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Niall was upset over it, those fans were saying worse things. And Louis isn't an asshole. I saw what you posted saying he buys shit doesn't mean anything. This time next year he will have no fans bc he fucks up to much and fucks so many hoes he probs has a disease. Opps but its the fucking truth.

it doesn’t matter if the fans were saying things, you don’t call the people who got you where you are cunts lmao do you even know what that means? yes, he is an asshole. he flips off fans, argues with them, swears at them and blocks them on twitter. i saw it with my own eyes, watching it happen. a couple of fans were tweeting him about larry, he got mad and was a nasty piece of shit. of course buying all that stuff for the fans means something, not every celebrity goes out of their way to do that kind of thing, i bet if harry styles did that to you you would say it was a kind thing! justin bieber isn’t perfect, i know his flaws and he makes mistakes and bad decisions but that doesn’t make him a bad person. nearly everything in that post you sent to me was fake and you have the nerve to message me about it, are you stupid? justin gets negative press and fake ass rumours for one reason and one reason only: money. whether you hate him or love him you will talk about him and read about him, bad stories sell more than good stories. his own family tried to sell him out for crying out loud, it’s ridiculous. justin doesn’t “fuck up” and if you really think that JUSTIN BIEBER will have NO FANS by next year then you really are a delusional twat. someone who has 300,000 people turn up to watch him perform isn’t suddenly going to lose millions of fans within 365 days. you’re forgetting who you’re talking about sweetheart, he isn’t a one hit wonder. he’s the guy who sold out two madison square garden shows in 30 seconds, the guy who has 12x platinum, the guy who’s made over 200 make a wish’s and the guy who’s achieved more than you ever will in your entire life within a couple of years. there’s no proof he’s slept with prostitues but who actually cares? we don’t but you, a hater, clearly does. you know what is true? you need to grow up and get your head out of one direction’s ass because they’re not angels honey. they’ve probably slept with hookers and groupies, they’ve made bad decisions and they’ve made mistakes. if you’re really going to try and fight with me about this then i truly feel sorry for you because your life must be terrible, but it’s a battle you will not win kiddo.

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I see Liam is your fave. Do you like Danielle? Do you like Sophia? And do you like their past/present relationship? (just curious about it) :) Have a nice day.

thoughts about Danielle:
I don’t like Payzer. but I like Danielle, does that make sense? I ddn’t like the two of them together. Danielle is a fucking sweetheart. 

Sophia: It won’t last long. That’s all i have to say.  


The relationship that I’ve grown with these four boys who I didn’t know three years ago is absolutely insane, and it’s incredible. And yet, I’m very lucky that, you know, I get to spend so much time with them.” - Harry Styles