pete rodriguez - el rey soy yo

I love this type of salsa (boogalo). If my mother was here, I know she would’ve been my dance partner ^~^.

hola rockeros~ listen up - do a little boogaloo - here’s a perfect summertime mixtape from the archives of DJ Bart Blackstone. got the window open on a warm summer night, well past midnight. even if you be in a chilly clime, this gonna warm yr soul right up!

I’ve been seriously into Boogaloo and 60’s latin soul music since I was a college radio dj. Years ago, back in the 90’s, I was walking near Times Square and glanced into a dumpster to find case after case of records being thrown out from an old dance studio that had gone out of business. The dance studio must have been hot in the latin disco era and had fallen on hard times. Workers were ripping out the walls and light fixtures.

In the record cases there were impossibly rare 7 inch records from groups like Joe Bataan, Johnny Zamot, Joe Cuba, Salsoul Orchestra, Pete Terrace, Ray Barretto and more. They were all impeccably kept in heavy duty cardboard sleeves, alphabetized and labeled. I had my friend guard the records securely while I quickly flagged a cab and loaded it’s trunk full. It was the score of a lifetime.

I made this mix tape shortly thereafter in my small Hell’s Kitchen apartment and I like to bring it out when the weather starts to get hot. Hope you like it and if you do, please download and share. Keep the music alive!

via the awesome Bart Blackstone


Lonnie Smith
Swing, Jazz


QUICK TIP 05: DISPLACER BLUB from Berd on Vimeo.

Working at I had the chance to discover a new way to create this kind of landscapes just with a plane and the displacer effect.

All you have to do is to create a plane object, then add a displacer effector as a child and play with the layers on the shader parameter. It’s worth playing with so many layers to reach complex shapes (some of my shapes have a plain effector as well).

Please, be creative.

Check-out the whole project here:

Audio: La Sra. Tomasa - Yo traigo boogalo