Henry Holland.  Brooks’s Club, c. 1776.  

“Of the three great Regency clubs which still survive Brooks’s has probably the most elegant building. In deliberate contrast to the Adam style of Boodle’s, which stands opposite in St. James Street, the architect, Henry Holland, designed what is in effect a small country house in London–and a country house very much in the particular style which the Whig aristocracy made their own.”  –Anthony LeJeune, The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London, 1979

The company responsible for the paint job of the hall shown here used spectrometric analysis to determine the original color, which they then duplicated.

Get to know me meme

I was tagged by jonnor-trash thank you soon much ❤️

Name: Benjamin

Nicknames: Ben, Boodle, Nelly

Birthday: March 23rd

Astrological sign: Aries

Gender: male 

173 cm (5′8″)

Sexual orientation: gay

Romantic orientation: homoromantic

Favorite color: blue, also pink

Time and date: May 12th, 8:00 pm

Average sleep: 6 hours (😒)

Last thing I googled: 
look at this giraffe (the nickleback meme don’t judge)

First word to come to mind: pasta (I’m having dinner)

One place that makes me happy: tumblr

How many blankets I sleep with: just a duvet I’m afraid

Favorite fictional characters: Connor Stevens, Jude Adams Foster, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, Olivia Pope, Mellie Grant, Emily Thorne, Victoria Grayson, Cookie Lyon, Annalise Keating, Padmé Amidala, 

Fav famous person: Just one?!… Hillary Clinton i guess (obviously Gav + Hayden as well) 

Celebrity crush: George Shelley

Favorite book: The Great Gatsby 

Favorite anime: -

Favorite tv shows: Scandal, Empire, Revenge (sort of, i don’t really like season 4), HTGAWM, anything to do with houses (yaaasss Kirstie and Phil), The Fosters

Favorite band: Union J

Favorite games: GTA (😂 i really like driving around)

Last movie watched: Frozen

Dream vacation: Japan (my family say id starve), across USA

Wearing right now: t shirt and sweatpants

Last book read: Pride and Prejudice (in english class and i hated it)

Im tagging jonnor-af bluewarpaintislife and mostlygeorgeuj love you all ❤️ also everyone and anyone who fancies it bc um why wouldn’t we want to get to know you 😄 xx

I tried to use the right click>synonyms function in open office to find a synonym for the word “stops” that better fit my sentence, but the synonyms it gave me were:

Michigan, Chicago, Newmarket, boodle, card game, and cards.

What the fuck.