge…… 

Korra Week — Day 3: Fear

I don’t know who this kind looking spirit is, exactly, only that she was designed by Frederic Stewart as a dark spirit for Book 2. (Source)

My headcanon is that this is the dark form of a spirit called Meng Po. Her job is to tend to the fog of lost souls, and those trapped within it. In her light form she’s quite nice, actually, and often discusses tea with Iroh.