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Bearded Rhythm (aka (Adam Boehmer and Ryan Calloway) at Boogie By the Bay 2010


So being a fairly new lindy hopper (9 months of dancing) I made the decision to enter Boogie by the Bay’s lindy hop Jack & Jill. Well I didn’t find out it was open till Friday evening (eek scary). My expectations were to not make it past semifinals since there were no prelims. Not only did I make it into finals but Matt Richey pulled me as his follow. We find out the results at the awards ceremony but words can’t describe how happy I am.

Boogie by the Bay 2012

Wow what an experience. What I really enjoyed the most about the weekend was how small the group of lindy hoppers was. It made the classes so much more personable. The instructors were really able to devote more to each individual which I really enjoyed. Plus I found the overall structure of the classes really well put together. The general theme wasn’t just learning a bunch of moves but rather the mechanics behind them. My personal highlights were:

  • My first private with Matt.
  • Peter Strom helping me with my bounce issue.
  • Making it past semifinals to my first Jack and Jill (which was open!).
  • Matt picking my name out of the hat by coincidence to be his partner for the J&J finals.
  • Meeting and talking to Benji Schwimmer.
  • Having my first private with Nina and Andy (holy shit asdfghjkl).
  • Nina saying she thinks my swivels are gorgeous (ASDFGHJKL).
  • Placing 5th in my first Jack & Jill!

This weekend was so incredibly humbling and huge push. I only want to learn more now and I want to work even harder on my dancing. There is so much to learn and I’m barely scraping the surface at 9 months. Time to get to work.