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One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way as someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in the world. If you’re lucky enough to find this person, never let them go.
—  Susan Colasanti, So Much Closer

“One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way as someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in the world. If you’re lucky enough to find this person, never let them go.”

- Susan Colasanti, So Much Closer

One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way. As someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in this world.
—  Susane Colasanti, So Much Closer
Can I Call You Mama? (Jay Park x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. I hope this is what you wanted and it’s like you imagined it. Enjoy!


Working in AOMG was blessing, you were accepted in to the group like family, even thought you barely spoke Korean, but they still treated you with love and support especially Hyun-Jung, even though she barely spoke english she found ways to communicate and be around you. She was the only girl until you came around sos he was dying for some support, she tried to learn english and you tried to learn Korean. Jay was your biggest source of support, he was always around you, helping you with songs, giving you guidance, helping you with your Korean, he drove you back to your house when it got dark, he picked you up when you were getting lost in the streets or took the wrong bus, you even went to the gym with him a few times. He knew how much of a struggle this can be, so you appreciated his support and the way he treated you, he was your mentor

If you only knew that he wanted to be so much more. You were a beautiful woman, you were very sweet and a hard worker, as soon as you walked up on that stage all eyes were on you, you were a beast and full of energy. He still remembers your shaky hands after you got off from the stage on your first concert, the adrenaline rush was overbearing and your hands were shaking like hell. You were confident on and off on stage, you had those beautiful magnetic eyes that drew him in. You were colorfull, you could be anything, you could be sexy, you could be a tomboy, you could be up on that stage cussing out and then cry in Hyun-Jung’s arms because you missed a step.

Finally it was summer and Korea became unbearable, it was so hot and they were no signs of a sea close by. Your family has been bugging you so much to visit them at your island in Greece (I don’t care what y'all say, Greece needs to be represented up in this khiphop world) So you decided to kill two birds with one stone. You got tickets for everyone and one day you just threw them on the table, everyone turned to look at you

“We are leaving in Three days. Find your tickets”

You said taking a seat next to Kiseok. Hyun-Jung was the only one that knew, she helped you get the information you needed to book the tickets. She was the first one to reach for them and get hers.

“What? Where are we going?”

“Greece. Y'all could use a bit of tanning”

You joked. They always liked to tease you about your tanning, so now you teased them for you pale skin. Hyuk-woo smiled and reached for the tickets.

“Is this for real?”

Seonghwa asked. You nodded and then he reached for them, you looked around and saw Jay smiling mischeviously at you.


“You sneaky fox”

He said making you giggle. He reached for the tickets like the others did and found his.

“I guess we are going to Greece everyone”

He said and everyone cheered


You were excited. As soon as you got down from the airplane you could feel the sun touching your skin and the hot weather, but now you knew the bitch was oh so much closer. You booked a hotel with the others-they insisted paying for their rooms- it was next to the beach, litteraly, and there was a swimming pool, but you had plans to take them all around the island. You made sure everyone got some rest and then you would take them for a night out in the city.

When Jay saw you wearing a beautiful long summer dress, your hair pulled up in a pony with a few strands falling off, your make up done perfectly, and a pair of sandals on your feet, he couldn’t help but smile. You took them to a beach restaurant that day, you knew everyone must be starving, so why not treat them with the best seafood?

The next day you took them to the beach and then you would have lunch at your parents house. Your parents knew english so Jay- and because of you Hyun-Jung- could communicate. Your parents were not very supportive at the beggining, but you speaked so highly for them they had to meet them. Your dad was a bit tense, but your mom was kind and treated them with all of her goods. The second you saw your beautifull niece and nephew you got up from your chair and runned to them, you got down to their level and hugged them as they giggled

“Did you miss auntie?”


“Give me a kiss”

They both gave you a kiss making you smile. You scooped your little niece up and held your nephews hand.

“Everyone this is anastasia and andrew. πείτε γειά (say hi)”

They waned at the strangers and all of them waved back. You didn’t let them go, you even ate at the couch with them so you can play, you had let all of them eat while you chased them around the house and played hide and seek. Finally you sat down with them- with your nephew still on your lap- to eat dessert. Jay couldn’t help it, his mind kept wandering, he kept thinking about you, how you smiled when you played with the kids, how you helped them eat, you took pictures and videos. He was starting to think about children, how you would be a good mother, he has never felt this way for another woman, seeing you with kids was the most amazing thing, you looked more beautiful than ever. But you were focused on how your little niece was on Seonghwa’s lap, playing with him, she didn’t even need to talk and she had him wrapped around her finger

“τραγούδα (sing)”

“She is asking you to sing to her”

You said to him. He smiled and started to singing to her, making her smile as she slapped his hands excited. When he stopped she started clapping and giggling.

“Σ'αγαπώ (i love you)”

She said grabbing his cheeks. You laughed at her, another girl that fell for the famous Gray.

“What did she say”

“She loves you”

He smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Everyone was laughing at the scene except Jay, you turned to him and noticed that he was staring at you

“What’s wrong?”

“You look beautiful”

He said. You blushed and looked down, you may or may not have a crush on him, but you never showed it. He was your boss

You said your goodbye’s to your parents and got back to the hotel to get ready for the club.

“Did you see how Jay Oppa looked at you?”

“It’s nothing”

You dissmissed her words, as you kept aplying your make-up. She giggled at how naive you were being

“That look was not nothing, that look was ‘be the mother of my children’ for sure”

You didn’t say anything. You didn’t want to get your head to the clouds, yeah he was sweet but he was Jay Park, you have seen him in action. It’s better this way


The whole night Jay didn’t let you out of his sight, he was always around your or next to you, he put his hand over your shoulder, he would make jokes, anything he could. Until he finally got the courage and walked up to you

“Can you come with me for a second?”

He asked you. You looked at him with eyebrows furrowed, but you nodded and got up following him. He led you out of the club and to the beach that was there, sitting at the sand

“I want to be with you”

He said out of the blue. You turend to him, you were looking at him like he was a ghost, you were not expecting that.

“Fuck the whole boss- employ thing, fuck the groupies, I want to be with you. I kept it in for so long, but as soon as I saw how you took care of us, how you helped everyone, how you runned around with the kids, I can’t hold it in. If you don’t have feelings for me I understand, but I just wanted you to know were I stand”

You were looking at eachothers eyes. The only sounds were the small waves from the ocean, you put your hand on his cheek and leaned in to place a kiss on his lips.

“I had to take your ass to another country to confess?”

You asked him. He laughed but brought you to his lap, fixing your hair out of your face.

“ Do you want me to meet you in the hot tub?”

You joked, reffering to his song. You always gave him shit for that song, so now it was the perfect time for you

“Sure. I don’t have a problem”

You slapped his chest, he giggled at your blushing cheeks.

“Easy tiger, we got time”

“Of course we do. I ain’t letting you go anywhere, but can i call you mama?” you shook your head at his sneaky comment.


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I replayed UNDERTALE this weekend. It fucked me up, man–even when they’re someone who’s not real, isn’t it weird how we still have trouble saying goodbye?

Ironically enough, LISA brought me some condolence. Beltboy dropped some nice wisdom in the end of the Hopeful–sometimes we’ve just got to move on when we know we won’t see someone again, but when that happens we’ll keep them in our hearts no matter what. Whether that’s anywhere from a family pet, to a character in a book or on a screen, to someone much closer…

So here’s some proper fanart. God bless you, poor Benny boy. I have hope for you that things turned out alright.


For book!Home I’m making Talia’s character Hopi and I just talked to a Hopi woman from a reservation in Arizona and she said (by some amazing crazy happenstance) that her daughter who grew up on the reservation moved to California and lives three minutes from my house (!!!!??!?!) so I got her contact info and I’m going to get a chance to MEET her and interview her!!?!

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Could you please do a James Sirius imagine? Like his best girl friend helps him out with studying but all he does does is stare at her, and at the end he kisses her? xx

Author: Kerrie (that’s me ;)!)
Word Count: 832
Main characters: James Sirius Potter
Pairing: James Sirius x Reader

Request: see above – what I wrote is a little bit different to the request, I hope you don’t mind. I had a lot of fun going off topic though, if that counts for anything. :D This is also pretty based in my head canons for James Sirius.

A/N: Apparently, an Erumpent Potion is a highly explosive potion. This fact and all other potion facts are from the Harry Potter wiki, which is a girl’s best friend when she runs a Harry Potter blog. Dedicated to my co-verlord (Happy now?)

“James, I’m trying to help you. The least you could do is pay attention,” I said, running my fingers though my hair in frustration. I was meant to be helping James revise for our end of Fourth year exams, but he was being surprisingly uncooperative for someone who’d asked for my help. We’d already been working for an hour and gotten nowhere, with James spending more time staring at me than actually studying.

“I am paying attention,” James said, indignantly.

“Then look at the book, not me. I do not have the answers,” I replied, pushing the book closer towards him.

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Look what was waiting for me when I got home today ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe how lovely @fantakoi​‘s Closer is! I just spent the better part of the past two hours trying to work through my feelings about this after reading it twice. From a technical standpoint it’s well paced and developed. The illustrations are all wonderful, the layout and everything from the characters to the scenery having clearly been given ample attention during the creation process.

I also really appreciate the attention to detail… things like the prints on Hinata’s shirts (all really cute by the way) and the blush you could see on his neck when his back is towards the reader that once~ The inside of the front and back covers were a nice addition as well, I wasn’t expecting that and was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into and sent off from the book with a range of expressions on those tiny Kageyama’s and Hinata’s ^^

What really made this for me though was the fuurin (randomly gets personal here). I bought a fuurin while I was in Arashiyama the first time I went to Japan, I don’t have a porch or anything so I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang it outside even during good weather, so I have it hanging in my house and tap it every time I pass - no wind obviously. I don’t know if everyone has heard one before, but fuurin make a very clear, wistful sound – not piercing like the sound of a shakuhachi or trembling like a kokyuu – but crisp like mountain air. And to me personally it evokes something akin to longing. As I was reading Closer, in those still moments I could practically hear that fuurin, the pure resonating “ting.”

In the note at the end the word fantakoi used was pining, and whether she’d meant to or not, between the fuurin and the elegant introspection on Kageyama’s part, I really felt that yearning as if it were my own. And there’s nothing better than becoming so invested in a work that you feel it in your bones. So thank you. Thank you so much for all your efforts in putting together this book, it truly is an achievement to be proud of and I’m honored to have it on my shelf.

If anyone has the opportunity to pick up this book, I highly suggest that you do.