At the bottom of the hill…

“Ha ha, ha–*hic!* Heh…”

“…Hey, Jack?”

“Hehehe, yeah?”

“Do you…think we’re ever gonna get better? Like, really better?”

“Ha ha ha…you’ve got a shot, dude. You could be like, a planeswalker for all we know–HAHAHAHahaaa…y-you just gotta keep the faith, right?”

“I guess so. …What about you?”

“*Snrk!* B-Boodle, no one gets better from a billion volts to the brain. And, hehe, I told you about my Core…I’ll-I’ll-I’ll be happy-py to see senior year.”

“…I don’t want you to die.”

“Heehee. That makes two of us!”


“…He-hey, how ‘bout this–I prom-omise not to d-die if you promise not to disappear. Sound good?”

“…Yeah. Sounds good.”


{Jacky Becile belongs to NeckSeductionSurgery, Boodle Walter to PuhPuhTooie. Based on a fic by InkAndScales. Part of the Fanbot High AU.}


I– *thinks of non-specific excuse* I had lack of color.

I tried purplethinks‘ Fractured!Dipper and the time he got possessed by Fractured!Bill in my art style.

Dipper Oaks, right? Right?

We have a scanner but I don’t know my brother’s password on the computer that functions it.

Edit: shit i didn’t put a watermark