forkwands replied to your postAre you still drawing all of the subeta pets?

I think they meant the line art / bases you were doing!

Uh… what? I never did JUST lineart nor did I ever do “bases” haha. I drew subeta pets from a to z.

boogleloo replied to your postHello! I really hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you happened to have full versions of any of the other Subeta pets you drew while you were staff? In particular I’m looking for the Glade Clawsion (I heard you were the artist?) I love your art so much and it pains me that I can’t find full versions of some of the pets you drew! Sorry to bother you! ;;

hmm… maybe just upload them all (subeta work product) to a folder on your deviantart and then when people ask… point them there.

Well, I already did that until a certain point, but I… have grown to really dislike dA! It’s probably stupid but I don’t really want to go there anymore. :C

starberryswirls replied to your postWHAT ARE SUBETA PETS! oAo

ohhh i was wondering what these subeta pets things were too. CUTE IDEA i like the whole different colours/themes thing.

Hehe, you should give it a try! It’s really easy to make money there, too, unlike Neopets XD