• <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Harry:</b> hey, louis?<p/><b>Harry:</b> boo<p/><b>Harry:</b> baby<p/><b>Louis:</b> <p/><b>Louis:</b> nope<p/><b>Harry:</b> future hubby?<p/><b>Harry:</b> sweetcHEEKS<p/><b>Harry:</b> LOVE OF MY LIFE<p/><b>Harry:</b> BOYFRIEND<p/><b>Louis:</b> still nothing<p/><b><p/><b>Harry:</b> <p/><b>Harry:</b> </b> fine<p/><b>Harry:</b> my angel?<p/><b>Louis:</b> yes, Harry? :)<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

WHEN AUSTIN MET REMI: [Listen here] (A fanmix for the love of Austin Hayes and Remi Collins. She once invisible to the young know it all lad until one night. A simple party changed the two forever. With a promise and a kiss here and there they fell in love. Complete opposites at most but somehow they’re just meant to be. Their love is naive, pure, innocent and cute. Simply put they’re soulmates if not twin flames. The two were meant to fall in love..)

Green eyes - Coldplay ☆ All about you - Mcfly ☆ 6 Months - Hey monday ☆ I won’t give up - Jason Mraz ☆ Somewhere In neverland - All time low ☆ Let me love you (until you learn to love yourself) - Glee  ☆ I’ll be - Edwin Mccain ☆ Irresistable- One Direction☆ Selfish -Nsync ☆ I found you - The wanted☆ Two is better then one- Boys like girls ☆ Chasing cars - snow patrol ☆ I wanna hold your hand- Big time rush cover ☆ Look after you- Louis Tomlinson Cover☆ little things - one direction,