boogie burger

Get down and Boogie (Burger)

McDonalds had it in the ‘80’s and '90’s…Burger King is try'n real hard to master the new decades to come….but when it comes down to wire…Boogie Burger is the Winner.

Now I’m no ass kisser, but i love put'n my lips to these buns. A soft sesame seed bun with thick heart (and well cooked) beef complimented with several types of cheese, veggies (for moms) and everything in between.

Oh shoot i for got…they took it back to grandpa’s day…THEY GOT MALTS BRO! MALTS! And they are to die for #casketshrug. Ice cream and shakes….that sounds like a win to me.

And who can really forget the famed (and respected) Garlic Fries…keep helly gum and deck…boys be garggli'n fabreeze HA!

Not only does Boogie Burger (located 927 E Westfield Blvd in Broad Ripple) off excellent meals but they are pocket friendly as well. got a 20 can get a classic boogie with cheese share the fries (its enough for three grown men) and a coke or shake..youre good to go on that date my friend.

Add friendly service and enviorment + great food x sweet treats and a great time = The cream of the crop @BoogieBurger (twitter)

Now enough jaw jackin….i got a Boogie with cheese and mushrooms call'n

Catch you when life throws you…