boobear and cupcake

Louis: “Marry me”

Harry: “No”

Louis: “No? What what what?”

Harry: “Do you want to marry me?”

Louis: “Yes”

Harry: “Hahaha deal.”

Louis: “ Fuck you”

Harry: “Well, let’s get married”

Louis: “Now I don’t want it”

Harry: “I put you to the test haha”

Louis: “Gne”

Harry: “Ask me again”

Louis: “Will you marry me?”

Harry: “Will you stay awake with me when I can’t sleep?”

Louis: “Yes”

Harry: “Will you let me watch cartoons?”

Louis: “I’ll watch them with you”

Harry:”Will you bear me when I’ll get angry because you squeeze the toothpaste from the center?”

Louis: “Yes, but I’ll still squeeze it from the center”

Harry: “When I’ll be in a good mood and I’ll jump around the house like an idiot, will you be happy with me?”

Louis: “I’ll tell you that you are an idiot, but I’ll be happier  than you”

Harry: “ And when I’ll feel sad?”

Louis: “I’ll make you laugh”

Harry: “will you always tell me everythig? Also the most insignificant things?”

Louis: “Nothing is insignificant”

Harry: “Will you help me to choose the clothes?”

Louis: “It’s ok”

Harry: “Do you love me?”

Louis: “Yes”

Harry: “Why?”

Louis: “Bacause yes”

Harry: “Will you love me Tomorrow?”

Louis: “Yes”

Harry: “And the day after tomorrow?”

Louis: “Tomorrow, the day after Tomorrow and always”

Harry: “Ask me again”

Louis: “Will you marry me?”

Harry: “Yes, I’ll marry you Louis”


If you copy this give me credits, please.