booger and i

Reasons I Fucking Love This Picture:

  • Chyler is a fucking nerd making that face what a nerd
  • the concentration i cannot handle it
  • thats clearly in the kitchen and those are cookbooks
  • alex likes to cook, slash she decided to learn so she could make dinner for maggie that lesbian
  • alex has rock bookends lol #edgy
  • maggie at the table in the background with multiple glasses of wine
    • #WineGay or #DinnerParty u decide

September 3rd, Bangtan was prepping for Show Champion in Manila. This is the day that Tae found out his grandma had passed away. (He announced at MUSTER that his grandma passed away, which is why he randomly said, “I love you my grandma” during their music show.) K-ARMYs tweets say how they’re sorry for not fully paying attention to the sadness painted on his face. We love you, Tae, and hope your heart heals soon.

  • chyler: so how're we filming this? we'll snuggle into each other, kiss, flirt, banter maybe? we can talk about our relationship, or just say cute stuff?
  • floriana: i can call her danvers and do the head tilt thing, bitches love danvers and the head tilt
  • director: nah i was thinking you lie there asleep and maggie wakes up and we pan for about 1.5 seconds and then end scene
  • chyler & floriana: *look directly into the camera like theyre on the office*
Imagine the pick-up lines they use on you for v-day

Sam: I didn’t know that angels could fly so low!

Tony: Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet butt.

Clint: If you were a booger I’d pick you first.

Bruce: You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.

Peter: I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together

Steve: Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

Bucky: Are you a fart? Cause you blew me away!!

Ok but remember the first time Teru tried lifting Mob, he had his defenses up & it was sO HARD FOR TERU

but then afterwards they became friends & just

and also more recently

“Go ahead and take a nap! I’ll just float you around ‘till we get to school.”

im sobbing like a baby right now kinda like when you cried as a 7 year old because you were frustrated about something. i posted a joke that i was going to sleep for dinner and they offered to have a pizza delivered to me but i would never ever accept money or food from someone else even though pizza sounds great, but i dont need pizza. thats wat its come down to lately, i cant even buy myself poptarts because i feel guilty. i only eat rice bread eggs and tortillas and bananas because that it wat i need. i dont want anyone to give me money OR ADVICE I DONT WANT ADVICE ON HOW TO FEEL BETTER. i just want someone to agree and tell me it sucks or relate idk and tal about how FUCKED UP this entire system is that we live in and how we cant escape it because it makes me feel so fucking frustrated. 

i dont feel poor i have a laptop and phone and a bed but i cant fucking buy a box of $1.89 poptarts from walmart bc unecessary purchases like that add up and leave my account at double digits. it feels impossible to save up for the things i wanted to do. i wanted to go to japan and now i cant because i spent my $1000 savings on over priced tuition. i cant buy my melodica or my switch bc i broke my cheaply made also overpriced phone AGAIN and need a new one. i know i dotn need a switch or musical instruments but they make me happy. 

my friend asking me if i wanted a pizza made me realize that i probably am poor and how impossible finances feel, like working is pointless bc the money is gone before i know it. and then i have to go abck to work again and again and again and again. i cant help but feel annoyed when i see customers spend $50+ on h&m clothing bc thats groceries and gas. customers my age saying “ugh i really shouldnt be spending this much!! oh well :)”

this post means nothing. im starting my period soon and im prolly just having an episode that id like to keep private but also vent about on specific social media platforms like this one (the only platform really). comfort would be nice, no advice though. my biggest fear is that my friends and boyfriend will leave me because i complain too much and i dont do anything about it or that having a random episode of being incredibly sad will get annoying and they will leave me so id rather keep my mouth shut and deal with it by myself. i really only trust beth with that side of me because theyve been there and i dont feel ashamed for venting about how much life fucking SUCKS. half of me loves being positive and ambitious but the other half still says being alive and having ambition is pointless because we all die and no one cares no matter what you do and how hard it is to really pull through with all this ambition you have. maybe i really am lazy or maybe im not as ambitious as i thought to pull through with having my dreams come tru and becoming a musician or working in the arts. getting out of bed and DOING things is hard and being poor fucking sucks. 

again this entire post is meaningless i just feel like complaining about how my nice life is and now lazy i really am about my “craft”.


• a lotta grease, a lotta fluff, and the irresistible urge to always fight :))

• it never matters to him if the timing is right, or if the atmosphere is suitable, chanyeol will never let you go a fucking day without having some lame joke or a greasy pickup line

• ‘hey jagi, if you were a booger i’d pick-’

• ‘chanyeol pls stop’

• he loves it when you play w his ears ofc like he’s gonna be in the middle of talking, and you’re gonna reach over and like stroke his earlobe or smth and i swear to the holy spirit that his facial expression is the funniest thing you’ll have ever seen

• gets jealous when you so much as pOKE another member and he’ll be glaring daggers at them for probably the whole day

• always thirsty for attention

• it’ll be finals week and you’re busting your ass studying but this hoe is gonna text you nonstop shit like if you’re done already and for how long he’s gotta keep himself away from you even though he comes to your house almost everyday

• his words are always contradicting his actions like for example, he’s gonna be like ‘ok im gonna stop texting you now’ and it’ll literally be like five minutes of peace and quiet until he texts you again like ‘are you feeling at ease now that im not texting you’ like chanyeol, christ pls stop

• he likes to use his height to his advantage by using your head as an arm rest or something that makes you want to scREAM

• however, he also uses his height to do the thing where he rests his chin on top of your head and that’s probably the only acceptable action he does regarding how tall he is

• one time when you had to babysit your cousins, chanyeol offered to come and help and you almost went into cardiac arrest like omfg pls don’t these children are already a hand full i don’t need another one

• nevertheless, he swung by and he was surpRISEDLY good at handling children like he cooked for them and gave them piggy backs around the house and now your cousins always look for him whenever they come to your place

• likes to take selfies or eV E RY THI N G

• the both of you are just waiting in line for your order at McDonald’s when he pulls out his phone and takes a selfie with you while you’re not looking

• but you hear the camera sound and you’re like, ‘chanyeol did you actually just take a selfie while we’re simply just waiting for mcd’s ohyymfks wyH’

• his excuse is the same for everything

• ‘memories :))))’

• plays guitar for you a lot

• you admitted that you really liked their performance of sabor ami so chanyeol occasionally plays the song for you and sings in spanish like :)))))

• once you confess to him about stuff you like about him, his whole day is madE, the sun is shining brighter, his skin is clearer, cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in the middle of October, and the bees are safe

• but then again, he gets cocky —— lIKE REALLY COCKY it almost makes you regret having told him in the first place

• 'jagi, what do you like about me ???’

• 'well ,,, i think your voice is hot’ // we all knOW that chanyeols voice is so deep it touches the gates of hell ok we kNOW

• he has a habit of staring at you for too long so when you’re sitting beside him or across, it doesn’t really matter, but you can sense his gaze on you from your peripheral vision so you’re like 'yeah, what’s bothering you’ and he’s just gonna say 'nothing, im just wondering how I got so lucky’

• aforementioned, he likes to use his height to his advantage so when you’re tryna kiss him or smth, he’s gotta bend down or lean in but sometimes he looks up all like 'wow the clouds are pretty today !!!’ just to tease you so you kiss his chin like park chanyeol you fucking braT :))))

• is probably really into memes and that may be the strongest interest the both of you share

• 'jagi, look, i found this rare pepe and-’


• bAEKHYUN is always aLWAYS teasing chanyeol about you and him and just your relationship in general

• 'hey, ______ back when chanyeol had a crush on you, he used to practice pickup lines in front of th-’


• 'oH yEah, and one time, he winked at himse-’

• 'hYUNG PLS I-’

• baekhyun left the room and chanyeol was looking as pale as a ghost and you just saw his fists clenched so hard like 'im gonna kill him, i swear to god almighty that im gonna fukcnging ,,,’

• chanyeol didn’t talk to baek for like three days after that happened and he’s is still salty about it to this day and doesn’t think he’ll ever truly forgive who he thought was his best friend for exposing him like that

• i mentioned it in secret admirer!chanyeol, but despite how confident he tries to act around you, he really is just a smol fragile bean

• you could be eating and both of you reach for the salt and your hands accidentally brush and his ears will just go on fire

• 'chanyeol are your ears red-’

• 'tHYERE NO t’

• despite how tough he makes himself out to be, the hate gets to him and people calling him problematic just really weighs down on his mood

• but he counts on you to listen and just pours out all his negative feelings on you while you just lend him an ear and he’s thankful for that

• when he has to go on tour and leave, you accompany him to the airport and he teases you for crying and tells you not to miss him too much but on the plane where you’re not there to watch, he was silent the whole ride and suho swore he saw chanyeol dab at his eye w a tissue

• but when he’s at the hotel room, he is just iTcHING to facetime or call you and members are like 'ur so annoying, if you wanna talk to her that badly then just call lmao’ and he’s like 'i don’t think u understand how much i cannot do that’ bc like he wants to remain chill and calm and cool and collected

• so he waits for YOU to call and when you do, chanyeol immediately drops his dead monotone face and transitions into the happy virus everyone knows and loves

• hes gonna pick up all like 'lmao wow i just got here wOoOw you miss me that much already ??? nah, i was planning to call you tomorrow but what can i do if you just abSOLUtely cANNOT wait to talk to me yenno’ and the members are just like

• but really, once he starts talking to you, he won’t stop

• since baek shares a room w him, he always complains to chanyeol about how he has to stop giggling like a four year old at every single joke you make, they’re not even funny but chanyeol begs to differ

• its not just baek who complains, every member wakes up and shows up to breakfast looking like they’ve gone through hell and back bc they couldn’t sleep through chanyeol’s loud ass laugh

• “chanyeol, it is two o'clock in the fucking morning, go to sleep we have practice tomorrow”

• claims that he’s a secret romantic 

• and by secret, i mean watching “the notebook” with you in the wee hours of the morning sweating profusely while trying not to scream of excitement

• sometimes you like to pull pranks on strangers 

• but yours and his idea of a good prank is ding dong ditching

• this relationship is probably the most hilarious alright y’all are just always tryna have a good time

signs as cheesy pick up lines
  • aries: baby if you were words on a page, you would be FINE print
  • taurus: i seem to have lost my number. can i have yours?
  • gemini: call me nemo cause I'm not afraid to touch the butt
  • cancer: if i was a cat, i'd spend all nine lives with you
  • leo: damn if sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged!
  • virgo: do you work at dick's? cause your sporting the goods
  • libra: is your dad a baker? cause you have nice buns!
  • scorpio: i was feeling a little off today, but you turned me on
  • sagittarius: are you from tennessee? cause you're the only ten i see
  • capricorn: my doctor says im lacking vitamin u
  • aquarius: if you were a booger i'd pick you first
  • pisces: whats on the menu? me-n-u

Okay, we’ve had some technical difficulties, and the original post got deleted, so it’s being reposted.

Cassandra: “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.” Cassandra made a disgusted noise and rolled her eyes at the Inquisitor, shoving his arm.

Iron Bull: “Are your pants on sale? Because in my house they’d be one hundred percent off.” Bull laughed and grinned at the Inquisitor, licking his lips. “You’re damn right they are, Kadan. You wanna get them one hundred percent off right now?”

Blackwall: “Hey, do you wanna explore my Deep Roads?” Blackwall actually sputtered, choking on air. He almost suffocated to death with how hard he started laughing. “Maker, I love you.” he finally manages to spit out.

Sera: “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” Sera laughed so hard that she almost started crying, it was such an awful pick-up line. She laughed for several moments before she managed to stop, and squeaked out a breathless “So stupid!” before thanking her girlfriend with a kiss. Or more than one.

Dorian: “Are you a wizard? Because alaka-damn.” Dorian groaned loudly and covered his mouth, stifling a laugh. “Amatus, that actually hurt.” he groused, though the smile on his face said otherwise.

Solas: “Are you a mage? ‘Cause I’m feeling some magic between us right now.” Solas threw a hand on his face, groaning and laughing harder than the Inquisitor expected. “Fenedhis, Vhenan, that was awful.

Josephine: “Did it hurt when you fell from the Golden City?” Josephine turned red as a beet and covered her face with both hands. “My love…” she trailed off, exasperated, “that was the absolute worst line I have ever heard.” Nevertheless, she smiles, giggling slightly to herself.

Cullen: “You know what would look good on you? Me.” Cullen snorted and briefly snickered immaturely. “Is that a hint that you want to spend some time together?” he asked, extending am arm out. The Inquisitor took it, and they both giggled as they headed out to the battlements, the Inquisitor’s arm around his.

Thanks to Aquaticsmores for helping me figure out a pick-up line for Solas. You terrible, beautiful genius.

Got my machine back! it works better now, I can use the highest quality print size without it leaving weird little pla boogers on stuff.  I printed out what I was working on when it quit and it looks great!  I don’t have permission to show it yet but SOON.

But the rest of the weekend was spent in a scramble to get my taxes done. x_x;  owed less than last year but man, the US is set up to fuck you if you’re trying to earn a living separate from a corporation.  I DID make a small profit this year, so that’s great!  But it’s half gone.  I used it to buy plane tickets home for christmas. :X

So I didn’t get packages out again, but tomorrow!  They will go out!  This is why I never take commissions for custom dolls. ;D;  The winners who got custom Clever Littles have waited since August to get their dolls!  I only have the weekend to work and sometimes I don’t even have that. SAD! 

Also the man who did our taxes was a clone of my dad.  it was so weird!  but at the same time so nice.  It was like I got to spend an afternoon with my dad!  I probably won’t get to see him again till Christmas because I can’t take time off from work this summer(it’s a release year for my day job making games).  So at least I got to pretend!