boogies burgers

AU where Laura forces Derek to take her to this kitschy 70’s/80’s roller disco themed restaurant supposedly because they have great burgers, but Derek knows it’s just to see Lydia Martin zoom around in neon hot pants. Derek hates everything about the place. He hates how loud the music is. He hates the stupid retro outfits the servers are wearing. He hates how you have to dive out of the way as they take you to your table to avoid getting slammed by a waiter on wheels. He especially hates when one of those employees loses control from a combination of flailing limbs and too much momentum and lands right in his lap. Derek hates this guy most of all. Hates how he stammers out his apology from around a lollipop that draws attention to his stupid pouty mouth. Hates the stupid name on his tag (Stiles, what even?). Hates how he “accidentally” feels up Derek’s bicep as he pushes himself back up. Derek also hates how he can’t stop himself from tracking Stiles’ movements all throughout the rest of dinner because there’s something fascinating about the barely controlled chaos that surrounds Stiles as he spazzes his way around the joint. And Derek despises when Stiles catches him watching and fucking winks, waggling those stupidly long fingers Derek’s way. Laura sees, of course. And because she’s the devil incarnate, she replies “Stiles’ number” when Lydia brings the check and asks Derek if they’d like anything else.

A week later, Cora comes home from college and finds herself in Boogie Burger with her brother. Wrinkling her nose as she takes in their surroundings, she wonders aloud what could have possibly possessed her brother to drag her here. She finds her answer when Derek furtively glances at the cute waiter barreling his way toward their table from across the room.

…Even if Derek tries to play it off with a shrug and a “they have great burgers.”