boof bonser

Kevin Burkhardt: The official name changing to Boof. Boof, you have to explain.

Boof Bonser: You had to bring that up.

Kevin Burkhardt: C'mon, the fans are curious now. They wanna know where Boof came from?

Boof Bonser: It was a name my mom gave me growing up as a kid. And you know, it stuck so I decided to change it to my real name. Why not?

Kevin Burkhardt: Is that an intimidating thing for you? When you introduce yourself as Boof what is the reaction that you get?

Boof Bonser: I get a lot of people who look at me and say, “really? What’s your name?”

Kevin Burkhardt: And then you pull out your license and they’re stunned?

Boof Bonser: Yeah, basically and then they’re like wow.