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When you hate to love and love to hate that one character you shouldn’t.


Happy birthday, precious boo. You caught my eye when I was watching the 17 project, and I haven’t looked away since. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt fiercely protective over you, you’ve got that kind of charm. It’s amazing how you help bring a group of 13 people to life, and your vocals are nothing short of impressive, outstanding, exceptional. Stay happy and healthy, we love you ♡


2Seung wallpaper and tumblr header + bonus comic gif for 2seung shippers ♡✧( ु•⌄• )~ please reblog if you use/save any of them~ (photo © 쿱빠=쿱빵)

@shimkungseungkwan @boo-hd @hvnsouls I’m beginning to ship this otp hard because of your fics Kae. I blame you (* ˚᷄ 艸 ˚᷅ *)