“I’m never happy.”

Hope you don’t mind if we don’t believe this :) I’ve tried to collect those moments where we could see his genuine smile (w/o any ulterior motive). But for a special note: check his eyes when he sees Katara’s (& Sokka’s happiness when they reunited w their father :) & when hears June’s remark about Katara being his girlfriend…..  Eyes widened… which basically sign of surprise but also happiness (315)… & excitement (319)….

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The Sexual Escapades of the Well-Informed Pureblood, Engaged To The Randy Prat Who Lived - Ch. 1

We made it!  Harry and Draco – our Randy Prat and Innocent Pureblood – have made plans to tie the knot! And @l0vegl0wsinthedark and I want to thank everyone who took that journey with them/us and rooted for the happy ending between them we all hoped for!

So that’s it, right? Engaged=no complications whatsoever?
*cackles *
Well, let’s see:in our very first chapter, Harry and Draco are confronted with something they maybe should have been paying attention to all along, and as this book progresses you’ll find that love doesn’t always make for smooth sailing – although, in the case of the Randy Prat and his now Well-Informed Pureblood Fiance, it usually at least results in some really interesting sex. LOL.

The previous book can be found here: The Sexual Awakening of An Innocent Pureblood, Dating The Randy Prat Who Lived

Content Warnings: Strong sexual content, discussions of mpreg, moment of non-consensual violence (that is addressed).

Chapter One: Well Done, Chosen One:

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