boogie down

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means:
  • listen I get why it's so easy to be cynical about disco and everything associated with it especially given how dead the genre is but dont tell me that there's no beauty in that balance between tacky and opulent that makes it both desireable and attainable for the everyman and dont you dare say that there isn't pure joy and sex and youth in this movement and dont you talk shit about disco not being Real Music because like all important genres of the present it was the music of the devil that parents didnt allow their kids to listen to and quite frankly if you dont see the charm in disco with all its rhinestones and dance and boundless sexuality then i'm sorry for you like seriously Donna Summer and the bootcut jeans belong on that pedestal we build for renaissance art and Bach<p/></p>

The Detroit Spinners - Right Or Wrong


This video just makes you smile.

I felt about as warm and happy as a potato in a hotpot
—  Astoundigly beautiful similes from Kaneki Ken, Literature major.