boo ravens

side note though: how much did Eliza Taylor and Marie Avgeropoulos look like a lesbian power couple during SDCC this year, like damn!

like (I refuse to crop out lindsey cause she looks so beautiful)

and..(Again I will not crop the others cause this whole thing is gay as fuck)

also.. bruh the hands

and like again..


Raven Is back and she still got it after 10 years. Chelsea is still well Chelsea. I like the dynamic and Raven’s son having psychic powers and neither knowing the other has powers. That is going to be interesting. Descendants 2 was amazing. Better than the first. China Anne McClain was amazing as Uma. The “It’s Goin’ Down” number was lit! I have to say the song numbers with China in it were my favorite. The most epic part was the battle between Uma and Mal. Seeing Uma as a giant octopus and Mal a dragon was awesome. I thought Ben was going to turn into a beast for a second. During the whole movie I was way to hyped up. It truly is better than the first movie and that is very rare to happen with sequels. If they decide to do a 3rd, I want to see Tiana and Naveen’s kid, Ariel’s daughter Melody, Pocahontas’ son, and Rapunzel and Eugene’s kid. I would like to see them because well they’re the only ones missing so far. Oh and Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid as well. So Disney needs to get right on that lol. Both premieres were amazing and I am going to rewatch them right now.


My new kindle case arrived I’m so excited!! The old one was severely worn out, it was falling apart and no longer stood up in landscape mode. This one is much sturdier and it’s SPACE PRINT!! No more fake leather bits falling off everywhere haha


Solomon: We’re just kidding, don’t worry [snickering]
October: Well, Belly, just know that Raven and I are 100% gonna be there. And even though I haven’t seen your pieces yet, I know what a great artist you are. People are gonna love you, ok?
Belcalis: Thank you, Oc-october. I won’t be so nervous with you there. 
October: No, problem. I gotta get going or mom’ll kill me. 
Solomon: Tell Aunt Unity we said Hi.

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I just realized that the Braven sex scene was so gentle ;---; soulmates right there boo

bellamy and raven are simultaneously intense and gentle. that scene was the result of weeks of sexual tension, and it was fast and angry, but it was also intimate and soft. her legs wrapping around him… her fingers running through his hair… his hands firm on her waist… his big arms enveloping her tiny frame almost protectively. bellamy cared, and this changed them forever

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prompt: a gaf au reunion!

“we should have a reunion,” clarke says, walking into their living room with the bottle of wine lexa sent her away for.


“yeah. like, with all our high school friends.”

lexa holds her glass out, pulls it back in to drain the very last bit in her glass, just a few drops. she holds her glass out again and clarke takes it to pour in case lexa pulls away again. while she does, lexa considers the suggestion.

“why would we do that?”

“yeah, we’re around all the time,” raven adds, holding her glass out next. she grins from the couch, which she’s stretched her whole body out on in the minute clarke had been gone.



“move, come on,” clarke whines, pouring her own glass finally.

“join me, we can get…reunited,” raven offers, grinning.

lexa splutters a laugh around her wine and high fives raven when she sees raven has her hand out for one.

“thank you, lexa,” raven laughs. “seriously though, why do you want a reunion.”

“i don’t know, i thought it would be fun or whatever.” clarke stares down at raven on the couch for a long time before carefully lowering herself in all the space raven isn’t taking up.

they clink to her success.

“we can have a reunion, my love,” lexa tells her, and she navigates putting her wine glass down and trading it for her phone. she squints at the screen. “o can’t make it tonight, they’re still on campus.”

“boo,” raven sulks. “we can facetime them,” she offers instead, and she and clarke clink again.

lexa is silent for a minute then, “carm and elle are on their way. wells was already on his way, his date went poorly then,”

“yeah but who’s surprised about that?”

“hello,” raven nods, “who was wells dating?”

“clarke will get you caught up, i’m certain,” lexa remarks, and clarke narrows her eyes.

“i am not a gossip.”

“that is what you say,” lexa allows, and she smiles when clarke rolls her eyes and starts to tell raven about what she’s missed. they’re still going when wells lets himself in and catches the tail end of the discussion, and he rolls his eyes and bends to kiss clarke on the cheek. “hello wells, you look very handsome tonight.”

“thank you, lexa. kiss hello?” he offers and when she shakes her head no after a moment he gives her a lovely smile instead and pulls her favourite cheese from the carry bag in his hand. “fridge or for now?”

“now. there are more glasses in the kitchen, please assist yourself.”

he stoops to kiss raven on his way into the kitchen, who swats his shoulder, and he pats teddy enthusiastically too.

“carm will be here soon.”

“and eleanor,” carm drawls from the front hallway. “couldn’t shake her.”

“boo,” clarke shouts, and carm flicks her head on her way past the couch.

“where’s the booze, lexa?”

“kitchen. hello carmilla.”

carm wrinkles her nose a little but responds, equally fondly. “sup. why a reunion?”

“clarke missed you all,” lexa tells her, much to carmilla’s delight and clarke’s immediate disagreement.

“that’s gay, griffin.”

“fuck you, constantine.”

“meh, got a wife for that.”

“thats me,” elle says, coming in from hanging up their coats. “a wine for me, my love,” she says, and carm salutes her and saunters lazily away. “hello, darlings,” she greets, lovely and charming in that way only elle seems to have. “and hello clarke.”

“whoa, hey!” clarke complains, and when carm’s laugh filters in from the kitchen, elle winks at lexa. “if everyone is done raiding our booze?”

“yep.” carm’s pockets clink suspiciously when she rejoins them, which makes lexa laugh, and raven moves immediately for wells to sit in the middle of the couch, which makes clarke roll her eyes. he coaxes her legs back over his lap and for a minute they relax happily in one another’s company.

then, “a reunion, clarke? you’ve only been graduated for, like, two years.”