book 2 energy

Energy Book is so far my fave Lazy Town episode

It’s a fucking goldmine

  • Robbie’s french fry art
  • Robbie’s description of himself while those funky piano tunes play
  • All the eating clips of him during the song (also why is he sitting like that eating french fries is he just bored)
  • Sportanoodle
  • Robbie rides his bike across his lair because he’s too lazy to walk three metres
  • You’re hot” then snickers
  • The flipping adorable salesman outfit and the way he nearly loses his voice with excitement upon discovering it
  • Liquor stickers?!?!?!
  • he just gives away the stickers and later he is so invested in keeping the children from eating sportscandy and be lazy (someting he considers to be good) that he willingly puts himself in incredible discomfort
  • Stingy singing the “Mine song” to his exercise music
  • He kept a pillow in the trash can for the contingency of nap time
  • Robbie eating carrots
  • Chugging that whole water thing + he drinks from the same glass as Stephanie (NOT meaning it’s cute in a shipping way, it’s just cute that he either thinks it’s so important that she doesn’t drink it or that he doesn’t consider her gross or w/e)
  • he’s being blocked by Stingy and the tralley full of toys so he jumps over the fence to get to the pogo stick first
  • Ziggy is still standing in awe by the carrots when he sees him coming on the pogo stick, his following reaction
  • Spotacus’ crystal beeping (yes it does in most episodes but it didn’t for some reason in one episode and I couldn’t function for the next days)
  • well aloha” (is that what he says??)
  • struggling with the life ring after Sport lets go of the rope
  • the way Sport looks at Robbie while Stephanie talks
  • he’s so happy but still confused that Robbie was healthy
  • Robbie flinched and thought Sport was gonna throw the book at him
  • Struggling to stay awake past 8:08
  • smiles and says “Hello Sportacus” while he’s dreaming!!!!!????