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  • Them: why are you so excited for pride month???
  • Me: Cause I'm prOUD of my gender identity and sexuality
  • Them: which is what, exactly??
  • Me:
  • Them:
  • Me:
  • Them:
The seven + solangelo + reyna + grover watching the lightning thief movie
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Vernon/OFC: When Seungkwan third wheels the hell out of a date

Boo Seungkwan becomes “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” 

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1336

Characters: (You do you, Boo) Boo Seungkwan, Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

“You sure it’s okay?”

Yes Hansol, for the millionth time.”

“I know he’s kind of rude, like all the time. And sometimes he likes to eat your food without asking. And comment on your bland fashion sense. And he doesn’t really shut up, ever.”

“Neither do you.” she sighed dramatically, unlinking their fingers as they crossed the promenade. “And are you calling my clothes boring?”

Immediately recovering, he seeked to grab her hands again. “You look beautiful in anything, baby girl.”

“Lame, Vernonie.” Boo Seungkwan cut in, and quite physically, dropping his arm like a knife between the couple, effectively killing their contact.

In the words of Joshua Hong, he was putting a gap between their relationship.

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❂ Peter Pan Imagine #1 ❂

Originally posted by thelittlecheshirekitten

Imagine: A Baby Being Brought To Neverland Only For Peter To Show His Fatherly Instincts And Begs You To Start A Family With Him.

You stirred in your sleep, a wailing sound causing you to be disrupted. You were used to the cries of the Lost Boys at night, however this was a different cry. “Y/N,” Peter groaned as he sat up and rubbed his eyes, fixating on your stirring frame. “What’s that noise?”

You sat up and threw your jeans on, a jumper and your shoes followed by Pan. “It’s not the Boys,” you grumbled, crossing your arms over your chest and following the sound of the cries. It led to the edge of the island, a blanket lay on the ground. You walked up to the blanket, Peter grasping you back as you did so.

“Careful darling,” he yawned, walking with you holding you protectively. You picked up the blanket and moved it to see the sad, teary eyes of a baby.

“P-Peter,” you stuttered smiling down at the baby, tracing its chubby cheeks with your fingers.

“What is it?” He asked, looking over your shoulder to come face-to-face with the baby. “A-A b-baby?”

“A baby Peter,” you smiled, rocking the baby back and forth in your arms, silencing the baby in the process. You took the baby back to Peter’s thinking tree, and later found out whilst changing it, that it was a boy. Peter decided he wanted to call the baby Pan Jr, even though you thought it was silly you agreed. You went back to bed, Pan Jr in between you and Peter and Peter’s arm draped around your waist slowly drifting off pack to sleep.

You woke to the sound of Lost Boys chattering, you rolled over cautiousness as so you didn’t squash Pan Jr, however he wasn’t there, and neither was Peter. You stood up slowly, placing your jumper on and climbing down Peter’s thinking-tree to see the Lost Boys gathered around in a huge group. You pushed through to see what they were looking at, only to come face-to-face with Peter and Pan Jr. “Boo,” Peter grinned, the little boy in his arms giggling at him. “We should leave mummy to sleep a little longer, she must be really tired from making sure you were okay last night. Don’t think I didn’t hear you, crying some times.”

“What’s happened to him?” Felix asked you. You stood next to him watching Peter play with Pan Jr, his smile was genuine, a smile you’d only been able to give him.

“I really don’t know,” you whispered, biting your lip. “But he called me mummy.”

“That I did,” Peter smiled turning his attention to you, pressing a chaste kiss on your lips, Pan Jr grabbing at Peter’s clothing as he did. Peter Pan pulled away and laughed, cradling Pan Jr in his arms whilst cooing at him.

You and Peter had played with Pan Jr for a couple more hours. Countless peek-a-boo’s because that seems to be Pan Jr’s favourite game along with singing some lullabies and telling him some stories. “Well Mr Man, I think it’s time for big boy’s to nap,” you smiled to Pan Jr, kissed him on his forehead and handed him to Peter who placed a kiss on his forehead too before taking him up for a nap.

“You, my dear, are amazing,” a voice whispered behind you, arms wrapped around your waist and lips attached to your neck. “I was thinking… I know we have Peter Jr, but, maybe we should have a family of our own…”

“Peter,” you whispered. “We can’t have babies in Neverland. They don’t grow up remember. We have to leave Neverland if we want a proper family..”

“Then, let’s do it,” Peter said suddenly, making your eyes go wide. “Let’s leave Neverland, leave it as a holiday home. For our children and us, let’s do it Y/N. I love you.”

“Peter…” you whispered. “This is our home.”

“Please Y/N,” Peter whispered, spinning you around by your hips. “I want to start a family with you, a big, family with you. A family that’s invincible to all the evil.” Peter pressed his lips against yours and you nodded slowly in agreement.

Peter smirked, gripping your waist and deepening that kiss. “Well, let’s get started on that second baby.”

Eh, I don’t know how I feel about this?

@sanspatronymic replied to your photoset: yesterdaysprint: Chicago Tribune, Illinois,…

So sad they skipped my favorite: cast iron pan. But kudos to whoever picked potato masher–those things will fuck you up.

Now that I’m starting to lose hand-strength (boo), a cast-iron pan doesn’t seem as convenient a weapon as it used to.

I had to go look up what a potato masher used to be, because the modern jobs seem too light and unwieldly to me to conveniently accomplish any real damage. But if we’re talking about these monsters…

…yeah, that would fuck one up, but good.

Stay Part 2 - Peter Pan Imagine

Request: Could you do a second part to Stay? Or another one like it a bit? I absolutely love that imagine! Thanks!

Warnings: slight swearing

Rated: PG

Key: (Y/N) = your name

Credit to: Once Upon a Time and their characters

i own none of these, they belong to their respected owners

You can read part 1 of stay here: (x)


The sounds of animals and critters in the forest filled your ears as you ran across the unnamed path. You were running again, but this time not to leave the island. Peter had convinced you to stay, surprisingly. He had revealed his inner self and you could see how torn he was over the whole situation.

Wendy had gone home after she realized that you decided on staying. She wasn’t the nicest girl to you but you had to admit that she was smart. She had figured out your plan, which you didn’t try too hard to hide, and persuaded Peter to stay at camp. She had wanted you to leave and when you didn’t, she left on her own accord. Not that you minded, of course.

While Peter had offered to wipe everyone’s memories of Wendy, you decided against it. You couldn’t do that to some of the younger lost boys who, to your distaste, had idolized her. While you didn’t like her, it wasn’t fair to make them forget about her too. It was quite a touchy subject and, often, you got up and left in the middle of arguments because of it. Which was why you never really talked about it. And thankfully, Peter respected that.

Focusing your mind back on the forest, you pushed a large branch away from you so you could make it through.

“Ow, shit.” you muttered, pulling back your hand. You can managed to make it through nearly the whole forest without a mark and on the one branch you touch, you cut yourself. Great.

Looking down at the blood, you internally groaned. This was going to make hunting much harder but shaking it off, you kept moving.

Jumping over a small log lying on the ground, you landed as soft as you could so you could listen in the forest. It was pretty quiet, but it was a little too quiet.

Turning around with a dagger in your hand you pinned a lost boy against the trunk of a tree. He barely struggled, which was strange. Giving him a slight nick on the neck, you let him go.

“Nice try, lost boy. You forget that I’m the best tracker in Neverland.” you say smugly, wiping off your dagger.

“No, I remembered that perfectly.” he said, still standing by the tree.

“Did you?” you ask, slightly laughing. “Then why did I catch you?”

“Because I wanted you to.”

Within seconds you suddenly became rigid, realizing that the lost boys had outsmarted you. They had planned this. You heard footsteps near you, which was the lost boys. Pulling the dagger back out, you turned to your left to face about 4 of them, all smirking.

“So, we’ve caught the famous (Y/N).” one said, twirling his blade.

“It seems we have, I wonder what Pan would think if he knew she had failed.” one of the others said in a mock thought.

“Oh, how have I failed?” you ask, thinking of battle plans in your head.

Just run? Seems risky…

“Well, you’re nearly surrounded. It’s 5 to 1. You have one dagger, we have nearly 5 including other weapons.”

Throw the knife at one and run in the opposite direction. No, the knife is too important to just throw at them. There has to be something else.

“It seems as if Pan is going to be disappointed.” the first one said again, an evil glint in his eyes. It nearly matched the others glares.

Running is the only option I have.

“I don’t think so.” you said before bolting in the direction away from them. Hoping that your running strength was enough, you pushed yourself to go as fast as possible.

You thought that the lost boys were finally accepting you, inviting you to play a game of tracking. But it was clearly a trap. They preferred Wendy over you, that was obvious. You didn’t know that they hated you so much that they wanted to get rid of you. That did kind of sting, but you ignored your feelings as you pushed on.

You didn’t know how much you could actually run when you were scared for yourself. You had almost made it all the way back to camp before they had caught up with you.

“You can’t win (Y/N)!” you heard behind you.

“Look who’s ahead of who!” you yelled back, nearly out of breath.

“Pan’s not there to save you.” another voice yelled out.

“I’m not running to Peter!” you yelled, pissed off. Just because you were a girl doesn’t mean that you went running to a man every time something went wrong.

You made it to camp and rushed to the tree you had claimed as yours when you got here. You had created a hole and hid your important stuff in there. Luckily, the lost boys knew not to mess with it. One had tried to steal something and got thoroughly beaten up by you.

Grabbing your bow and arrows quickly, you kept running until you found one of the hardest trees to climb on the island. You knew how to get up, but the other boys didn’t. Climbing up before they had seen you, you leaned on one branch with your bow ready for aim.

“Where the hell did she go?” one asked, looking extremely pissed off.

Another one spoke up, “She’s just a girl, she couldn’t of gone that far.”

“I bet she’s with Pan.”

“Oh, boo hoo the lost boys were attacking me.”

“Wendy was so much better than her.”

Lowering your bow and arrow, a tear had escaped your eye and dropped on one of the lost boys exposed shoulder. He had a puzzled look on his face because it obviously wasn’t raining. Looking up he saw you, rushing to wipe away the tears that had began to fall. You accidentally let out a sob, alerting the other boys to your position.

While the lost boys were tough, they weren’t expecting her to hear all of that. You could see they felt bad, but you really didn’t care. The sympathetic looks on their faces only made you angrier. Stepping down from the tree, you walked back to camp. Although, you had managed to hit one of the lost boys with a shoulder bump on your way past.

You put your bow and arrows back into your tree and crossed through the middle of camp, planning on going to the beach. Before you could cross the threshold of the camp, Peter stopped you.

“Where are you going? I thought you were playing games with the lost boys.” he asked, concerned. He looked into your eyes and realized that you had tears in your eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked, putting his hand on your shoulder. He actually was worried about you.

“The lost boys don’t play fair.” you say, looking away from his intent stare. “They don’t like me, it was a trap.” A tear had rolled down your cheek as you spoke.

“What do you mean, a trap? Did they hurt you (Y/N)?” he asked, grabbing your hand. “Did they do this?” He was looking at your cut on your hand.

“No, that was me being stupid in the forest.” He had healed it before you had even finished your sentence.

“They just prefer Wendy.” you said sighing. “She was better than I am. She was a real girl. I’m not anything like a girl.”

“Hey,” he said, taking your chin to look him in the eyes. “You don’t need to be anything like Wendy or whatever a ‘real girl’ is. You are amazing just the way you are. And you are definitely better than Wendy.” he said, trying to get you to see that he meant every word.

Smiling, you said quietly, “Thank you Peter. I just don’t know if they’ll ever really like me.”

“They will. I promise.” he said, raising your face to his. He slowly pressed his lips to yours and you instantly melted into the kiss. He gently pulled away before it got too intimate out in the open.

He stood up and walked towards the middle of the camp. You had just turned to look at what he was doing when his booming voice sounded out.

“Boys! Now!”


A/N i hope you guys like this! i didn’t even think people would like Stay and then i got asked (for the first time!!) for a part 2! honestly with both of them, i just started writing and rolled with it… haha. thank you all so much for the notes and i love all of you :)