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Fanfic Saved my Grade.

Okay, well, maybe not my entire grade, but the research I did to write this Spones fic earned me 10% of my final course grade.  

I just finished my archaeology final exam and one of the essay questions, worth 10% of my ENTIRE course grade, was about the use of coca leaves in the Peruvian highlands in ancient times.


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Heyy, I think I sent you an ask before, but I'm not sure if I made that public. I'm new here, just started my tumblr blog today. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and was hoping you could recommend some more b.a.p blogs to me. I'm a rose era baby, dae biased! I'm v excited for my tumblr experience goshh sorry if I seem awkward

HEY NEW FRIEND!!!! Yes I got the other message but it’s all gucci my love. Thank you so much for liking my blog ;;; I put way too much effort into it sometimes and it makes me really happy that people like it D: ANYWAYS B.A.P blogs you’re looking for!?!?!? well you came to the semi right place since I only follow B.A.P blogs lol ANYWAYS 

@kitty-dae @bap-time @matoki-project @daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks @daehyunprotectionsquad @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin @hana-bunny @7n13bang @diamond4yamv @itsbap @bapquality @bapofficial @thediebutterfly @junhongiee @bangxster @daehyuns-noona @imstillstrongasbap @best-absolute-pabos @eotteokhaji-s @seren4moonjongup @siriuslyjongup @shut-thejongup @shut-the-jongup @himdaes @him-up @himchaans @himchaned @himchansflowerpants @y-ngguk @feelsogukk @yongguk-hell-chyeah @aegyo-chan @youngjaaes @younqjaesthetic @brainboxy @brainboxercheetos @jonqups @jongupssi @jongupism @daematos @daebonair @allbap @brbap @cheeji-cake @cheeji-burger @jion-a @bored-wayward-dragon  @dreamgukkie @dreamermoonchan @jacksons-voice @bangyxnggxk  @the-king-is-back @thisisourkingdom @acuteproficiency @soooldout @bapsujusechskies @faeriedustunicorn @b-124a-p-224 @b-ap @zelosexual @zelo @fluffyjae @fluffyzelo @mato-world @bbangception @daefsoul @daefluffs @bangdaeforlife @ab1004 @7tobap6

and for just strict like 100% B.A.P solid content I recommend following the nets 

@daenet @bapnet @yjaynet @matoki-network @kimhimnet @mjupnet @zelo-net @yongguk-net @bbangnet  :) 

OH ALSO WElcome to the fandom We’re all really loud and extra and love the boys so much and we’re all super friendly trust, also memes, we’re all memes .-. 

You think being a spoonie would make me more empathetic to others when they're sick but...

when my fiancé stays home from work because of a sick stomach on the outside Im the sick ninja. I got the meds out, the heating pad, the water and toast ready when needed. But on the inside Im like “Are you fucking kidding me? Im expected to just go about my day and stop bugging everyone with the pain I deal with. Im scoffed at for desperately working multiple low paying stay at home jobs so I can handle my stomach pain. I deal with this everyday of my life and expected to pull my boot straps up. But yeah boo, stay home from work because your tummy is acting up.” It’s terrible I know. But its how I feel.

Tough life of a k-mother
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Seungkwan:</b> Come on, hyung, you have to admit that Jeonghan hyung is a bit... Crazy...<p/><b>S.Coups:</b> No? What are you talking about???? He is a perfect princess why would you say such a thing<p/><b>Jeonghan *sitting in a corner & laughing*:</b> Dino nUGU AEGI<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> Are you kimbap kidding me<p/></p><p/></p>

William & Dolores + killing for each other

BMC Script Highlights

Don’t just watch Christine, be Christine.


do I even need to explain

there she goes, speaking the truth


Mr. Reyes what

Michael don’t roast your friend in his time of need

I can hear the voices those fonts are indicating

jeez Squip that’s harsh

this was in the song too, but it’s glorious when written out

the one (1) good thing the Squip ever did

jeez Squip that’s harsh

cry your troubles away, then people will like you

Jake, poor confused Jake…


noooo Michael stop burning things

my thoughts on 5x20 (and why it’s better than 3x20)

WOW. I woke up, the sun was shining, my skin was clear, Olicity is rising and Arrow is back on top again. GOD BLESS. 

So I’m doing something different with this recap. Normally I just give bullet-point impressions of the ep. Today I’m doing bullet-point reasons of why I think this ep is better than 3x20. If you know me, then you know that 3x20 has long been my favorite Arrow episode. I had severe doubts that 5x20 could top it. Even when the spoilers started coming out. But then I saw 5x20. 

  • This episode had THRILLS. 
  • The way it started, with Felicity on the floor and Oliver scoping the bunker out with the gun?? Protective!Oliver is hot hot hot! 🔥
  • The way these two bickered in the present day was harsh and rough and absolutely appropriate given how 5x19 ended. 
  • It was also very married and adorable and them. They were more real with each other here than they were in 3x20, I hate to say. 
  • The flashbacks (which the title card said took place 11 months ago… but then MG said on Tumblr last night that he felt it took place closer to 5x01 than it did 4x23 so… basically… somewhere in the summer. Let’s say LATE AUGUST and call it a day) were so full of tension-laden chemistry that I about burst into flames during that scene with Felicity cooing over his boo-boo on his arm. 
  • Yeah that’s another reason 5x20 >>>> 3x20: the flashbacks. Olicity focused flashbacks beat s3 Hong Kong flashbacks any day. 
  • Olicity was so much of this episode. And anything that wasn’t Olicity was the team trying to save Olicity. And Dyla working out their shit. That sure beats Lazarus Pit resurrection and joining the LoA if you ask me. 
  • Oliver and Felicity having a picnic on the mats, eating take-out and drinking two (2!!!) bottles of wine is basically fanfic. ITS FANFIC. 
  • Oliver coaching Felicity on how to do the salmon ladder is also FANFIC. 
  • Oliver demonstrating for Felicity is basically the most preening show pony he’s ever been and I’m here for it. So is she. 
  • As demonstrated by her jumping him with a kiss right after. You get him, girl! 
  • Okay, I’m not sure a love scene this hot on network tv during the 8pm hour is allowed. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • But it’s also fun? Cuz they’re enjoying themselves and each other? And tender? Cuz of all the hearteyes? How is this better than 3x20? I don’t know but it IS. It feels… righter. 
  • Also: full-on “morning after” scene where they’re cuddled up NAKED together on the mats. NAKED. NAAAAKEEEEED. 
  • They want me dead. That’s all there is to say. This cuddling is TOO MUCH. 
  • Of course then things have to get real with Felicity saying it doesn’t mean anything. Oliver’s eyes are saying “excuse you, it meant A LOT to me!”
  • Also: “it was nice”. GIRL PLEASE. It was more than nice. Oliver, you’re not gonna take that lying down are you? Show your girl what “nice” really is. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Or…. save it for the reunion sex. I wouldn’t mind that. 
  • (this said, I still am not convinced we’ll get reunion sex… are we that lucky? i have my doubts)
  • BUT Felicity was right to say what she did. And she did give Oliver and opening. Figure your shit out and get back to me. 
  • Newsflash: he didn’t get back to her. 🤦‍♀️
  • BUT! The present day shows them finally talking this shit out. The shit they should have talked out an EON ago. 
  • Oliver trusts her, he will always trust her. He doesn’t trust himself. He’s not sure if he’s a monster or a hero. 
  • The tear when he told her this nearly murdered me. Death by tear. 
  • Felicity is sure he’s a hero, but he has to believe it. But when he does… it’s ON. 
  • In case you’re concerned: this ties Olicity’s fate with the main conflict of the season. Once Oliver has what he needs to defeat Chase, he will have what he needs to reunite with Felicity. 
  • So if you’re one of those people who keeps sending me anons, step away from the ask box and read one of my posts. THEY ARE REUNITING IN S5. 5x20 CONFIRMED IT. Stop asking me if I still think they’re reuniting. 😂 It’s obvious that I do! 
  • Where was I? OH YES. Okay, so 3x20 ended with Olicity separated and Oliver selling his soul to the LoA. 5x20 ended with hope for our favorite pair reuniting (and for good this time). 
  • Is there any comparison? I don’t think so. 
  • Also, Chase approaching William. I am officially shook. 

God bless this episode. And god bless Olicity. This is my ship. The stunts, the arguments, the selfless acts of heroism, the heart to heart conversations… this is why I’m here. 

Reigns vs Strowman

Okay, just watched the end of Payback, and caught the damage done to Roman Reigns by Strowman. I understand that many of the “smart” fans don’t like Roman, and that feeling has only intensified since the win over Undertaker, but tonight, those “fans” really disgusted me.

Roman Reigns has done NOTHING to earn the ire of the fans AT ALL other than one major fault: He’s not Daniel Bryan. This started two years ago when he won the Rumble and Bryan didn’t. Now, I love DB, I cried when he retired, and I hope to hell he stays out of the ring even after his contract is up. But that was Roman’s moment. He is the next big star for WWE, hell he IS the big star for WWE. He is THE top money drawer in the company right now across the board. And thus the “smart” fans boo him just like they booed Cena for ten years.

Look, I get it. You like the Indy guys. I love them too, but I love Roman. I think he’s got everything WWE looks for in a talent. He’s big, he’s a great athlete, one HELL of a worker, and has INCREDIBLE stage presence. Yeah, he’s not the kind of talker Rock or Cena or Punk were. He’s more like Taker or Triple H, and that’s straight, to the point, and real. They tried to make him like Cena or Rock and it didn’t work. It sucked, flat out, and is a reason many fans started booing him in the first place.

And hey, I’m all for fans expressing themselves. I do it all the time. And if you don’t like the fact that Roman is where he is instead of Sami, Kevin, Finn, or even Punk (though he’s no longer wrestling), I get that too. I was a CM Punk fan to the fucking bone guys, and I HATED it when ADR beat him on a cash in. I hated the fact that Punk didn’t get a HIAC with Triple H after the Night of Champions match like I thought it would happen, but it is what it is. Things like this happen, and we can’t control it. I just try to enjoy the ride.

But tonight… tonight pissed me off. This guy is coming out there bandaged up against a monster like Strowman, showing a level of toughness that not one of you assholes could even HOPE to achieve, and you boo him. Yeah, the injuries are storyline, but the fact remains that you are cheering for a wounded man to get destroyed by an unfeeling lunatic. What world do you fucking live in when THAT is the right thing? Seriously, you’re the people that hate Superman or think Batman should kill criminals. You don’t get what heroes really are, do you?

More than that, Roman is bleeding from the goddamn mouth, obviously hurt, and you start chanting, “Thank you Strowman”? Followed quickly by, “You deserve it”? Go to hell, all of you. No one deserves what Strowman did, not Roman, not anyone. Give me a fucking break. You are the reason why I DON’T Want to go to Live Events, because I know that I will be seated next to some dumbass smart mark trying to tell me how the business works. I don’t care how the business works! I’m trying to watch a show and enjoy myself! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

If you don’t like Roman being in the spot he’s in, stop going to the shows. Stop buying tickets to shows he’s on. That’s the only way Vince will EVER take him out of that spot. But chanting “You deserve it” when a guy’s bleeding from the mouth? Go to hell. Seriously, just go to hell and stay there and let real wrestling fans that actually WANT to enjoy the show take your seats.

This is why humanity pisses me off. You guys cheer for a psychotic monster that revels in hurting people and boo the guy trying to stop his rampage. You realize that you are cheering for Doomsday to kill Superman right? You are cheering for Bane to break Batman’s back. That is what you are doing. You are cheering for evil to win, and it’s this kind of shit that’s why the world is so fucked up. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves for chanting those things, and I hope that you NEVER sit next to me at a show, because I won’t tolerate that shit.

In other words smart marks, GO AWAY!


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