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speculation for the 2B

Reade: Dude, Weller, about you and Nas-
Kurt: Remember that time you dated my sister?
Reade (to Tasha): Sorry, I tried

Tasha: Dude, Weller, about you and Nas-
Kurt: Remember that time you betrayed our boss?
Tasha (to Reade): Sorry, I tried

Patty: Dude, Weller, about you and Nas-
Kurt: Remember that time you dated the mole?
Patterson (to Reade and Tasha): Sorry, I tried                        

Jane: Dude, Weller, about you and Nas-
Kurt: Remember that time you slept with your ex-fiance?
Jane: What did you just say to me?

Nas: Kurt?
Kurt: New phone who dis?


seungkwan’s rather awkward encounter with a random audience member 😂😂😂 // (©)

OMG what if during BOO Nico was a Roman demigod instead of Greek and Nico and Will are supposed to be enemies but they fall in love- Oh, that would be cool if you could write an au for that? Something along those lines? 
Sorry, this is so late, but this was really hard to write for me for some reason. it just didn’t want to come out. I’m not sure if I’m happy about this, but it’s something. Also, I’m not sure it makes a lot of sense.

That being said, I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Several words fill Nico’s head when he walks into the room, none of them positive. Reyna had insisted he’d be there, although he clearly doesn’t want to. But it’s no use saying no to Reyna, you’ll end up doing it anyway. I need you there and you’re one of the only people I really trust and please. The last one is always the one that ends up convincing him, because it means she truly wants him to come and he just can’t deny her that; she’s one of his only close friends after all. He wonders if she’d still want him here after he kills one of the Graeci. He doesn’t even understand why this is necessary in the first place. Or he pretends he doesn’t.

An enemy of my enemy is my friend.

That’s what Reyna had said trying to persuade him it was a good idea. But honestly, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be friends with these people.

An enemy of my enemy is less my enemy than my actual enemy, is probably more accurate. It sounds like shit, though and shitty proverbs rarely live on.

He takes a deep breath, preparing himself to face the Greeks. He steps into the room. It’s worse than he expected. Reyna and Jason are standing straight at one side of the room, a serious but slightly judging look on their faces. One Greek boy is sitting on a chair, slouched down and is seemingly engaged in what seems to be a friendly game of arm-wrestling with a blonde girl. The boy is quite handsome, Nico supposes.

He scans the room and huffs when he sees that all Greek demigods are acting like the world isn’t about to end if they don’t do something fast. He catches Reyna’s eye and scrunches his eyes. He lightly shakes his head at her, making it clear he regrets coming already. The boy from earlier with the piercing sea green eyes lets out a bark of laughter that would have Nico jumping in surprise if it weren’t for the fact that he’s got a lot of training up his sleeve. The blonde girl seems to have beaten him at arm-wrestling; there’s a victor’s light shining in her eyes. Nico decides she might not be that bad if she shows the same determination on the battlefield.

Then he looks up and locks eyes with a pair of blue ones.


The boy has hair like midnight and a face more handsome than any of the gods, with dark eyes that look ready to kill them all by simply shooting one single glare. When their eyes lock, a little tingle creeps up his spine, making him suppress a shudder and giving him goose bumps.

The Romans are standing in a straight line, looking at Will’s fellow campers in distaste and arrogance. They’re scanning the room, some have pursed lips, others have their eyebrows raised, others are straight-up rolling their eyes at them. Will can feel that this collaboration is going to be hard.

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Happy May the Fourth! Have some Kanera AU trash lol. Teenage AU! 

When plucky sixteen year old Hera gets wind on an illegal slaver ring, she’s on a mission to expose their syndicate and free their captives. Easier said than done but luckily she’s got a Jedi on her side. Sort of.

Jedi padawan Caleb Dume is anxiously waiting for the day he’ll be deemed ready for his knighthood trials. Of course, it would probably be a lot easier if he wasn’t always getting into trouble with the Council thanks to a certain twi’lek with a penchant for vigilantism. 


Just a fun AU idea I’m messing with. Not sure if I should draw it out or write it out. I’m somewhat attached to Jedi!Caleb AUs mostly because canon already follows the life and times of Kanan Jarrus (and I’m very eager to see that unfold) so I waste my time with AUs lol.

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i was hanging out with my crush (who happens to be my bff) and she fuCKING LIFTED UP HER SHIRT AND WAS ALL LIKE "omfg look how cute my new bra is !!" and holy FUCK i had to just be like "oh yeah it looks great !" but on the inside i was fucking dying she is such a goddess

Omg i did that to nell and then nell came out the Next Day i was like owo what this! ur me omg hang in there boo


MORE POKEMON??? MORE POKEMON!!! while I think of something to do for the pokemon go teams…

I almost didn’t do the original starters cuz everyone and their dog’s done them to death but then figured…eh? why not. so if you’re interested HERE’S SOME STICKERS~!!! also I redrew litten cuz I kind of didn’t like my original design.

also dang I love the creepy pika-boo so…so much. omg. precious child…




PIKABOO: seriously what’s this thing’s name???





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