booger monster

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113. What was your childhood nickname? gabito (my aunt gave it to me)

119. Favourite book? i genuinely do not know lol i was considering rereading me and earl and the dying girl so i’m gonna say that one for now im sorry this isn’t a better answer

135. Dumbest lie you ever told? when i was like 5? idk i went to the kitchen and accidentally dropped an egg on the floor that obviously cracked, my mom asked who did that and i said the booger monster did it :( she didnt believe me :(


New Video! Lately, I have been playing the adorable RPG Halloween themed video game called Costume Quest ♥

Thought it would be fun to make some of the Creepy Treats from the game for Halloween! (Mice Crispy Treats, Barf Roll-Ups, and Booger Pies)


The Skit Guys - Booger Monster

This is just hilarious!