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New EAH and MH dolls

Ever After High

Candy Coated
Madeline Hatter
Cedar Wood
Holly O'Hair 

Sugar Coated Kitchen with Ginger Breadhouse Doll Playset

Enchanted Picnic
Raven Queen
Cerise Hood
Blondie Lockes

School Spirit Apple White and Raven Queen Doll (2-Pack) 

Monster High

Boo York, Boo York (Frightseers?)
Clawdeen Wolf

Lagoona Blue and Gil Weber Doll (2-Pack) 

ESTP Females

Brona Croft from Penny Dreadful

Merida from Brave

Raven Reyes from The 100

Amy Pond from Doctor Who

Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cece from New Girl

Claire Temple from Daredevil

Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls

Big Boo from Orange is the New Black

Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica

Lieutenant Tasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Jenny from The League

Not So Easy

Genre: Angst

Hey guys, just a short little idea I had. Enjoyy

She doesn’t fall in love easily. She was funny, loud and the nicest girl in school. 

She is beautiful.

Many boys confessed their crush to her, sometimes she would accept them, but she never had feelings for them. She only did it, because she didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Little did she know, she would only hurt them more by agreeing. “So whats the plan?” the raven hair boy asked. “Easy, break her heart.”

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Imagine Having Cheshire Cat-like Powers and Meeting Loki

Originally posted by amypikachu

“And this maiden that you thought it so important for me to meet? Where is she, Thor?” Loki gave his adoptive brother a somewhat annoyed look. An odd laugh from behind him caught his attention, and he swirled around to face the sound, but the body it belonged to had disappeared, leaving only a mischievous grin in its place. Loki gave the thunder god a huff of annoyance.

“Brilliant, Thor. You’re hilarious,” he frowned.

“Lady Y/N is a rather adept trickster, as well, though not in the way you typically go about your mischief,” Thor commented. You laughed again, appearing directly behind Loki and whispering, “Boo.” The raven-haired god turned to face you again, but, just as before, you were gone. Finally, your smile appeared beside Thor, and your full body materialized after it.

“It just looks like to me that you’re getting…curiouser and curiouser,” you quipped. Loki smiled at you. Oh, yes, he liked you, indeed.

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Hello everyone! Here’s a little reminder of Comic-Con exclusives:
The San Diego Comic-Con is around the corner, and pre-orders for this year’s exclusives for both Ever After High and Monster High are about to go up. Here are some important things to know about those to prevent you from the hassle -

- If you are NOT attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, do NOT pre-order them! has made it clear every year that the pre-orders MUST be picked up at Comic-Con before Saturday, or else they will be sold to others in the convention. You MUST have a Comic-Con badge in order for them to release them to you. If you pre-order and don’t have a badge or you are not attending the event, you money will NOT be refunded. This also applies to those only attending on Sunday. Avoid the hassle and do not pre-order if you can’t make it to the event. You’ve been warned!
- I personally do not recommend you to pre-order from eBay sellers as of yet. Consider that none of those sellers have a guaranteed chance on getting the dolls you’ve pre-ordered. Sure, if they can’t get them they’re more than likely to cancel your order, but why go through the hassle of contacting eBay and such for a refund, right? I recommend that if you want these dolls, wait until the sellers actually has them in hand or he/she has a way to prove to you that they’ve been pre-ordered or acquired.
- If you are attending and planning to pre-order, use a credit card that has THE SAME NAME as the name of your badge. They will be making sure that your badge name matches your card name, or they won’t release (even if you have the receipt). You must present your badge, credit card, ID and the receipt for them to release your pre-orders to you.

These advices are so you won’t experience problems or disappointments. I agree on the fact that it’s really upsetting that you will only be able to get them here or to pay outrageous prices for them, but that’s something that’s been going on for years now, unfortunately. Remember that if all goes well, we’ll be doing an international giveaway in the future. More details will come once we acquire the exclusives in July. We will be going all four days so we’ll bring you tons of pictures and news we hear at the event!