boo to you!

anonymous asked:

yikes but have the people who insist that lance isn't cuban considered the literal words that came from the creators??? or like??? that people from cuba don't all look the same??? and that lance can still be full cuban while still having family members lighter than him??? do they understand that genetics don't work in a way that makes an entire nation have the Exact Same skin color??

they actually don’t understand that, that’s the wild part. they literally think every hispanic person in the world looks exactly the same. we are all carbon copies of George Lopez. and if you don’t look like George Lopez??? then??? you’re not hispanic boo what can i tell you

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✨Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo✨ There! Now you will never be sad and only happy things will happen to you!

((OOC: is it the intense number of pain killers I’ve just taken or your magic making me feel better? Hmmmm))