boo sandra

(no, I obviously didn’t take that picture today cry it’s from last October)
I missed two days! Why? Sunday was extremely crappy and, just like last time I missed a day, I fell asleep around 8pm (apparently that’s something I do every now and then…….)
Yesterday was like a continuation of the Sunday crap. Actually the days weren’t that bad, but my period is lurking around the corner and I think it was playing some hormonal tricks on me. So, Sunday I slept and yesterday I couldn’t find any inspiration at all.
Compared to the past two days today was good. Walked home from work, watched latest Teen Wolf episode, edited some photos in photoshop etc. Good things. Didn’t get any school work done but it’s ok, I’m on schedule and all so it’s fine. Going to bed now (it’s almost a quarter past 11pm) and hopefully I’ll get some reading done before sleep ♡