For zero-00 over yonder on DA. Still contemplating on the color layout for vines and their shoe skates. Also wondering if Bonsh’s zero form (left) should have white strings overlaying on the….top piece…thing.

Time for some notes so I can keep track of things ehehehe

  • Has human arms and hands in zero form. Long sleeves and vines obscure this, usually.
  • Sleeves on top piece are loose, will fall down fast if arms are in upright position. 
  • Packing something other than regular junk downstairs in zero form.
  • Bonsh’s regular form has several piercings and probably a few tattoos somewhere other than the piercings on their face, idk
  • May or may not have a gapping mouth on their back under their fur hood poof thingy.
  • All the vines except the ones coming from lower back are retractable, or they can get longer or thicker. 
  • Normal Bonsh is growing their hair out and debating dying it to seafoam to match their zero form but doesn’t want to spend the money on dye.