Seventeen’s reaction to you get in a car accident / Vocal team

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He’s in the rehearsal room, they’re practicing for the upcoming comeback when one of their managers stops the rehearsals and asks him to follow him out of the room. He’s perplexed, instantly thinking about what may have been wrong but nothing comes to his mind. He trained hard, every single moment and his behavior were impeccable (except for the continual jokes at Jihoon or Chan).  

“Pdnim.. What’s going on? ”  

“Jeonghan.. I’m sorry to be giving you this news, but.. Y/N is in the hospital, she had a car accident. ”  

He had thought of the various scenarios, but that was the only one who didn’t consider. Immediately the earth trembles under his feet and his manager must support him, while the door of the rehearsal room opens and Seungcheol and Jihoon exit because they were worried after noticing the expression of the manager. As soon as they see their friend’s desperate gaze they run near him, replacing the manager’s arms with their own.  

“I want to.. Can I go to her..? ”  

“Of course, the van is already ready Jeonghan.”  

He simply nods and the manager whispers something in the ear of the leader, who for a second opens wide his eyes but immediately returns to himself. Meanwhile, Jeonghan no longer hears anything, not even his own beating heart. It’s as if every emotion, pain, feelings has disappeared from his heart. Supported by his friends he leaves the building and in the car, sitting against the window, he hides his face in his hands trying to hold back the tears that continue to sting his eyes. He doesn’t want to crumble, he is not the type but the thought of the girl who loves in a hospital bed doesn’t help him.  

When they get to the hospital he accepts help from Seungcheol, while Jihoon stays back to talk to the nurse who wanted to stop them from passing by, coming up to the room where you are “resting”.  

He Thanks his friend with a smile, albeit pulled, and enters approaching the bed with his legs that tremble. You two always made that speech “if I died before, what would you do?” but Jeonghan never thought of being in front of a similar possibility. He falls on the chair next to the bed, taking your hand into his starting to kiss her repeatedly.  

“I love you, don’t leave me, I can’t live without you.” It’s the only thing that whispers for hours and hours.  


Joshua is a relatively calm person but when, while waiting for your return in your apartment, the phone call comes everything around him loses meaning.  

He can’t even remember his name and the first thing he does, mentally, is to pray that you’re okay. That they’re not serious damage, that within a few days you can get out of the hospital and he can treat you like the princess you are.  

Quickly he recovers his wallet and comes out, trying to keep calm or at least a semblance of it. He can’t think of a life without you, his empty mornings without your good morning or your funny weird laugh that he finds adorable.  

The hospital isn’t far and walking is needed to maintain concentration, despite feeling the pain in his heart increase at every step. He knows nothing, whether you’re good or not and the uncertainty is eating him alive. When the automatic doors open and the smell of disinfectant typical of hospitals invests him, a new sensation invades his stomach. Fear, the most treacherous.  

He approaches the counter, noticing only at that moment his hands shaking and asking for information about you.  

“Who are you?”  

“The boyfriend.”  

“Only parents–”  

“He’s with me.”  

Your mother’s voice catches him by surprise, but immediately turns to her and makes a slight bow. He can’t tolerate looking at her in the face, you have the same lines so he simply follows her up to the room where until a few moments ago they were reanimating your heart that had suddenly stopped.  

He swallows, shaking even more and entering the room he freezes in seeing your conditions. He’s unable to move a step, totally immovable while the fear of losing you becomes every second more intense so that he loses that self control that characterizes him. He sits on a small sofa, away from the bed, squeezing his head in his hands and starting to cry he prays the Lord to do that one favor.  

“Don’t take her away, she’s all I have.”  


He’s in the recording room as always. That’s his world and we know how much he loves composing verses and music. Unfortunately, he has his phone in silent mode and doesn’t notice the continuous light of the screen, a sign of countless calls and messages from your best friend and your brother.  

By now it is two at night when WonWoo enters the studio with a cold look, but now Jihoon is accustomed to it. He’s not used to seeing him out of bed without a predetermined schedule. And that’s what makes him uneasy more than everything, so he turns the chair and poses his own gaze on his friend.  

“The phone is an optional, Hyung?”  

He arches an eyebrow and takes his phone from the table, holding his breath when he finally sees the countless missed calls and messages.  

He opens the first message and immediately the guilt invades his veins, causing him to tremble from head to toe. Without saying anything he rises from the chair and runs out of the rehearsal room, starting to look for his own manager because he needs to run to the hospital. He needs to make sure that you’re okay, that despite his nonsense the kiss of that morning wasn’t the last.  

He’s not kind of crying, a bit like Jeonghan, but at that moment the stress of those months and fear have the best on him. Warm tears begin to flow on his cheeky cheekbones. He struggles to say a few words to the manager, but he understands and despite the timetable accompanies him in the hospital, avoiding as always that someone sees him and takes some photos.  

He doesn’t stop even to ask for information, he already knows the number of the room and when he comes to the plan seeing your family sitting, who cries and who fixes a point of the wall without saying anything, he falls on his knees, thinking of the worst scenario.  

Your best friend approaches him and starts yelling at him, but he remains silent. If he would normally answer for rhymes, hating the lack of respect and rude manners, but at that moment he knows to deserve every word that she’s throwing on him.  

“Just tell me.. J-Just tell me she’s alive. ”  

“She is, but you don’t deserve her,  Jihoon. She needed you. ”  

That phrase hurts him more than anything else, but he lowers his head knowing in his own heart that is true. You needed him and he, for the umpteenth time, wasn’t by your side.  

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This little and fluffy boy, always on the defensive with his sassy diva side, would be the most devastated among the five along with Seokmin.  

He was together with Vernon, he asked help for a gift to make you or maybe just a company in the shopping, and they were walking to your house when the ambulance sirens caught his attention. He followed the vehicle with his gaze, until the car turn, oddly in the same street where they also would turn from there to little.  

Taken from curiosity he has increased his pace, immediately noticing the small crowd gathered in the middle of the street and some paramedics who tried to make their way through the passers.  

“Ah Ah Seungkwan, I don’t like blood.. Can we go away? ” Vernon asks, holding on the wrist of his friend but in Seungwan there is a strange feeling. A voice that keeps yelling at him, “go and see, go and see.”  

And so he does, but just recognize your shoe just away from the circle of people his heart stops. His face already pale becomes even paler, while forcibly he pushing people to have proof that you are not the one that the paramedics are trying to rescue.  

“A car took her in full, poor girl. And the driver didn’t even stop! ”  

He hears explaining from a lady, while Vernon’s voice continues to tell him to stop but nothing comes to his brain. It’s like paralyzed.  

And as soon as he sees your body, on the ground, and a horrible puddle of blood beneath you begins to scream your name trying to get close to you, but immediately both Vernon and a paramedic prevent him from approaching you. 

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING? SHE’S MY GIRLF… LET ME GO, FOR THE GOD’S SAKE!” He continues to scream, as he wiggles in the arms of his friend who is as upset as he is.  

He starts crying with a lot of hiccups and forces the paramedics to pick up both on the ambulance, because no one can stop him and if forced he would be attached to any handle of the tailgate.  

Immediately he sits next to the cot, shakes your hand and crying he leaves little kisses on your blood dirty skin. He can’t survive if you leave him, you’re the only reason he didn’t drop off during his days as a trainee.  

“Please.. If you come back I swear that I don’t wake up anymore with the song Wake Up, I promise. ” He murmurs with the voice broken by tears, while Vernon at his side caresses his back trying to calm him; “And I buy you that bag you liked, I bring you everywhere. But please, don’t leave me.. I need you to be me.”  


He’s a crybaby, despite always trying to prove the opposite. And it’s normal because Seokmin is an incredibly solar soul but sensitive at the same time. And you mean the world to him, you’re the spark that makes his soul burns.  

You are hand in hand, while he hums one of their new songs that you love incredibly much. It’s a fraction of a second. Neither sees the car coming and you shove him sideways because the only thing you thought was “I must save him”.  

Seokmin looks at the scene, which takes place in the slow motion before him, feeling his own world collapsing when he sees the car that takes you in full and makes you fly a few feet away. The sounds are completely erased, he can’t hear anything. His heart beats violently and immediately he rises, running at the point where your body fell after the impact.  

He ignores anything, while he caresses your face with trembling hands and begins to whisper “Stay With Me” in tears, while around him have gathered as many people as possible and he hopes they have already called an ambulance.  


“Sh, I’m here.. And.., you wanted to be a superhero? ”  


He smiles at your little effort, while he touches your forehead with his lips and then your cheeks and then leaves a small but full of meaning kiss on your lips filthy of blood. He’s trying not to collapse in front of you, even though the tears have already started to flow fast on his red cheeks because of the temperature of that day.  

“C-Can.. Y-y-you s-s-sing something..? ”  

He’s taken aback by that request, but he nods and lightens the voice trying to keep calm. He even comes to think of what Joshua Hyung would do, which is one of the calmest, so as not to make you worry too much. Some people have started shooting the scene without respect, but he doesn’t care because now you’re his only concern. With sweetness he begins to sing “20”, which he perfectly knows to be your favorite song ever and grips your hand, caressing your hair with the other hand.  

He sings, sings and continues to sing despite his dry throat, the tears that wet his cheeks and the violent knot in his throat formed to the idea of losing you. In the distance he can hear the sirens of the ambulance and he bends towards you, resting gently his lips on your forehead.  

“Don’t go anywhere, okay? You’re still my number one fan.. Hang on a little more, Jagi.. I am with you, I will always be with you. ”

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Closing Time - Seungkwan fluff

Pairing: Seungkwan x Reader

Genre: Cliche, Fluff

Word Count: 930

Warnings: None :)

Description: You were just someone who had a normal life, looking for nothing more. But as time passed by, you were looking at the same person the entire time without realizing.

A/N: I actually really like this one, and I kind of want to make more parts of it to add more. Again I’m sorry this is technically a day late, but I tend to write when it’s 12 to 1 in the morning. Thank you for the request anon and enjoy! If you like this, request for a part two!

You were a girl/guy living in Seoul, just trying to get by like everyone else. Balancing school while working at a Starbucks, settling down at the end of the day by going out with friends, or staying in watching a movie. That was you and you wanted nothing more. It was perfect. Nothing like dating was even in your radar. At least you thought it wasn’t.

Since you started working, you noticed that from time to time, a group of boys would walk in and order multiple drinks for what you assumed was a for a large group. They’d come in at least once a week either tired with droplets of sweat still falling, or casually walking in ready for their coffee. Even though they were a large group, one always caught your eye. He seemed like the life of the party alongside with some others of the group, always cracking jokes and still remain kind and courteous. All of this pairing with his beautiful features, and the way they shaped his face. This never reached your mind until they stopped coming in. They weren’t there to greet the you and the other employees they’ve gotten to know, or make jokes that somehow was able to make everyone in the area laugh. To your surprise, you missed their presence without knowing much about any of them.

Of course, you didn’t let yourself get stuck on something like this so you moved on in life. And to your luck, when you did, they came back. It was almost closing time, and you were the one responsible for closing the store. Cleaning tables and emptying what was left of the tip jar, you leaned back sighing. The new found silence was almost deafening. You then turn off the last light heading to the door, but stopped by a hand pushing on the opposite side. You looked to see who it was and it was him. And what felt like it had been forever, he flashed a classic toothy smile.

“Hi! um sorry but I was just about to close up” His eyebrows slightly furrowed.

“Oh, sorry, but is there anyway I can trouble you for an order?” 

You take a moment to look back at the dark shadowy figures and shrugged. “Yeah come on in,”

He smiles going in to take a seat by the window, taking out his wallet ready to pay you personally.

“The usual…” You start to ask before realizing you never learned his name.

“Seungkwan. And no it’s just me, I’ll just have an Americano” You nod starting to make his drink. Only a few moments in and you catch yourself looking at him. He was looking out at the lamp posts lined up down the street, the dim lights shining down on him. Still, you shook it off and took a seat in front of him with his Americano and now your Macchiato.

“So Seungkwan, what brings you back here at this hour” 

He smiles turning his attention to you. “Well I just came back from the states and have been promoting my bands new mini album”

“Oh really, you’re in a band? That explains the multiple drink orders. How was it?”

“It was amazing, our fans have been so supportive and we’re so proud of this album-” He looks down and smiles at the thought before continuing. “The states was amazing too. We actually tried to get the exclusive drink from Starbucks but it was already gone by then” The sentence caused you both to laugh.

“You went to another barista? I’m offended” You mock.

This earns another smile and laugh from him as he gazes at you. There’s a moment of silence before he starts talking again. “Are you sure we can be here at this hour? You did say you were going to close’

“Yeah we’ll be fine. Tell me more about your music and the states” You say wanting to initiate the conversation once more. He starts off with explaining his trip further transitioning to his band.

“- Yeah I’m from Seventeen from Pledis. Actually our building isn’t too far from here”

“I think I’ve heard of it, I think I actually pass it everyday when I go to work”

The night further continues with you talking each others ears off. Him talking about work and his band, and you talking about what you want to do after school and how life is for you here. As time passed, you found your interest in him growing. So much that you lost track of time. The sun was rising and you were just mid sentence in about your first year of college.

“Damn time does go fast” Seungkwan yawns stretching in his seat.

Somehow, you felt a little guilty taking up his night as you were throwing away both your drinks. You apologize, though he laughs shaking his head.

“No I had fun, don’t be sorry” You both head to the door, him ready to leave and rush to get to work.

Something inside of you felt the need to get to know him better, and advance your relationship outside of employee and customer. The feeling was strange, but intriguing at the same time. “We should do this again sometime, but you know, not in the midst of the night as I’m just getting done with work”

“Yeah we should. You know where to find me-” He smiles opening the door. “Oh and sorry I didn’t let you close up”

You laugh and shrug looking around. “At least I’m early and dressed for work”

underappreciated things about seventeen

s.coups: his voice (I will never shut up about his voice bc his breath control is just A++++)

jeonghan: dancingskillsdancingskillsdanci-

joshua: same as jeonghan actually bc he’s improved a lot since their debut pls recognise his efforts

jun: his talent?? won multiple awards in national competitions for martial arts, art and drumming? has an arsenal of awards for his acting?????

hoshi: how he leads the performance unit with such discipline yet also knows how to take care of his members so well and bring out the best in each of them

wonwoo: his dedication and work ethic (according to the other rappers he has multiple notebooks completely filled with rap lyrics he’s written)

woozi: his legendary 2 rap lines in fronting and in the wally mixtape with vernon and scoops yES

dokyeom: how he puts so much pressure on himself as a main vocalist but is still always cheery and energetic (like when he cried when the judge only praised seungkwan and not him)

mingyu: his sense of humour like whY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT HOW FUNNY HE IS

minghao: his endless talent in singing and rapping and dancing and b-boying and martial arts chinaline is just a doraemon’s pocket of talent really

seungkwan: how he’s so willing to make fun of himself just to make others laugh (he turns every insult he gets into a joke he’s just so easygoing)

vernon: the amount of passion he has for rap (you can just tell how much he loves rapping and how he pours all of his emotions into his lyrics)

dino: everything. just everything.