boo from monsters inc

I want to write a fic where Lilo goes to college and her roommate is Boo from Monsters Inc. Boo is the first person to think Stitch is adorable and cuddly, and Lilo is the first person not to act like “Mike Wazowski” was a weird name for a goldfish. They get on like a house on fire which is kind of bad for Nani’s blood pressure.

But then one night they wake up in the middle of the night because something is in their closet. And the door starts to creak open so Stitch tackles whoever (whatever) is in there. They fall back into the closet, the door slams shut… and when Lilo runs over and opens it there’s nothing but an empty closet.

Then Boo tells Lilo all about this weird thing that happened to her when she was a kid, and how no one ever believed her but she knows it was real. 

And cue Lilo and Boo busting into the Monster world to rescue Stitch and wreaking mad havoc in the process.

Okay, more for the ‘humans are weird’, ‘humans are space orcs’ scenes.

Anyone else remember that scene from Monsters Inc. where Boo is crying her little heart out and everything that runs on electricity starts going haywire?

What if our cries did the same to alien technologies?

I’m not good with science and all that, but what if the frequency of our cries (like full out bawling) messes with aliens’ ships and causes the aliens to think they’re under attack until their human stops crying and they realize what exactly was going on and it gets written in the 'how to handle your human’ handbook under 'reasons to keep your human happy’.

I don’t know, haha, I just watched that Boo scene and couldn’t get this out of my mind.

kaelthas-sunstrider  asked:

Every time I see you I feel like Boo from Monsters Inc. looking at this terrifying monster and just going "kitty!!" happily.

I’ll never be too scary to my Boos, only to the kids that deserve to scream their throat raw at 3:00 AM.

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I have this headcanon (after seeing Boo from Monsters inc) of little Chubster Alex being afraid that a monster is under her bed so Lexa comes in wearing her football helmet and is like I will defend you, little one, let's see what's down there. Says BOO to monster and tells Alex it disappeared. Next night Alex wants to do it herself while wearing Lexa's helmet because she wants to be brave like her idol.

Is this???? Possibly,,, the cutest thing…I’ve ever read? yes. Yes, it is. 


Based off My Earlier Error!Frisk Drawing

And this one adorbale scene from Monsters inc when boo crie and everything goes to $#!T

Since Error!Sans powers come from the blue attacks he had in his past life; Error!Frisk is based off how they feel and what they remember. When they are upset they throw a tantrum and all the negative emotions and glitches pop up, and on the other hand when happy positive things flow through.

Since they are just a kid they have no absolute and well fined control like Error!Sans yet. I’d love to see how many people can spot all my references!

I also have an idea for an alternate ending which I will post later after dealing with some other stuff. OH! and be sure to check out the original AU of the Amazingly talented @loverofpiggies and find the comics at @askerrorsans