book 194

Spring Cleaning Read-a-thon | Day 1

Books Read Today:
- East of Eden by John Steinbeck (130 pages)
- Half the World by Joe Abercrombie (64 pages)

Total Pages Read: 194

Books Finished: None

Today was an alright day. I am so close to finishing East of Eden, which is getting really intense, and I’m halfway through Half the World. I didn’t get as much reading done as I would have liked to, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

How to write your book step 194

“If you are going through Hell Keep going”

This is a quote a think of a lot, which a quick google image search tells me is a Winston Churchill quote. I didn’t know that, I didn’t need to.

The universality of this quote is what makes me like it so much.  It’s the epitome of positive thinking, it’s the drive to not stop, to not stay in hell, because there is a way through this, through this writer’s block, through this next challenge, trough this next year.

I used to feel like crap all the time. Then I would start writing and feel even crapper cause i couldn’t see the importance or beauty of my own writing, but what I could see was a goal, a possible end. It’s better to  feel like crap with a glimmer of hope as a distant destination than to just feel like crap for no reason.

Don’t give up. Keep writing, It’s a long process and you’re going to need to keep your wits about you. Step back, notice where you are at, and keep trudging through.

-But also, Don’t feel bad, if you don’t feel bad. Don’t try force yourself to feel some sort pain because you want to be a good writer, or an artist, or person. It’s okay to be miserable, and it’s okay to be happy, and it’s ideal to keep going through it all. You’ve got this. Keep going!

I have the universe swirling in my blood. I dance amongst the galaxies. The moon rests in the palm of my hand. Stars dance their way around my fingertips. The wild oceans, the rushing rivers, the gentle lakes are my brothers. The tigers with eyes of gold stalking the savannah, the rabbits tripping over their own feet in a hurry to get somewhere, the laughing hyenas with blood chilling cackles that stretch across the valleys are my companions. The boy with soft hands and broken eyes, the girl with graffiti scrawled on her bedroom walls, the boy with a wild mind and a dark blue soul, the girl with midnight road trips and mischievous eyes are the ones I call my friends. The one who feels so intensely, the one who longs for so much more, the one who writes poetry sadder than anything you’ve ever read, the wanderess who shouts her name from the rooftops. And as for me?
I’m still trying to figure it out.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #194 // inspired by @albinorudolph